Watch Shahrukh Khan shooting for Bhoothnath Returns

Shahrukh Khan has a short but important role to play in last weekend’s release Bhoothnath Returns. He was seen shooting with Amitabh Bachchan and Parth Bhalerao (the child artist) on the sets of the film recently.

The producers of the film talk about their relationship with Shahrukh and how he immediately agreed to play the role.

Previously, SRK had also played the character of Banku’s father in the first Bhoothnath film.



  • First bhootnath was hit bcoz of srk … Now the same goes with the second one look at the first day collections and second day collections huge difference coz ppl got to know srk is in the film it is performing well

  • King’s presence in the movie has helped the movie double its business over the weekend.
    The film will be a Hit.
    Hail Baadshah Khan _/\_

  • Now Amitabh Bachchan and Shahrukh Khan are not big star but Amitabh Bachchan looks fit & more younger than Shahrukh Khan. Kudos to Amitabh Bachchan.


  • bhoothnath and bhoothnath returns only negative point is the overacting by shahrukh. otherwise this is very good movie. if srk was not in this movie, then this movie would have easily collected above 40 cr.

  • @r20
    if akshay would have been in dis movie den movie must have collected 4 crores lifetime.
    if u wanna c bhoot then please watch aamir khan with make up. But please don’t watch him without make up, otherwise u ll die out of fear by seeing his original face.

  • When Sallu makes quick cameos in movies like Ishq in Paris, Sawan the love season and O Tell Me Khuda the films are still flops/disasters, when SRK makes quick cameo, the film is a sucess/hit!

    @r20 Who overacts more than that flop khalidi? No One, he is biggest overactor.

    @navin tell lallu to remove his hair implants and botox and then u will see a true bhoot!

  • @Triniman : Have you even heard of Srk bola Khoobsurat Hai Tu, Love Breakups Zindagi ??? Srk had cameo in these movies. Atleast Ishq in Paris n Tell me O Khuda were known to people !!!!!!! The famous one was Hey Ram, Kamal Haasan said Hey Ram after debacle due to srk !!!!!!

  • Hahaha, people forgot the Disaster of Disaster – Billu. More than a special appearance, srk had some 3 odd songs, and yet could not save it.

    Bhootnath is riding success on one and only – Big B.

    Salute to the biggest superstar ever in Bollywood Industry – Amitabh Bachchan.

  • hrithik you are right this film hit because of big b not by srk . Now srk fan saying srk presense makes film hit how many film hit by srk with guest appearance. Youngistan was also flop because of srk.

  • @hritik
    who said ishq in Paris n tell me on khudda known to people? no one knows n no one wants to know about bhojpuri crap.

  • @hrithik Spot on bro

    @akki Srk looks like a bhooth without needing make up whereas Big B needs make up to try n look like a bhooth but he still ends up looking like a normal human being.

    @trini debacle of Billu in your senile mind is more to do with the fact that it was Irrfan Khans ‘cameo’ appearance in it that ruined that Srk starrer right….! Lol

  • @akki atleast Tell Me O Khuda was more known that disaster ‘3 idiots’/ ‘Dil Chahta Hai’ wannabe college/ friendship crappy movie “Always Kabhie Kabhie”…… Yeah Srks star cameo successfull record went missing there with his ‘ANTENNA’ giving audiences ear drums a right royal bashing…!

  • SRK’s guest appearance films are poor although he has highest hit successful films then other actors the reason behind that they are successful in guest appearance films rather than in their own films,otherwise look amir 90% of his films’s success from due to multiactor and salman due to south remake,no one even close to KING KHAN.

    @Navin,@hrithik,that’s why I said jai ho debacle is the right slap on your face you big morons,your stars couldn’t have capacity even to give a hit,that’s your position in front of US.

  • Don’t Blame Our Bhojpuri Bhai for cameo because The film not only becomes flop but it went to disaster…… Even some diamonds like O Teri and TEll me oh khuda break the lifetime collection of ‘Marigold’ …. Respect and paan to bhojpuri bhai

  • @sss : keep ranting about hits when we talk about BBs & ATBB. Grow up !!!!!!!

    @IMAM : Thanks for thr paan but first spit will be on your face !!!!!!!

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