Watch: Hrithik Roshan’s superhero scenes in Krrish 3

It takes guts to make a film like Krrish 3. There’s always a huge risk involved when you are investing 100+ crores on a genre that never been successful. Also, Anubhav Sinha and Shahrukh Khan failed big-time with Ra One a couple of years ago.

Krrish 3 was super-risky because an Indian film needs to appeal to different sections of the audience. If there are no song and dance numbers, the masses will stay away. At the same time, when you make a superhero dance around trees, the urban audience will laugh it off.

Also, when the names of all the ‘Manvars’ (Cheetahman, Striker, Antman, Kaaya the Chameleon etc) in the film were announced, a lot of people laughed it off. But the Roshans pulled it off, and the fact that the film has grossed more than Rs 250 crore worldwide is testament to just that.

Here are a couple of ‘Superhero’ action scenes from Krrish 3. The first has Hrithik Roshan flying to save passengers on an aircraft. The second has Krrish taking on Striker. Watch and tell us what you think.

If you haven’t watched the film yet, the below two scenes might just make you spend those hard-earned bucks on a Krrish 3 ticket!



  • Best scene of the movie was the emotional and motivative role at last scene where he says”krrish,tum apne ap ko koi akela mat samjhna ” etc etc. .and tears falls from krrish eyes.

  • Hrithik more than 100% deserves BEST ACTOR award this year …..
    unfortunately after memorable performances in GUZAARISH and AGNEEPATH he didnt get any award.. but this time he MUST get award.. What u think
    @indicine ??????????????

  • Other than superhero action it has some fun:
    lipstick part
    ice cream part
    and the kid saying “kyun kaal. . .phat gayi”.
    After watching the movie,my reaction was like “OMG. CAN SUCH A MOVIE BE MADE IN BOLLYWOOD”

  • That plane scene is nothing in front of Ra.One train scene. The vfx in the train scene looked much realistic than this cartoon

  • @indicine … there was no need to mention about and that too you have put it as ‘failed big time’ which it didnt…. remember 220 cr WW in 2011 was huge and it worked well with kids also……why dont you mention about failure of Guzaarish when a similar movie MNIK was a hit and ATBB in overseas and SRK got awards as well?

  • @indicine,cena:farhan may get best actor award in “critics”.but in popular catagory,hrithik has a chance .he has done 3 roles in the same movie.moreover,it was a hard work of 3 can it be ignored? ?last scene of rohit made me cry.

  • @dev:guzaarish was more than a off beat movie .hro has done everything by face.indian audience are not interested in those kinda came after the floppest movie kites. Guzaarish was non promoted comes to mnik,it has hype before release.

  • @dev:now comes to award,SRK won award for dil toh pagal hai and kuch kuch hota hai! What wud u say about that? ?what did he do so special in those films? ?were they award worthy? ?guzaarish performance by hr couldn’t get because it was flop.

  • krrish koi mil gaya were successfull @indicine why are you saying Genre that never been successfull? becouse of Ra-one

  • @dev… u remember what is ra 1 sbudget….135 cr plus 55cr promotion cost…..222cr is gross collection not net collection…..distributer lost their money… that case there is no mean of 222cr ww…..that is to little in front of its budget nd bekar promotion…….
    guxarish is totally of beat film…..where lead actor cant walk or move……it is not similar to my name is khan…..if u want 2 compare koi mil gaya is more similar film to my name is khan……bt i must say my name is one of best film in bollywood….nd shahruks act is alos awesome… other can do that role better than him……
    al last ra 1 is super flop movie….dont remember only hritiks role as superhero hit in bollywood…..u must praise him

  • Friday – 18.75 crore
    Saturday – 15.50 crore
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    Thursday – 9 crore nett

    TOTAL – 123.25 crore net

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  • In Raa One the main problem was the script, where as Krish 3 is a sequel and has strong scripts so its appeal is very very high.

  • irfan khan desrved award last year.. nd he got it.. this year… farhan nd rajkumar are best contendor for best actor award.

  • @ hamza khan, i guess rakesh roshan should have followed pilot course before doing the scene! good to know u r a pilot

  • That aircraft scene was simply breathtaking, on par with Hollywood, easily one of the best scenes of the movie. My favorite scene was where Krrish saved a little kid along with holding on a building. There were many more.
    Speaking of these two promos, they should have released them before the release of the movie, they’re simply better than previous action/dialogue promos.

  • if they have released these 2 promos before realase than movie collections may be even better and nipun don,t say anything about srk you loser only time srk didn,t deserve award was dil to pagal hai but kuch kuch hota hai he deserves and some times he deserve but film-fare didn,t give him even national award why because national awards didn,t give awards to those who have a lot of film-fare awards that is why both srk and hro didn,t have national award for best actor because people will lose their trust on them that is why and about agneepath irrfan khan deserve best actor award not hro and the same for mohabbatein srk deserve not hro and please don,t say that srk buy awards because your comments want to say this people are jealouse of him that is why they are saying a hater like you srk deserve awards that is why he is taking and the same for hro.
    i like hro but this year krrish3 is one of his weakest movies of him though hrithik fan,s are saying that srk fans are spreading negativity and they say that they were not spreading negativity during ce but they are double standards at time of ce 60% to 70% of negativity was due to him and i mean who are you to stop them and what is special thing in krrish3 if a movie is bad then why not the same for ce it was also average movie though krrish3 is better

  • @yy:where did i say srk buys awards? ?check ur eyes. .i know he is a finest actor.but in kkhh year,ajay’s performance in zakhm was better.

  • @indicine if farhan akhtar deserves best actor awards.than y srk is getting awards for popular categories…strange

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