Vote: Akshay Kumar vs Salman Khan

Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar – these two are by far the two most discussed stars in the last 2 – 3 weeks here. There have been some HUGE discussions and arguments in the comments section, right from Diwali when Blue clashed with Main Aur Mrs Khanna. Although Blue was a clear winner, Salman’s Wanted that released on Eid was a much bigger hit.

The quality of films – of both stars – hasn’t really been upto the mark, but their fan-following seems to be increasing by the day. Hard to believe but true.

As things stand today, Akshay Kumar commands a bigger opening at the box office, but Salman Khan with Wanted  proved he still has it in him to pull crowds to theaters.

Who is your favorite star  and why? Reply in the comments section below.

Do not forget to vote. Note: Just a fun poll, we’re quite curious to know whose more popular here – Akshay or Salman.

Salman Khan vs Akshay Kumar

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  • akshay kumar is best actor in all actors.
    akshay live in worlds heart.
    His smile is very cute and he is sabse bada khiladi.

  • i think salman is better than aksha kumar salman is good for bolly wood industry and after producing dabbang and wanted salman khan is hit than aksha and very fake movei of aksay is
    tees mar khan thats very hot film i vote sallu bhai

  • salman is king of bolly wood aksha is sweeper of boly wood




  • Salman is not a gr8 actor but he is a gr8 actor in the making, he has potential. He is bollywood answer 2 southern raJnikanth. If any1 can carry1 amitabh bacchan legacy of central character at this age he is salman. Apart he has right looks 2 pull up people attention as well. Apart watch him in tere naam, kyou ki, jaanemaan, veer, dabangg, wanted, love, baagi, Maine pyaar Miya, hahk, hssh u will realize his potential. On the other hand akshay may be equally a bigger star but as n actor he is far inferior. He is more choosy, practical, hardworking n he is using his optimum potential but acting his gifted nomatter how hard he try he will never beat salman in this front. My opinion for best bollywood actor in a different genre n department. action-amitabh, comedy-govinda, romance-shahrukh, promotion-Amir khan, masala-salman khan, gangster-Sanjay duty, art-naseerudhin shah, drama-dilip kumar.

  • I thing shahid is the most glamour actor in bollywood.his film is both comedy and romectic.otherwise he can cultureal film also like vivah.actualy i say shahid is the most new comer actor and he will be best actor in bollywood in future

  • Akshay is better in every moment of acting then salman khan. Salman doing over acting in every film. And i hate all of khan bandhus. Khan are losser.

  • Salman Khan is the best. He is my favorite actor in bollywood. Akshay Kumar is good too. He has done quite good movies in the past. They both are good. I love salman khan. He is not married but akshay is married. So i’ll go for salman…he’s the sexiest.

  • oh hello mr.miz..r u a jerk..
    i guess akhshay ki 1 movie hi dekhi h…
    u said salman ki 5 movies blockbuster h..
    now read it..
    hera pheri-blocl buster
    mujhse shadi karogi-block buster just becuz of akshay
    phir hera pheri-block buster
    garam masala-block buster
    dhadkan-block buster
    mr and mrs khiladi-blockbuster
    ajnabee-block buster
    namastey london-block buster
    heyyy baby-block buster
    now u can see…….

  • In my opinion, i think Akshay kumar is better than salman,bcoz he has performed better roles in every way. He is one of the best action and comady actor in bollywood.

  • Akshay kumar is the best akshay is better than salman khan thank you akshay you are super star you are our heart

  • Both Akshay and salman they are good actors but i would like to vote with akshay kumar he’s the best that’s my idea thaks guys

  • I thing or my idea i would say c akshay is the best actor if we remember the film khiladiyon ka khiladi was the only first film action of bollywood and mohra zaalim taraazu elaan main khiladi tu anari talaash jaanwar zulmi so we can say akshay kumar is super actor and will make every side like action and commands and action today ashay kumar commands of his films is a bigger opennig at the box office so we can say akshay is the king of action and commands salman khan not bad he is a good actor but akshay every time he is the one of the best

  • Undoubtly akshay is real king bcoz he has big fan following than salman nd ye movies ki opening bata deti h.nd jo akki ki flop movies h unki script bahot kharab thi butyet vo movies chali nd if salman doing such movies to ye movies pani bhi nahi mangti box office pe.n after amitabh only akshay is a evergreen hero.

  • salman is floppppppest
    i dont know who mad go to his movie in theatre , to see his movie or to his body
    remember that a hero must be perfect in acting and no need to be in body

  • salman is not a hero . his movies are good at box office because of muslim fans who dont go in theatres
    for a hindu hero film. e.g. ready is not worth watching but it is hit because of aaftab, aslam, shoeb
    and so on……..

  • i like akshay.akshay’s acting is like a real.i most like akshay…… and i don’t like salman

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