Video: O Girl – Housefull

‘O Girl’ Song promo of Sajid Khan’s Housefull starring Akshay Kumar, Deepika Padukone, Lara Dutta, Ritesh Deshmukh and Jiah Khan.

The music is nice, has been picturized well. Akshay and the girls look great. Ritesh Deshmukh surprises with a ripped physique. And must say Deepika’s name “Saundharya Bhagya Lakshmi Venkateshwari Basaparao” is something that you can only expect from someone like Sajid Khan!

Check out the ‘O Girl’ video from Housefull and tell us what you think, below in the comments section.

Housefull releases worldwide on April 30th 2010 (7 weeks to go).




  • O girl u r mine , O girl u r mine.. me ishq me hadh se guzar jaun.. me jhoot kahun tho, kahun tho, kahun tho,,,… mar jaun… O girl u r mine.. O girl u r mine…;)


  • Deepika ka dimple, Lara ka pimple.. me tho fida hogaya its just so simple…;)

    Even tho movie has a typical akshay feel to it, i feel sajid will make this movie watchable.. shud be a Hit atleast… Budget being 40cr n akki rithesh combination- shud work…:)

  • amitabha,
    ok could anyone tell me about deepa mehta’s KOMAGATU MARU, whether akshay is doing it or it has been shelved.

  • amitabha,

    I don’t think this film will work. It will be sandwiched by T20 world cup. Everything about this movie is predictable. The only chance was the first week end business but due to T20 even that is not possible from this akki movie. Bad timing of release

    ok could anyone tell me about deepa mehta’s KOMAGATU MARU, whether akshay is doing it or it has been shelved.

  • the song is just superb………

    @wavechordteam……..the time will tell if the movie is flop or hit…..there are many movies in the past that are hit during world cups… just wait n watch…….

    nd yes akshay is doing KOMAGATA MARU but the movie will start its shooting in 2012-2013 nd will release in 2014 because 100 years will be completed of komagatu maru scene….thats y the movie has been delayed……

  • does any one knows the timing of T 20 matches ???
    standrad time has 9.5 hrs deference. 1st match will start after 7 pm IST. and matches will continued whole night. Only 7 – 10 pm shows can effect. Sat match is vs Afghanistan so no body has interest. Sunday match is against S.A so may be only this time movie can effected. But If i want to watch Housefull and i want to watch match as well so may be I will go in the morning show or may be next day. So it is not big deal. Just remember 1999s Biggest Hit Biwi No. 1 released with 1999 World Cup and that time matches started at 3 pm IST and on that time all movies released in Single Screens and they start to show movies late after 12 pm.
    If content is Good Every movie can hit in any season if Movie is Bakwas then no one can help it.

  • another stupid akshay kumar film. looks exactly like KI, CCTC, blue, and all the other rubbish we were forced to see.

  • Spiderman, you are not forced to watch Housefull. So please don’t bother your self to watch it.
    and for your kind information all these stupid akshay movies collects 50 cr in India.
    just think when he will do a decent and best movie what will happen on box office.

  • Wow this one looks great :)
    All of them look ravishing :) Just confused y lara is oppisite to Ritesh in the song isn’t she paired up against Akki ?

    Oh Boy u r mine :) Oh Boy u r mine :) Terey Ishq main had se guzar Jayoo :) Jhoot Bolo tu main mar jayoo :) Oh Boy u r mine :)

    Sorry Amish I copied u :)

  • no there was no film like komagutu maru .

    deepa mehta has cancelled the film due to her inability to meet the budget. just search the net you will find the article the film has been scrapped all together

  • Great song.

    But why on earth is Ritesh paired opposite Lara in the song. Even in Do Knot Disturb it was disturbing.

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