Most over-rated actors in Bollywood

Some actors are stars, but are all stars actors? There are a few; the likes of Naseeruddin Shah, Vinay Pathak, Paresh Rawal, Pankaj Kapur who are brilliant actors, but are often restricted to small roles in big films or big roles in small films. Either way they do not get the recognition they truly deserve and are completely ignored at most annual award ceremonies.

On the other hand, Bollywood has a number of superstars, who command a huge fan-following spreading to different parts of the world. But do these stars deserve all the money, fame and not to mention awards, that is a part of super-stardom? Or are they unnecessarily over-hyped? Post your comments below

Here is the list of some of the Top Actors in Bollywood (in no particular order) vote for those who you think are most over-rated. (YOU CAN SELECT UPTO 3 ACTORS FROM THE LIST BELOW)

Note: Most overrated Actress poll will be up tomorrow

Most overrated actors in Bollywood?

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  • From my point of view…..three overratted are
    1>John Abraham (his last two movie was hit but still he had no good acting in both,In dostana, Abhishek Bachchan n priyanka were good and in NEW YORK,N.N.Mukesh was good..he is number 1 in overrated actor)
    2>Abhishek Bachchan (He had no big solo hit,except from GURU ,he clearly doesnot deserve to be in very good actor but he is good actor no doubt in tht)
    3>R.Kapoor(I never like him n will never like him as a actor in future too.He is also overrated actor)

  • i feel its abhishek as he has given a only solo hit ‘guru’
    secondly its sanjay datt: if we see his last few after lage raho munnabhai films none of them is a hit…more to it he has not even acted in solo rolls
    third its Farhan akhtar… he has acted well in rockon but i feel rock on it self was great concept and its not farhan but its arjun who has etten all the apples and the directior of movie

  • aBHISHEK WAS FINE…..until he got married. he killed his career…..remember Bunty aur Babli, Yuva. i feel all the stars who had a lot of help from family in the industry are the over rated stars….Saif had fifty flops over 20 years in the industry and has only made it now…..if his family did not have a say in the industry….he would have been discarded a long time ago.

  • 70% of the names mentioned in the list are good actors.. the 30% left r also quite good, but don’t deserve the position they got in bollywood. The actors which I think r just actors..not brilliant actors and nothing special about their acting, performance, and became superstars by luck, by time, by paying lots of efforts are:

    Salman Khan: he became a superstar just because of his look and not because of his performance.

    Akshay Kumar: The same.. but he worked hard in movies..nothing so special in his acting and I never thought that he deserved the position of “king of bollywood” but the king of comedy only.

    Imran Khan: needs 10 years at minimum to be a star and to improve his acting skills.

    Sudeep: John Abraham improved alot since he did New York & Dostana.. he was so good and I consider his performance in New York is the best since he joined bollywood.

  • I think pretty-much all the actors mentioned r good ( maynot have started very well in acting but got the experience over the years ) but …. Pls……. Imran Khan needs a reality – check , if he thinks he can act , he needs to think again , he was lucky the first time all because of Aamir , let’s see if he can do it again without his mamu’s support

  • Forgot to add one actor.. Emraan Hashmi.. What do you guys think? Is he over-rated?

    Its good to see Amitabh Bachchan with the least number of votes, he is by far the best actor in the list above!

  • This is so stupid… Shah Rukh and akshy are the biggest actors of Bollywood i think amir should be on top then salman and they whatever but what is wrong with those who are voting..?

  • I think Shah rukh khan is the most overated Actor in indian cinema, he is no body without big banners all his big hit is from yash raj or dharma production and who ever those banners did film among the other actors are going to make it right,
    So apart from shah rukh their is abhisheik who didnt have anything no good perfomance nor big hit in his belt but he is always on top of magzines and award function. Those 2 actors are the most overated actors in bollywood every year filmfare created unnessasry award give to those people for nothings

  • Fathiya:U said John was good in these movie..But beside this which movie was his bigger hit?Just 2 film cannot make a very good actor.He really need more than 2-3 year n have to give more good role only then he can be called good actor.But now he is still over rated ..He shows only body in the movie which salman khan used to do in back 4-5 years ago.So

    This is unfair….The top actor is being rated at overratted ….There r just some people who think this is fun voting…..I m not satisy with the result like akshay,srk,salman,aamir are in top 4 overrated ..they are top actor

  • I think without any doubt SALMAN is the most overrated actor.He is the least talented actor in Bollywood. He there just because of his looks and his filmi family. He hasn’t done a single worth watching movie in his 20 years of carreer

  • Undoubtedly Abhishek Bachchan is the most overrated actor in Bollywood.He gets all the attention just because of he is the son of Mr. Amitabh Bachchan.Imran khan and Farhan Akhter are also overrated….

  • Farhan Aktar and SKR are the true deserving winners of the title ‘MOST OVER-RATED’. Farhan Aktar should just stop acting, starting right now and just stick to his direction. SKR should just go and kill himself, cocky arrogant bastard, ‘KKKKKKKKK..Kiran’ lol, wonder why he got this role. HMMMMMM.

  • For me the 3 most over-rated actors in the list are John, Ranbir and Imran. Specialy Ranbir and Imran, just because theire family are bigies in the industry (Rishi Kapoor & Aamir Khan) they got what they have right now, but sincerly they don’t deserve it!

    I love both of them, but when i compare their acting skills with other actors whose here from a long time now, I can’t stop thinking it’s unfaire !!

  • Salman Khan, Amir Khan & Akshay Kumar are the most over-rated actors IMO.
    salman because he’s whole career boasts of FLOP after FLOP movies.
    amir because he makes one movie in 5 years and the result is complete and utter rubbish
    akshay because he makes non-sensical, crap, waste-of-space movies one after the other

    then its closely followed by Abishek Bachan because he is his fathers pet, has no memorable solo movie where he did goo, cant act and looks older than his dad and his dad looks OLD.

    and of course Ranbir Kapoor & Imran Khan, they cant act at all, worser than abhishek bachan, they need to go to acting school for a good 10 years and then it will take another 10 years to make a worthwile movie
    (also ranbir needs to stop looking like a bloated frog)

    John Abraham, again…cant act. his movies dont even make sense…wtf is “No Smoking”? its a waste of time
    Saif is in the backgrund and getting worser every time
    hrithik is so over-rated and his recent get-up and look makes me sick

    Farhan is still a wannabe actor

  • To be really honest i don’t think Shahrukh deserve to be at no 2.I think Usman Solo had forgotten that it is Shahrukh who made Karan a director. May be u don’t know that those days Darma Production was not a big banner. It is Shahrukh who gave them a big hit after a long time.
    And Swades, Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa, Bazigar, Maya Maemsaab which are considered as his best performences are not made by Yash Raj or Darma Production.

  • @Indicine Team, puh-lezzzz, dont kid yourself. the only reason why no one is bothering to even look at amitabh’s name because he is over. btw. all his earlier movies has him over acting and too loud and garish but i guess thats what people liked in that era. there isnt much of “memorable” movies you could pick from his 200+ movies over the years, alot of them were unnoticed and very forgettable trash.

  • I really don’t know what’s wrong with this indicine team. How can they mention the names of Shahrukh Khan, Amir Khan, Sanjay Dutt, Akshay Kumar, Amitabh Bachan and Hrithik Roshan in this list? And guess what the worst part is people are voting for these actors as overrated……Really Strange to see Akshay getting the maximum number of votes..I mean, they have been in the industry for more than 15 years now except Hrithik and They have been the most consistent actors in bollywood over this period of time. They are the ones who have really saved this industry so far otherwise “Bollywood” would have been the name of past. Even Salman Khan, I really don’t like him as an actor but He has given some good hits in the past and he is also among these actors who has played an important role in saving this industry. For me in this list, Abhishek Bachchan no doubt is an over-rated actor in this industry along with Imran Khan. Others are pretty good and i really don’t think that they should be in this list.


  • Shahid Kapoor
    Shahrukh Khan
    Imran Khan
    Akshay Kumar
    Salman Khan
    Amitabh Bachchan
    Hrithik Roshan
    Farhan Akhtar

    If there wasn’t a limit of three, I’d vote for these actors.

  • Indicine Team: yeah.. it’s good that you mentioned Imran Hashimi.. he’s under-rated actor and deserves some good opportunities and to work with big directors.. I can mention too Kunal Kimu.. he was so good in Kalyug ( I don’t know if it was his debute movie since he grew up) but then he started doing some silly comedy movies.. he’s talented, attractive and also needs attention.. it’s just a waste when some producers/directors ignore these talents and don’t give them a chance to prove themselves as actors.. even Ashmit Patel.. I liked his acting in Inteha & Murder and he’s a good looking actor too.

    Sunehri: what the hell r u writing here?!!!!! For you all the actors in the list are over-rated!! then who is NOT?!!

  • Akshay is overrated when u see throughout his career. We have few more good actors not mention in d list. Where is ajay devgan? Ajay iz a perfect actor.

  • I m seeing SRK in number 1 akshay in number 2 and salman & aamir in 3rd and 4th …….What the f…. is going on……this is completely unfair…People r taking this vote as a joke…..i really think so

  • abhishek bachhan, john abraham, imran khan, ranbhir kapoor, farahn akhtar r most overratted actors of bolywood. they cant act
    for me all three khans of bollywood [salman, aamir,srk], akshay, hrithik & big b r top actors of bollywood followed by saif & others

  • jhon…is the biggest disaster in bollywood’s history..he cant act for shit
    shahid kapoor..he is sooooooo overrated in a lot of scenes..
    shahrukh..he cry in the movies for reasons and without any reason..

  • Hi…Ruvani,

    I know Dharma since 1976 they are co-produced films like Guide, Jewel Thief, Prem Pujari and Hare Rama Hare Krishna. And also produced films like these….

    1980 Dostana. Director- Raj Khosla. Starring: Amitabh Bachchan, Shatrughan Sinha, Zeenat Aman
    1984 Duniya. Director- Ramesh Talwar. Starring: Ashok Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Rishi Kapoor, Amrita Singh
    1987 Muqaddar Ka Faisla. Director -Prakash Mehra.Starring: Raaj Kumar, Raakhee, Raj Babbar, Tina Munim
    1990 Agneepath. Director- Mukul S. Anand. Starring: Amitabh Bachchan, Mithun Chakraborty,Neelam
    1993 Gumrah. Director- Mahesh Bhatt .Starring: Sanjay Dutt, Sridevi,Anupam Kher and Rahul Roy

    So DHARMA PRODUCTION are Big BERNNER since b4 Shah rukh arrived to the industrie and if you read my comment very well i didnt said shah rukh didnt have any good film what i mean exactly is the popularity and archievement he didnt deserve, bcos he only being consider as romantic actor, what about other sub acting like action, comedies e.t.c which he didnt have 1 which world will recorginise and even if we are talking about romantic i prefer Aamir and Salman mothern him as till today he didnt have a film like Aamir…DIL, RAJA HINDUSTAN and Salman…HUM AAPKE HAIN KOUN, MAINE PYAR KIYA. So believe it or not Shah rukh he is no body with out Yashraj and Dharma, let me give u another refrece go delete these banners film from his filmography and see the result by your self, i am sorry if your a fan of him but i think their is no any bad as i express my view, beside i didnt hate him i enjoy watching some of his film and he is among best actors in bollywood but not best of the best.

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