Video: SRK’s brawl with MCA officials

SRK’s brawl with the MCA officials was caught on audio by someone on the field. Watch the video below to know exactly what transpired at the stadium.

SRK’s fight with the MCA officials and security at the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai



  • SRK is a role model for ever indian…
    he is a great personality…he iz a great husband nd a father…

    Every father should do what SRK did..he is completely can’t push little children down in the name of security..well done SRK!

  • he acted like a real man & father.
    so fukc the so called fukcing guards & officials.
    love u SRK sooooooooooooooo much.

  • Saale..MI haargye..toh chirdgye..
    USKI team qualify hui hai..woh ek owner hone ke khaatir..celebrate krna chaahega toh krega..
    IPL..establish hone mein SRK ka bahot haat tha..

    Basically SRK ne theek kaha yeh MC officials..wanted to get cheap thrill by abusing a celebrity..

    WITH SRK….In Thick or Thin..

  • Clearly SRk’s fault…and listen to the language he is using in front of his daughter and son….Big shame on SRK.

  • Clear Gunda Gardi from SRk..”I stay Here” you are breaking rules and regulations and then using such a bad language in front of your own low can he fall. I met him in a show here in USA a few years ago and amongst all the starts he was with the worst behavior and arrogance. He is really going through mid life crises or may be he should stop watching Ek Tha Tiger teaser and the response it got..heheheh

  • Also some body shouted that he is drunk in the audio above. So he had been drinking in front of his kids..he should be ashamed of that.

  • “SRK was d reasn 4the trending terms lyk”Wankhede” nd “SlapGate”. So dat shows d power. Even though he isin a good side nd alwys will be”

  • “You know what’ll be cool? If Shah Rukh Khan buys the Wankhede Stadium and throws out these sanctimonious MCA trolls.”

  • “Shah Rukh Khan banned from entering the Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai. But no problems for him, he will watchthe match in Dish TV. Kyunki SRK ke sar pe Dish Sawaar Hai :D”

  • “Shahrukh got a little tipsy & the the security guard at Wankhede Stadium resembled Shirish Kunder. Rest is History….. Kudos #SRK! B-) ?”

  • i guess shiva shena is behind all this…
    they never suuported srk…
    when mi lost the match…they decided to take on SRK…..
    poor supporters of mumbai indians….match jeet ke dekho… fir dada giri karna…
    ghanta MAhrasta………and m####f Shiva shena…….

  • F**K SRK & People who hate Maharashtra and Mumbaikar’s. They should not even enter in Maharashtra. JAI MAHARASHTRA

  • look at what the other celebrities commented

    Lalit Modi – First Person I discussed IPL concept was SRK . It involved getting Two Fan bases to embrace one Event. W/O him we would nt have cricket + Bollwood = IPL. with him embracing the idea we got the Worlds Hottest League In the World’s Largest Democracy… And I realised my dream.

    Shatrughan Sinha – SRK is very good human being and very matured guy … He will never drink and abuse in such a way ….I know him personally , I think many people nowadays are jealous of him because of his huge success..

    Karan Johar – Why blame a man who was just reacting as a father….who wouldnt have done the same in his place???

    Bhavana Pandey – Saying that SRK was drunk and abusive is completely false.. All he did was protect and defend the kids who were there including my daughter.

    Vishal Dadlani – what he did was descent …Straight up. Touch my family, I destroy you. No question

  • and another thing the audio does not prove everything, where is the video.
    There is possiblilty that the security guard pushed or the officials did something. This audio does not prove everything. Any way they were saying srk abused Vilasrao Deshmukh but there was nothing about him in this video. And they were abusing him in Marathi.
    Srk is truthful and he has done right.

  • SRK is a roll model and great actor as well as human being. So this is too much. I think it is not good to band him for 5 years in Bhankhede.

  • “Next episode of Satyamev Jayate will feature how the security personnel assaulted by Shah Rukh Khan.”

  • “Next episode of Satyamev Jayatewill feature the security personnel a.s.s.a.ulted by Shah Rukh Khan.”

  • all s bullshit bastards the dusre log jo khan ko abusing words keh rhe the…jo bhi khan ne kiya sab sahi hai…mca ki security zabardasti fake kar rhi thi…notice karnewali baat ye hai ki khan agar ground mein jana chahta tha toh wats d big deal itna bada actor hai sabko entertain karta hai toh usko itna b haq nhi milta kya…agar uski jagah koi politician hota toh kya woh security ussi tarah rules sikhata jis tarah woh khan par kar rha tha na guyz/girlz balki unki jooti(shoe) tak saaf karne ko raazi hojata..!ds s d fact really shame on u govt…

  • I would have done the same myself…
    The officials wer acting lyk tat coz of t heavy blow tey sufferd n in ter hom ground itself…
    n i think SRK being a muslim is also ter pblm….

  • By introducing bollywood into cricket they have made cricket dirty. I am not saying bollywood is dirty but when you combine both together it gets messy. It is like I love to drink coke and i love to drink orange soda but combining both wouldn’t taste good. Let people enjoy cricket and bollywood separately.

  • yeh toh pura ek tarafa faisla hua. duno taraf ke baate sunna chahiye. aur mumbai ke joh acp hain woh oh khud mca ka member hain. isliye main chahunga ke kisi nutral party ko lake uska investication kiya jai. srk is not only the bollywood superstar he is an icon and he is global personality. so we have lesson his versan too. what would a father do when someone misbhave with his child?so think about it and support srk

  • yaha pe yeah clearly sunai de raha hain ke yeh log srk ko provoked kar rahe hain. asame ek aaadmi gussa nahi karega toh kya karega

  • srk was provoked to do all this whatever he said it was just in reply a star shouldnt be treated in this way im amazed a star has a such respect in india very bad srk dont worry dont bother about bad comments on net God bless u and ur family we are with u .

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