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The trailer of Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Again was released last night on Youtube. At the time of writing this post, the trailer has already received close to 1 lakh views and has 2,605 likes and 907 dislikes.

What’s your take on the trailer? Vote below!

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Meanwhile, the makers have also released the second poster of the film. Click for high resolution image.





  • Akshay kumar and sonkshi needs to take dialogue delivery lessons. Ajay ka 20 % bhi kar nahi payega ak. That awkward moment when imran’s acting look better than others!

  • I Loved the trailer a lot. should be a Blockbuster for Akshay & Imran. And it will literally overshadow the other release, whatever Express it is.
    it’ll be the end of the over-hyped self-proclaimed king this year.

  • See the way in which trailer is made is good. But, in the trailer what I can make out is akshay kumar and imran khan are both in love with sonakhi sinha and both are fighting for her. With this kind of plot, movie does’t look interesting. Dat’s my opinon

  • It was below expectations to be honest but still has good chance to take over chennai express.

  • Guys really really disappointed coz I thought it would be gangster clash or cheating something like that but even I found inappropriate casting plus love triangle resulted such disappointment.lets see how that will turn out.

  • faaaaadu !!!!!!!
    This one is gonna break the all altufaltu trains that are creating lot of noise by their promotional bho真真 Bho真真真真 Sound and only one sound get to hear us from those khatara trains which are not able run properly call one express now they won’t find place to express the pain that caused clashing with ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUBAI AGAIN. So our prayers for those trains are continue, hope god will save them.

  • one word tell you the story..dissapointed..nothing new..old in new bottle..akki did not match the role..ajay is better…….

  • The only problem is that the gangster film has turned into a love triangle,which will be low in action and thrill!!!

  • Bakwass trailer, now only the songs help to make Average or Semi Hit. But I think OUATIMA will be Disaster.

  • it is still 84126 n you’re saying close to 1lakh lol they are still 15874 behind don’t fool akki fans

  • 105 votes for outstanding
    85 votes for average.
    indicine is the site where akshay fans r very less.
    here ,it got good appreciation means ,trailor is accepted

  • Trailer is very good and action is looking realistic bcoz there is no flying cars or mens also Akshay and Imran are looking well dressed bcoz they r not wearing dhoti also movie’s name is good and not looking like name of some passenger train.

  • wait n watch guys. Ekta Kapoor known for witty n hatke kind of promotions. I sense movie will not be all about love triangle or what it is trying to depict out of the trailer. We may have a big surprise i guess !!!!!

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