Vote: How did you like the trailer of Krrish 3?

The trailer of Krrish 3 was officially unveiled at an event last evening in Mumbai. Like most trailers that are hyped, the response was mixed but generally positive.

Trade pundits believe the Hrithik Roshan starrer will cross the 200 crore mark this Diwali, as the film has all commercial ingredients of a commercial blockbuster. Also, the director-actor duo of Rakesh Roshan and Hrithik have never failed to deliver – all their previous three outings in Kaho Na Pyaar Hai, Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish 3 were money-spinners at the box office.

At the end of the day though, its the audience verdict that counts. So, vote and tell us how you liked the theatrical trailer of Krrish 3.

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How did you like the trailer of Krrish 3?

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  • And I think, Hrithik Roshan was going too far in exaggeration when he said “I wanted to play the role of Kaal”

  • Wow!!!!! awesome i think 80% indians never saw X-Men and Iron man and they say the graphics are poor. Yes if you compare with Ironman and Man of steel, the VFX might pale in comparison but its much better than Ra One or Robot. Krrish is comparable to be Hollywood….

    Im sure it will touch 50 mark on it’s very 1st day ;)

  • Baap of all trailers….
    i will definitely watch Chennai Express in theatres because of this trailer !!!

  • @indicine..i wanted to what you think and other trade pandit think about trailer…..most vital part it is mixture of emotion that we expect in rakash roshan film…like 80% indian i dont watch hollywood movie….for me i will go to watch this film in kolkata top multiplex ..this is my first movie i go to watch multiplex..gen i watched all movie download from torrentz

    • @Suman, had a chance to chat with Rakesh Roshan yesterday. He said he wouldn’t be spending a lot of money on promotion and also said the film would be high on emotions. The storyline, which I cannot reveal here, will be a major plus point for Krrish 3. There will be a lot more to the film than just VFX and Action.

  • Hrithik n Rakesh r found as the perfecnst of bllywd so thy nvr allw 2 disappnt d audnce.
    Srly Krissh3 wl b an ammazing flm of bllywd

    Magics r made by magicins only…….!!

  • dis is only a vfx centric trailer…but dnt forget d vfx r only d iceing on d cake…d main part is storyline nd emotions nd dat lukng very strong…
    nd only d kangna part isnt lukng gud but d rest is just brilliant
    so d movie will be a sure shot blockbuster

  • I think everyone might agree with me or not but when i watching krish3 trailor i feel a video game is played bysomeone, sure shoot flop in india and super hit in oversease, as k3 made on a budget of 120cr and 35cr PA cost,it should not only rejected in single screenbut also mltiplex because class already watch man of steel andxmen in every month

  • SURE SHOT BLOCKBUSTER !!!!! STANDING OVATION TO THE ROSHANS FOR TRYING THE IMPOSSIBLE !!! HRITHIK HAS THE GUTS !!!! haters who are comparing it with the hollywood movies are mental people, they don’t have the idea about budget difference and half of them haven’t even seen the movies, first of all they were complaining why bollywood has only masala and no sci-fi and when finally sci-fi is coming , they are complaining, ever complaining cry babies. be proud as an indian, fav heroes toh baad me aate rahenge, first of all we all are indians.

  • Now after this trailer i think bollywood = Hollywood
    if hollywood have christopher nolan than we have Rakesh Roshan
    if hollywood have Brad pitt,tom cruise than we have Hrithik Roshan,Aamir khan

    i m really excited for krrish3 and dhoom3 because i know hrithik and aamir always give us somthing new and different. they r creative n
    they are nt salman atleast

  • After seeing the trailer me , my family mostly my garandfather is very excited …!
    he just loved the trailer and 1st time say to me “if anyone say indians are poor and far behind us in terms of technology than plz saw them krrish3 trailer”
    and i loved more when he say ” hey bhagwan meri raksha karna diwali tak mai marna nahi chahta diwali tak mujhe bas yeh film dekhni h uske baad jo teri khwaish ”
    such word really gave me tear bt really every common and general people love this trailer

  • Indian audience doesn’t believe in graphics….The story line must touch the hearts of the audience to reach at 200 Cr. The animation seems like it is a hafazard copy of Xmen and Superman series. Opening will be big.. but in the long run it will not be huge….. lets see what happens……….

  • Admin please remove the line when u r said response r mixed …
    every one just going crazy over this trailer my family, my friends and even my Collage faculity said today – [ krrish3 ka trailer dekha tum logo ne to tum log samjh lo india kitna develop ho raha h tumhe bhi itni mehnt karni padegi :) ]
    or today when i m in metro every1 is talks abt krrish3 !!
    so plz changed the line of mixed admin
    i think 90% people of india are gaga over krrish3

  • Other than VFX there’s nothing much about it. Expected a lot from Koi Milgaya & Krish team.

    By the way indicine, think it’s high time for Chennai Express box office predictions. Waiting for that article.

  • OUTSTANDIND. . . .
    It gonna be huge. .

    In another article,i saw haters jealousy towards hrithik and krissh3. They were commenting valuelessly such as”hr is looking like joker/krissh3 trailer is cartoonish”. .

    Really i haven’t seen such dumb jealous haters. .i think they are expecting from a superhero to wear “DHOTI” and to live like common human taking coffe and going to office by car. .

    There are many plus points in this trailer. .e.g-

    1.entry of krissh
    2.the “kaal”part
    3.rohit’s acting
    4.hrithik’s sexy looks
    5.priyanka is looking great in new hair style
    6.the part where krissh catch the neck of the villien
    7.some sudden visual effects
    8.the background music
    9.the part where rohit and krissh look to each other
    and many more things. .

    Hrithik:the “SEXIEST MAN IN THE WORLD”

    We should feel proud for krissh3. .
    Really ,very much excited for this movie. .

  • I loved the trailer alot
    hrithik looking super amazing
    kangana part reminded me by cat woman the same moves with different BG

    amazing VFX

    the cinematography quality could be better

    I loved it but it was too short :(

    haters ‘salman fans or akki fans ‘ will drag the VFX down only because of their hate to SRK and some of SRK fans ‘danish & Romance ex who is not a srk fan but khans fan’ will drag the movie down because of their hate to hrithik

    so they can keep their hate and we will keep our love and we will c who will win

    this year only belong to

    CE & Krrish3

    hope each one of them can make it and cross the 200 cr

  • It was a fantastic trailer for an Indian movie. Although, I do think it could have been little better by reducing random scenes. I don’t know why some people are criticizing it’s VFX, it’s very good for a film who’s budget is around 100 crores. I agree that it didn’t look that good in 1-2 scenes like Kangana falling from building, but it was really good in rest of the trailer. They have put a lot of effort into it and we should appreciate what they have produced despite of limited budget unlike Hollywood movies which are too expensive.
    In the end, it’s the story which matters the most, and Rakesh Roshan has a great reputation of a director and story writer. I’m definitely looking forward to see it.

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