Watch Dhoom Machale Dhoom in Arabic!

The Arabic version of Katrina Kaif’ Dhoom Machale Dhoom song from one of 2013’s most awaited movie releases Dhoom 3.

The music has been composed by Pritam, while the song has been choreographed by Vaibhavi Merchant.



  • Here is my take on why Dhoom will be a major hit

    First and foremost is the Dhoom franchise, which is quite big and has a style attached to it, which gurantees entertainment in a huge scale. The promos and trailers have already been accepted and liked by the public.

    Secondly, since the announcement of Aamir being associated with Dhoom, a few years ago, the expectations of people had soared so high, that people have been waiting for this installment from long.

    In fact D3 has been the most awaited movie in a franchise than hugely popular Dabangg or Krrish.

    People going to an Aamir movie expects it to be good on content, and him associated with a successful franchise will in all likelyhood create magic at the boxoffice.

    Third most important aspect of Dhoom is the action scenes set on bikes. Though the second installment collections were more than the first Dhoom movie, it has to be said that most were disappointed that there were less action involving bikes, which was the highlight in the first.

    The trailers showing bike stunts in the current installment is already garnering huge number of likes, and this aspect will only give it a bigger boost at the box office from action lovers.

    The next most important aspect of the movie is the Dhoom girl, and Katrina, the reigning superstar of the industry, having the biggest fan base among heroines, with the looks and promos promises to take the dhoom girl character to a different plane altogether.

    The final aspect of the movie and the most loved part of the series is the Music, and Pritam is in full form with the songs and music videos already garnerning positive reviews. The most expensive song, Malang, has added a bit of suspense that promises people of a visual treat on the huge screen.

    The movie is trending bigger and higher than any movie in the last one year, so the opening weekend looks all likely to create boxoffice records and with no major releases in later weeks, it will be inching swiftly to break records set this year by other movies.

    Few suggestions to the Producers though, if they plan next installment in future:

    With Abhishek and Uday getting not much of highlight and either of them being lesser popular, adding not much value entertainment wise or businesswise, it would be worth trying new guys to enact their respective roles to give a freshness feel.

    Change the Dhoom tune, get something more zingy and peppy for the next gen.

  • only singer and lyrics have changed.. music is exactly same as earlier version.. big disappointment from pritam.. only malang song is good.. all others below average

  • @JC – I disagree on a few points. Aamir’s presence brings expectations of good content but many believe the role does suit him because he looks like a monkey in the trailer and songs. Katrina just cannot act and so her role is nothing more than arm candy. Music is huge flop audiowise but video wise it is good. The remaining points I agree with u. Dhoom 3 trending is so good that during krrish 3 release week more people wanted to see dhoom 3 than krrish 3.

  • Only Katrina presence in the film is discouraging me from watching Dhoom 3. I can’t see her face. Here as well, I just listened the song.

  • @Mad,

    That’s because mostly people are biased and, or, comparative of Aamir with others earlier, who had good physique etc., but here the role is of a smart thief, who doesn’t need to be a 6 footer nor cool looker.

    The character has to be believable.

    In general, viewers know that whatever Aamir does, will do with lot of conviction, and hence the expectations are more than any movie from this one. People say Aamir’s Talaash was flop. Thats so wrong, because the role was totally different and there was almost zero promotions, no songs and yet it collected near to 100 cr. That in itself is an achievement, which no other actor could do presently.

    Hence, to question Aamir’s ability is sheer childishness.

    Next up, Katrina. Yes, she is not a great actor, like say PC or Vidya, but no one expects great character role from Dhoom girl. The earlier girls were same, they didn’t do any special character role. They just did the role exactly as it demanded, to look glam and cool, and I don’t think anyone currently can take the glam quotient to the level as Kat does.

    I didn’t say all the songs are good, but Malang looks and sounds better. I didn’t like ETT songs earlier, but on screen the songs were absolutely fab, and i am sure with the videos getting the likes, the songs will fire up the screen for D3.

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