Vivek Oberoi’s Look in Rai: Story on Muthappa Rai’s life

Vivek Oberoi will be making a return to acting under his favourite director Ram Gopal Varma. The actor hasp previously delivered outstanding performances in films like ‘Company’and’Rakhta Charitra’.

Titled ‘Rai’, the film will be shot across various locations inBengaluru, Mangalore, Mumbai, Dubai and London. The film is based on the life of Mutthappa Rai, a former underworld don from South India who went on to become an entrepreneur.

The film is going to be made in four languages Hindi, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil.

Director Ram Gopal Varma has said it’ll be the greatest gangster story ever told, addingthat gangsters like Pablo Escobar, Dawood Ibrahim, Al Capone are nothing in comparison to Muthappa Rai.

Check out Vivek Oberoi’s look.

Vivek Oberoi Look in Rai

Vivek Oberoi Look in Rai



  • It can never match anything close to Company. Company was masterpiece although more of the credit goes to Ajay Devgan

  • Vivek Oberoi is a potential gone waste. He was excellent in Company.

    And Ram Gopal Verma who once directed superb movies like Company, Rangeela, Kaun, Satya, Bhoot, Sarkar has also faltered.

    Will be great if they can make a strong comeback together and that too in an underworld movie. Looks tough though.

  • Good, Vivek is always excellent in RGV films, let’s hope that RGV can make a strong come back as a director.

  • Vivek has always been a gud actor
    He had that thing and potential to become superstar
    He in very beginning of his career delivered two b.o success and critically acclaimed movies and both of different genres. But who know sathiya and company will be his career high.

    A career which could hav been a landmark in movie industry never took off.

    And credit goes too none other but vivek himself because salman today is a huge superstar (though vivek with less experience is way better actor) and aishwarya also has seen some huge high in her career and today she is in her happy space

    So the one who has lost something due to that incident is no one but vivek

    A sad story and lesson to learn for our young stars lyk ranveer , varun (who are always careful) and ranbir.

  • Read from koimoi that this movie is made on a budget of 55cr.Are the producers mad??’Prince ‘movie which had amazing production values,cool action,excellent music,promoted well fared poorly at the box office.Who is the producer of ‘Rai’ @indicine?

  • Finally Vivek is back… I really didn’t like what he has done in Krrish, totally wasted his talent in that dumb movie.

  • in this movie we will get to know how rai make carees of vivek hell. and yes vivek is good actor in gangster sagas. he is back in his zone

  • no doubt………akki,,,srk,,,sallu,,,amir…hritik…greatest actors in bollywood……..but always fadoooo performance as a villain…….its one and only vivek oberoi…….

  • Any type of negative or any role Ajay sir does with ease…sultan mirza in outim… What a role…terrific acting..Duwa mai yaad rakna

  • For those who thinks salman destroyd vivek’s career – Vivek himself said on Farah Khan show that there’s a lot of ‘plastic’ in this industry, more than Tupperware makes (referring to Aish), and how ‘people’ who instigated him to do the press conf and take a stand herself moved back as soon as he got into trouble over it. He had some venom against Aish in the show, go watch it. Even Farah said that Salman never ever said to me anything against you and Vivek agreed with her saying I know, Salman would not do that !

  • Wonder what happens to directors like Ram Gopal Varma who start so great and then just everything starts going wrong for them. He delivered such superb quality movies and then in the end movies like Ram Gopal Varma ki aag, Bhoot returns and Department.

    Some other examples also:

    1. The great Subhash Ghai who initially directed evergreen and memorable movies like Karz, Karma, Meri Jung, Hero, Vidhaata, Saudagar, Ram Lakhan and Khalnayak. And then at the end delivered poor movies like Yaadein, Yuvraaj, Kisna and with Kaanchi touching his lowest ebb.

    2. The greatest Ramesh Sippy who directed all time epic and classic (and whatever other words of praises one can possibly imagine for) movies like Sholay and Shakti. Also the director of some very fine movies like Shaan, Seeta aur Geeta and Saagar. At the end of career delivered duds like Akayla (Big B), Bhrashtachar and Zamana Deewana (SRK).

    3. Kundan Shah (though not a director known for delivering big hits) is best known for his cult comedy Jaane Bhi Do Yaaro considered to be an all time classic. Also delivered an excellent movie Kabhi Haan Kabhi Na (SRK) and another very fine movie Kya Kehna (Saif, Pretty). He also at the end delivered below average movies like Hum to Muhabbat Karega, Dil Hai Tumhara and touching his lowest with a movie like P se PM tak.

    Dont know what just happens. One logic says that with experience the directors should improve. But may be they remain stuck in their own times and fail to adapt themselves with changing times. But still strange.

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