Video: Michael Jackson’s Ghost?

Was it Michael Jackson’s Ghost in the video? This has become the hottest topic of discussion on the World wide web.

The fans of the King of Pop have created a frenzy after spotting, what they call, is the ghost of the legendary entertainer..

It all happened on CNN’s special show Inside Neverland, where Larry King conversed with Jackson’s brother Jermaine. A shadow walks left to right across the corridor, quite quickly and eventually disappears. On first viewing it looked pretty shocking. I would love to know what CNN has to say on this. Have a look at the video, believe in ghosts or not, you cant help watching it twice.

The shadow was neither noticed by the reporter nor the cameraman, but once posted on the video sharing website youtube, comments started pouring in. This 3 second long, ghostly apperance by the pop star has bought tears to the eyes of millions, tears of joy that the legend could still possibly be amongst us.

Neverland Raunch was the home of Michael Jackson from 1988 to 2005.

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We have two videos for you, the first video replays the movements of the shadow several times.


The second is a part of the CNN show Inside Neverland, notice the shadow at 8 mins 20 seconds!


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  • americans r dumb!!!it mst hav been smbdy crossing by..dey hav habit of creatin fuss out of nthng…wen 9/11 happend dey created face of satan out of smoke…..

  • what do u mean mini??!!”americans are dumb”!!! X-( !!! just shut the hell up!!!(think b4 u say something!) L-) !!!

  • naaah, just a shadow of someone passing by !

    or a dark evil spirit that took michaels life, as i had suspected.

    also, whoever thought of this zany news was thinking of one thing only:

    money, money, money, money, money !!!!!!!!!!!

    (always sunny, in the richmans world !)

    please show respect to michael and leave him alone, at least in death.

    RIP michael.

  • That is so dumb obviously its just special effects or somoen passing by. For God’s sake he’s dead at least now they should leave him alone now.

  • Yeah it probably wasn’t a ghost of Michael!!!! cause that ain’t possible! but that doesn’t mean what a few americans think all americans think like that 2!!!

  • I agree with Spiderman. People need to leave Michael and his family alone. Can’t the guy get peace even in death.

  • @jaz:i mean AMERICANS ARE DUMB!!!accept it….btw micheal is d greatest!!!ppl r jst minting money out of his death too!!

  • Mini…U R DUMB!!!!!……FYI…CNN is the biggest news channel!! u prob don’t know much! but i live here!!! and this does not get them money!!!!! it can be a misconception but for sure not something to make money out of!!! AND ONCE AGAIN……..L-)!!!!!

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