Vote: Is Kajol over-rated?

Many consider her the best actress of the current generation and for someone, who doesn’t exactly look like the conventional Bollywood heroine, Kajol has achieved a lot in the industry, in a career that started way back in 1992 with Bekhudi.

One of the several reasons for Kajol’s popularity has been her pairing with Shahrukh Khan, together they have delivered many blockbusters.

Yet, is Kajol, purely on her acting histrionics comparable to the likes of Madhuri Dixit, Sridevi, Hema Malini or even Rani Mukherji? Comments below

What do you think, is Kajol over rated or does she still deserve the ‘best actress in the industry’ tag ?

Is Kajol over-rated?

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  • Nope, Kajol is the best we have!!!

    Shes one of the best actress ever!! I cant wait to see her new film with SRK: My name is Khan!!!

    I LOVE SRK!! and kajol u rock!!!

  • For me.. she wasn’t one of my favourite bollywood actresses.. why? The reason is that I didn’t like her acting in movies in some scenes, I didn’t like her attitude, but that doesn’t mean that sh’e not a talented actress.. she’s infact but because of the roles she was playing sometimes.. or following the director’s instructions.. I don’t know!

    Her best roles and her best performance was in Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, in the second half of the movie, as well as Fanaa & her last movie You me aur Hum.. even in KKHH, I didn’t like here acting in the basket ball scene, in the 1st scene with SRK.. while teasing him and I didn’t like her acting in some scenes in KKKG, found her over-acting, but lateron.. some ppl told me as she was playing as a punajbi girl and punjabi ppl are loud so she wasn’t overacting and her role demanded to be loud.. she was acting also like a “crazy” girl!!! and who will fall in love, in our real life for a crazy girl?!!!! Shahrukh loving her in this movie wasn’t convincing, that’s why I didn’t like KKKG that much and also because Bigbe was repeating himself again.. he already played the same role in Mohabbetain!

    Kajol was a bit “loud” in the past, but now I think she’s changed and selecting different roles for her to play on the screen.. I think she’ll be perfect in My Name is Khan

    kajol is not overrated at all!
    She was is and always will be my favorite actress!
    She really is the best actress we all have in B-town.
    She got the looks and the talent.
    Kajol is a rare gem :)
    love her to bitz.

  • ya……………..kajol is the best in bollywood…….

    she is the best
    she is the best
    she is the best
    she is the best
    she is the best
    she is the best
    she is the best
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    she is the best
    she is the best
    she is the best……in the bollywood

  • Nope, Kajol is the best we have!!!

    Shes one of the best actress ever!! I cant wait to see her new film with Ajay.

  • according to me she is the best actress forever and she and Mr Srk is my favorite jodi no 1.
    all the best no 1 jodi forever keep up.
    i think the my name is khan will be the big and best hit for srk and kajol as well.

  • I really think that She is the best that Bollywood has right now but compering her with the heroines of old generation, I think She comes after Madhuri and Sri Devi…. They were the best in their times….. These 2 could play any kinda role and also they were very good looking and they both were very good dancers but Kajol lacks these 2 things. She is an average dancer with average looks but she really is a good actress.

  • i am sure about that she is only actress who prove herself as a best………….without good looking she has been prove herself from past 17 year…………….

  • if the fact is not being denied that king bollywood is shahrukh khan and kajol is one of thes best in bollywood including aishwari rai ,

  • hmmmmmm
    I think maybe she is a bit over-rated. she said it herself before.
    I think she can act and all the films that she came in with Shahrukh was HITSSSS. Beside that she only have like 3 or 4 other HIT films. I like her but most times she can be so loud and act like she is all that but she is still one of the best actress out there in bollywood.

  • Now I agree Kajol is a great actress, probably one of the best of her generation. However, I will still place her after Sri Devi, Madhuri, Hema Malini and even Rani Mukerji.

    Also her unibrow is a complete turnoff. I mean why can’t she just take care of it. It is not a problem to have a unibrow it is a problem when she decides not to take care of it!!

  • Kajol is a natural actor more on the lines of Jaya Bachhan than the ones mentioned above.Well,i definitely believe she could have proved her versatility further had she not refused many roles in the past which later bacame the epitome of success to others who grabbed them.But as i say its her choice to attend her family first.She is quite instinctive and i like the way she walked out when she could have ruled.Not many actors can do that and therein rests her greatness.

  • kajol and srk are always gonna be my fav jodi-1 , kajol love’s her family more then she love’s and that is gud because most of the actrees don’t do that family is always gud to take over, and who can ignore the chamistry of srk and kajol when they are on the screen even sometimes when they are on the screen and they will always be my fav.

  • Himanshu: you’re right about Sushmita.. I expected that she’d hv a great career after her movie Main hu nah with Shahrukh.. but she remained in the same place.. and I always..since she won the title of Miss Universe and Aish as Miss World.. always..used to see Sushmita more beautiful.. more glamourous girl than Aish and more talented too.

  • Kajol is the best ever. Look her in DDLJ, Gupt, Dushman, KKHH, KKKG, Fanaa. All her performanaces were brillant. Not only with srk but it is true that both do magic on screen. In her next movie, My name is Khan, all the insecurities about her will disappear. Just wait and see.

  • I can not believe you people create such topic when you know that kajol is the best actress we have today. such topic should be created on Aish not kajol common people. the only person who can beat kajol is rani and she have not yet done it but she’s the only person who can battle with kajol.

  • Kajol is rated as one of the best actress ever. She was at number 9 in the all time best actress, that is a great achievement.

  • Well such a poll will be attracted by kajol fans, so she surely will come out as a winner.

    First of all who has rated kajol as the best actress of current generation? it is just some fans opinion. It is not by some big media house. I think three actress among current generation can be said to be the best rani, kareena and kajol (and of course priyanak should be thought to be one in this league).

    There is a common belief that look and glamour is inversely proportional to acting potential. Kareena is arrogant (well kajol was very rude and arrogant till her marriage, one just needs to check her interviews in those days, she even misbehaved with the behind the set people in KWK, she was very mean to rani) and kareena comes very glamourous, she has the best skin so automticaally people think she is not a great actress, but the fact is she is a powerhouse of talent and she has gone out of her way to do off beat films.

    Rani is the only actress after madhuri who could get the name of queen in every sense. she is a superbly talented actress and good dancer (she learnt odissi dance that is like kathak a lot to do with emoting which is the main part of acting). Rani was superstar, a great actress a great dancer and good looking in Indian way.Rani was superstar, a great actress a great dancer and good looking in Indian way. she was queen in every sense even if it was a for small period.

    talking about kajol she is a natural actress and of course a good one. but she does few things very well and she gets to do that in all her films over and over again. In what she dearths is she never was star for her own right, she delivered hit with srk or amir, who were much bigger star than her (of course with the exception of pyar to hona hi tha). She attempted dancing in nearly all her films but is not as good as rani. She has attempted being sexy is films like yeh dillgai, hulchul, gupt, ishq and lot others but has not been as succesful as kareena. She is said to be unconventionally beautiful but actually she is a beauty in Indian way not like Hema, Sridevi or Aishwariya but more like madhuri (acne, brones and not fair skin) or rani (not fair skin). Interestingly all these shortcomings have been used by some to show that she is a better actor than rani or kareena.

    I confess I am a rani fan and I know kajol is a fantastic actress but I have tried to be fair in my logic.

  • I can admit that Kajol is not a good dancer like Madhuri and Rani or a beauty like Ash but Kajol is a far better actress. She is a show stealer. Even Srk has admited that KKHH was Kajol’s film and in Fanaa her performance is brillant. Futhermore, I think if Chalte Chalte would have Kajol that film would surely have been much better (Srk and Rani jodi is not a powerfulhouse for filmakers. Just wath their movies as a leading pair). Also Rani with Aamir is just so-so. Ghulam and Mangal Pandey: The Rising were good just beacuse Aamir’ performaces were brillant but not beacuse of her. I like Rani in films like Black, Bunty or Bubly, Hum Tum, Saathiya, Yuba and of course KKHH. But even in those films and others actors like Big B or SRK outshine her performance. She is really apreciate when she is with Vivek, Abhishek or Saif. In 1995, Madhuri Dixit had two nomitation for best actress (Raja and Yaraana) and was the favorited one because she was on the peak of her career but the new comer Kajol won with DDLJ. It must be unfair if I say that Kajol has reach the level of Mahuri even if they have the same number of best actress awards but I think that if she does more films she surely reach the record that holds her aunt Nutan because I agree with Madhuri is her words: Among contemporary actresses, I think there’s something terribly beautiful about KAJOL. The essence of her being is fascinating. Actually Kajol goal is not that, she even thought that she will become that famous, she always have said and say that the family is first for her after that her career. Many people can say that but not take their word like her. Just wach Karenna, for her her career is first. It not but been professional but too much. And for the comment “There is a common belief that look and glamour is inversely proportional to acting potential. ” Thats not totally true. For me that doesn’t works. I like Ash in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam and Dhoom 2 but in a way after her dance and some moments I feel she lost her presence like Rani, Karenna, Priyanka, etc. Maybe that’s beacuse I compare them to Kajol and I want that their eyes will talk but it doesn’t. It must be Kajol.

  • i don’t know why people are creating such stupid polls……………kajol is the best actress in the universe………..even srk admitted that in koffee with karan……………….

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