Watch 6 minutes of Dangerous Ishq on Sunday!

So Vikram Bhatt has decided to release 6 minutes of his latest film Dangerous Ishq prior to its release. Hmm… This could be a pretty risky move or a sign of true genius on the part of the director.

Dangerous Ishhq, the movie that marks the return of veteran actress Karisma Kapoor, is a story about a high profile kidnapping that is influenced by Sanjana’s (Karisma Kapoor) previous life events and memories. The reason for Sanjana’s boyfriend being kidnapped can be obtained from her previous life. With 24 hours in her hand, she has to find her boyfriend and his kidnapper. If this is the central plot of the movie, then why a 6 minute pre release video?

Here’s why. The film’s thirty second promo managed to create a huge buzz but failed to portray the message of the movie. Karisma Kapoor plays a supermodel who experiences her past life regression to find solutions to her problems in her current life. Now this was not possible to show in a 30 second promo.

Now this is not a publicity stunt to gain publicity prior to the launch of the movie, but Vikram Bhatt’s action is a symbol of his confidence in the film. People are unaware about the characteristics of a regression and hence this 6 minute video is likely to clear their understanding. The good part here is that this footage is scheduled to go live on Sunday.

To sum it up, one can just sit back and ‘look in awe’ at the massive transformation Bollywood has undergone since its inception 100 years ago. From word of mouth, all the way to the internet, these past 100 years have shown an evolution like no other.



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