Want to work with Hrithik, Salman and Aamir: Deepika

After working with stars like Shahrukh Khan and Ranbir Kapoor, actress Deepika Padukone says that she now wants to work with the three other superstars in the industry – Hrithik Roshan, Aamir Khan and Salman Khan.

“Every year I am asked this question, but I hope in the next one or two years I will get to work with Hrithik, Salman and Aamir. Till now I have not worked with these actors” Deepika said.

While there were reports that Sooraj Barjatya has signed Deepika for his upcoming film with Salman, Deepika rubbished the reports saying “It’s not true and I have not officially met Soorajji.”

The fact that Salman recently praised Deepika on Karan Johar’s Koffee With Karan, makes the actress happy. She also said that it was Salman who first noticed her and offered

“Definitely it feels great when Salman says such good things about me because if you all know he was the one who first noticed me. I was doing an ad with his friends in Rajasthan. So, he noticed me first of all and he was the one who offered me my first film,” she recalled.

Deepika, during her modelling days, had got an acting offer from Salman before she was chosen for Shahrukh Khan’s ‘Om Shanti Om’. However, when Salman offered her a film, she felt she was not ready enough to face the camera.

Deepika Padukone at her success bash

Deepika Padukone at her success party



  • DP will look good with Hrithik among the three as both hr and dp are sweet and sexy at the same time. .salman dp ,amir dp pairing will look odd. .as salman looks good with sonakshi.


  • @nipun alcoholic You been hitting the bottle again I see…! What nonsense dude- Deepika will look good with Salman the most. Having said that if she has any ambitions about improving as an Actor then she needs to work with HR and Aamir for sure. Working opposite Salman wont give her much scope but opposite Aamir and HR will improve her as an actor for sure. She starred opposite Thakur in that crappy offensive lungi dance song which brought her much unwanted ridicule as she did nothing in that video so she needs to think carefully about doing such a role again.

  • @sakhi rawant You too been hitting the bottle hard it seems after Dhoom 3s unprecedented success…!

    Take it easy coz Abhishek will be back to form in HNY and give another All Time Flop Disaster for sure…! ;-)

  • Obviously she wants to act with Hrithik because of his magical performance in Krrish-3. But I don’t think she is supported to the personality of him however if one film stars them then the film must have some deployment of run play techniques along with the strategical scripts. Best of Luck!

  • @SAKHI Yes you and your so called Global star again do the same thing which is chasing records bcoz almost all records of “CE” has been broken in just 3 days by “Dhoom 3”.lol

  • @SAKHI
    Chennai express got universal acceptance,was tremendously hyped,very high promotions,eid release,SRK-DP pairing plus rohit shetty’s 100% record behind but got to 227crs…
    It won’t be possible for HNY,unless it gets acceptance somewhat like 3idiots,which i don’t expect from farah’s movie..
    Dhoom 3 can reach 300cr just bcoz of Dhoom brand..
    Srk can break D3’s record if he signs Dhoom 4…

  • @Nipun agree with you….. Deepika will look funny with aamir as he is not upto the shoulders of Deepika….and Salman will look odd as he is so fat that he can be paired opposite to sonakshi….

  • I wanted to see Deepika opposite to Hrithik in Shuddhi, but that couldn’t happen. Salman-Deepika pair could be seen in probably rumored Rohit Shetty’s next under Dharma Production. I think nobody knows about Aamir’s next project after P.K., will be interesting to say the least.

  • @sakhiya do some home work and class work before and after HNY 2014 holidays exams before boldy announcing ur fav SRK results he have to face the embaressment after putting so littile efoorts doing nnnn number of projects with multiple dealers might give undesiring results HOPE U N SRK got the message

  • @Babaji ka thullu: SRK in DHOOM-4 what a joke his personality did match to the lead role like JOHN,HR or Amir no way at current secnario the only whom we look forward is if they sign Salman Khan for DHOOM-4 his body match to the requirement of the lead role.

  • @Navin, SAkhi RAwant??? LOL!!!

    @SAkhi RAwant, don’t worry, HNY will surely cross the record set by JTJH! I think you like and are like skinny and submissive man like SRK.

    @nipun hrithikaholic, @SAkhi RAwant, Honestly, Deepika’s figure will suit best with Gorilla Salman! And she will look hot with Hrithik as well. And she will look better with Salman and Hrithik than she does with your skinny (orang utan) SRK.

  • @rohit ur wishes might just come true….. rumours r dat KJO may replace kareena with dp in shhudhi after the debacle of GTPM…. nd ofcourse kareena is passing through a career low this time… so wait 4 the official stats……

  • Everyone wants to work with HRITHIK….The No.1 STAR of bollywood…The current Box office KING….HRITHIK is a LEGEND

  • Hrithik – Deepika will be awsome. Dhoom 3 was let down for me due to Aamir – Katrina unmatched pair. I dont want to see Aamir being paired with a actress who has more height than him. Aamir is perfectionist, he should not make fun of himself by acting with Actress who have more height than him. Salman- Deepika pair is ok.

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