Watch: Zoya Akhtar and Rohit Shetty on Koffee With Karan

Karan invites Zoya Akhtar & Rohit Shetty, two filmmakers with diverse perspectives, on the show. Zoya’s Zindegi Milegi Na Dobara seems to be one of Rohit’s favourite movies. The three filmmakers discuss about their profession. Zoya Akhtar & Rohit Shetty have come all dressed up to Koffee With Karan S4 for a specific reason! Watch to find out what the reason is!



  • Some time kwk looks like alcohol wid karan. .last time kajol placed ranbir at 1st and hrithik at 5th in terms of acting ability.
    In other one,shahid said that ranbir is better dancer than hrithik.
    Pc ranked hro at 5th. Wtf? ?
    Enough to show how certain actors are getting overrated day by day.

  • According to me actingwise,
    among actors,

  • Zoya thought Vicky Donor was an overrated film but does she think that ZMND was better than it? hmm while there are the ett,jthj, i think John won’t mind about those remarks
    And Rohit Shetty as expected gave shitty answers

  • Znmd was not was the most realistic bollywood movie i have ever seen.
    As for vicky donor,i cann’t say as i haven’t seen it.
    However,most overrated movie in last two year are ashiqui2,yjhd,ramleela,jthj,the lunchbox,shuddh desi romance, etc. And, bmb,ce was a bit overrated.popular and overrated are two different things.

  • @aeeyy yes znmd is a highly overrated film it is the most boring film i have ever seen while vicky donor is a excellent film that is why it won national awards . in acting wise according to me.

  • @the fake,

    you don’t like ZNMD because you like films like om shaanti om,ek tha tiger,rowdy rathore, etc.
    ZNMD was the film indian cinema needs. Vicky Donor is also the film indian cinema needs. both of them are awesome films.

  • well it’s already proved who is KING OF ACTING.when acting comes to mind,everybody suddenly thought about SRK.yes he is the most verasatile and favourite about most bollywood actor and actresses.SRK played all patrotism role of amir still non of a single actor in this country made who could act in films like MNIK,DEVDAS,BAAZIGAR,ANJAAM.each and every characters played by him perfectly.

    about znmd,I want to say one thing this film is made to fool Indian poor people who never seen france/italy/spain country filmfare also ranbir asked to SRK,how znmd becomes hit,SRK isme script tha!!!!!!lol.just want to say I have never seen such a boring and idiotic movie in my life.1st they made dch to made Indian people fool by showing goa,after goa becomes known by all they just turned to spain for buffalo I mean bachelor party,lol.some peoples are liking znmd even more than JTHJ!!!!!may their IQ remain in safety.

    Last thing it’s about acting,then it must be like


    sorry I’m not a fool or idiot like some others who added salman to this list,I mean I could add salman after writing all actor’s name and I haven’t such enough space and also SRK forced in this list as his generation belongs to these actor otherwise he belonged to another ALL TIME HISTORIC category.see


    according to actresses ,it must be like

    deepika=pc>vidya>anushka>kareena>= katrina

    some others also gave biased order just like hr as top,it’s most laughable thing,also for amir who through out life only worked in patriotism role means versatility less.

  • So according to a greatman like sss, deepika is a better actress than vidya and jthj is a better film than znmd.

  • Let me clarify one thing,i didn’t say that znmd is an over rated film and it was not boring.Some of the over rated films are talaash,jthj

  • @nipun,of course JTHJ is far better than znmd,otherwise see which film much liked by overseas audience,lol,I mean they successfully fooled Indian audiences but overseas peoples are smart enough they couldn’t be affected by such south craps or like films znmd these craps only made for Indan audiences.of course in emotional roles Deepika is far better than vidya,you could mark this from her 1st film OSO,cocktail,ram-leela,but the difference is vidya mostly worked in classic/value based movies,so her acting intensity couldn’t predicted by viewers.

    @aeeyy,I respect mr.akshay kumar a lot in my life besides his no. of flops and I didn’t have a bit respect for his 3rd class fans like you,so according to you may khiladi 786 or boss or rr should be greatest movie,you know what in some days from your comment I clearly marked you successfully turned into SRK haters like @babaji ka thullu,but I like akshay,hr and will always remain,but I’ll never watch south remakes in theatre upon which many 90’s actor depended now a days.there is no difference between you and sallu fans.

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