Vidya Balan joins Anupam Kher, won’t return National Award!

It is again one of those instances when the film industry is divided and has different views on an event. Headlines were made when the news came that reputed filmmakers and personalities said that they will be returning their National Awards back to the government to be in solidarity with FTII students and against what they called growing intolerance in the country.

The names included Dibakar Banerjee, Anand Patwardhan and eight others who have returned their awards.

But actress Vidya Balan has opposed this act and said that she won’t return her national award which she got for the film ‘The Dirty Picture’.

The actress said, “This honour (the award) is by the nation and not the government. So I do not want to return it.”

Actor Anupam Kher has also opposed what the media has termed ‘Award Wapsi’, calling it a politically motivated act.



  • Arjun Kapoor will not return his Ghanta and Kela award too…

    Anyways, Ranbir gonna get national award for sure for Tamasha..

  • Anupam Kher is the perfect example of why Bollywood stars shouldn’t incline themselves to any political party.He has been supporting every move of the Government.Even during Gajendra’s appointment he had half heartedly criticized the government despite being such an eminent personality.He is losing his credibility as a person by being completely partial towards the government
    I strongly condemn the government’s act of appointing a non-worthy television actor as the chief of FTII and making disgusting remarks about the Dadri lynching blaming the victim

  • Government is not worried about these people…… Whole bjp is depending upon modi without Mr modi bjp is nothing….
    At this moment Congress is little bit weak but they will definitely bounce back in this game… I believe in congress hope grand alliance will win in bihar…. Then only it’s nitish Kumar next pm candidates from upa believe in that…

  • emraan Hashmi – esha gupta to shoot single for tseries. sung by armaan malik n composed by amaal malik.directed by tevar director amit sharma.

    confirmed news

  • Returning ur national award is not just insulting the govt but also ur audience who praised and supported ur films so much

  • “Honour is by the nation nt by the gov”
    Vidya aunty n others must undrstnd that
    Award wapsi is a way of protesting a gud way.. i think ..

  • Last PM was looking the leg of Gandhi Pariwar . But current PM is stand alone like storm . He is extraordinary , he know how to silent those film . Salute to current PM .

  • @Ultron A Salmaniac n Shaggy- Had a great laugh on your buffonery, please stick to SRK bashing n Salman praising, political matters are out of our brain’s range.
    Anyway, carry on duffers !!!

  • Vidya you’ve earned the award so you should never return your awards…
    Hypocrites are returning their award let them do what they want

  • No of corruption , farmer sucide has happened in Congress Government this record never will break by any Party . Only one community always pull down to Bjp government .

  • @ shaggy just like Bjp depend on Modi , congress is depend on Gandhi Pariwar without it nobody knows to Congress .

  • @Ultron A Salmaniac-
    A suggestion dude, Pls dun trouble your ant size brain thinking about Politics. Not your cup of tea.

  • @swampanand 5:01pm

    Atleast they have an opinion, unlike you who most likely thinks politics in an overseas country where Queens fans live in their billions…!

  • @alok nath 5:41pm

    High time you went back to playing papa type roles old man as thats all your ant head was good at…!

  • Food for thought- democracy came after centuries of overseas rule n millions of patriots dying for it so value what you got before its too late…!

    PS In star wars theres a quote I love immensely n is true IMO- something like this- “democracy is replaced by a dictatorship with a thunderous round of applause”- means ppl/ voters think that giving up their freedoms like speech, thought etc etc to the govt is in their best interest but later on they regret it n the fight for freedom starts all over again.

  • Thanks Vidya for staying true and unbiased.

    Whoever says Award Wapsi is not politically motivated seriously doesn’t know politics.

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