Video: Katrina Kaif’s New Slice Ad (Preview)

With Shahrukh Khan as the brand ambassador of Frooti, the war for the most popular mango drink is heating up. The queen of Bollywood Katrina Kaif is all set to showcase her playfulness in the latest Slice television commercial.

“As always, I am very excited to be part of the new Slice campaign – it’s an interesting concept that highlights the taste and superior experience of Mango Slice. The playfulness about the story is quite infectious and for the first time there is a hint of a love triangle” Katrina said in a statement.

The Slice TVC starts off on a playful note, with the classic song ‘Haal kaisa hai janab ka’ playing in the background. A man, a woman and Katrina are strolling in a beautiful park. Katrina blindfolds the man, who has to choose between Slice and another mango drink..

Below is a preview of Katrina Kaif’s new slice ad, that will be aired from Thursday (7th March 2013)



  • Complete Meh! Seriously advertisers need to come up with innovative story rather than seductive ways. Repelling stuff.

  • WOW. Katrina is so beautiful. Can’t wait for the full slice ad now. Hopefully its as seductive as the ones we’ve seen before in 2011 and 2012.

    I hope they are not changing the whole Aamsutra thing. It really worked well. Slice is my fav drink after Katrina started endorsing it :D

  • Wow… Slice by Kat and Frooti by King Khan… Now the entire nation will be “Frooti thirsty” :)

    Question : How do you define the words ‘Standard’ and ‘Inferior’.

    Answer : Standard is what SRK sets, products he endorses like Hyundai, Tag Heuer, Videocon, Frooti, Asian Paints, D’Decor, Tata Tea etc

    Inferior is what Salman sets, products he endorses like Relaxo Chappal, Tiger biscuit, Hayate ( Jise koi nahi chalate), Revital. LOL hahaha.

    That is the difference between the two.

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