Video: Kambakht Ishq official trailer

The video trailer of the much-anticipated Kambakht Ishq starring Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor in the lead is out. Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala, the film also stars Hollywood celebrities like Sylvester Stallone, Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) and Denise Richards (Wild Things).

From the 3 mins 30 second trailer, its clear that the film is a typical Akshay Kumar masala entertainer. Kareena Kapoor makes an appearance in a bikini, Stallone is shown bashing up a few guys with Kareena in the background, Brandon Routh and Denise Richards (in a two piece bikini) too make an appearance in the trailer.

There is also a rumoured kiss / smooch between Akshay and Denise in the film. Kareena’s just-married best friend Amrita Arora too will feature in a bikini.

Eye candy is guranteed, lets just hope the film is entertaining.




  • cool trailer. hope the film turns out to be good. not like the previous ones. but a lot better and a lot more entertaining.

  • Hello Indicine Team:

    I’m back from cinema, watched 8 x 10 Tasveer! I was surprised when I entered the mall for shopping and saw the poster for the movie.. the movie has been released in our cinemas, but I didn’t see any review on your website or anyone even mention that they watched the movie! Isn’t it released in your country yet?!!! Probably not.. therefore there’s no review yet for this movie! But I read the review on Chakpak website today and somehow encouraged me to watch it.

    Anyways.. let me just give you my short review as I don’t want to spoil it for others and tell the story.. the movie is a suspense thriller, it’s quite good, I thought it’s a crap but no.. and as I mentioned many times on this website that you feel the good movie from the way it starts.. when it started and from the first moment, that was my reaction.. it’s a good movie and hope that it will continue this way till the end.. unfortunately, the last 5 mintues ruined it allllllll!!!

    What I can say in brief that it’s about a guy who got a supernatural power to enter anyone’s past and reviel his secrets through his pciture, by staring at his picture, that sounds ofcourse far away from reality, but the direction wasn’t bad, the cinematography was good, no songs in the movie. Aisha Takia, as I expected, was good for the role given to her.

    If you all love thriller, suspense movie, so this is a good one for you to watch. Enjoy

  • Hello Fathiya…
    The movie Tasveer is indeed released in India but looks like plp hav gone wit the critics reviews…the movie is been trashed by all leading critics in India, the reason not known yet but i n some of my frnds liked it till the climax reel. The opening reeel really kicks u up n the flow takes it to till interval…wen all ur predictions become false…did u feel the same?

    anywayz may b the multiplex strike will eventually help plp enter theatre n make them njoy the ride till the climax….

    Indicine can u post the review for the movie…lets c if my take on the movie is altogether diff frm teh reviewers or not…

    Its 3.5/5 for me

  • Hello Raghav: The movie is unpredictable.. I could predit about Aisha Takia’s role.. that I could do it.. but I didn’t like the end.. that was the biggest flaw in the movie although it’s a good fiction movie, a new story, therefore I was encouraged to watch it in cinema.

    And what I really don’t understand is the following: Some people pay effort to do a job.. and some critics come and ruin it for them before the movie releases!! do they’ve all the right to do it?!!

    If the ciritcs didn’t like any movie they could keep their view for themselves and wait till the movie is released and see the audience’s reaction.. they cause loss for the producers, directors, actors, others who worked on any movie and who’re waiting for the result.. why do they do it?!!!

  • Hello Fathiya…
    Critics hav a job to do and they release thr view after the first show is done…but oflate the critics hav become biased/corruptable so to speak. i agree the movie lacked a perfect climax but then rest 100mins were much better. it was a thriller and it had enough thrilling moments in it but looks like critics across India needed a perfect movie frm Kukunoor & Akshay wit no flaws…
    which has made plp reluctant to enter the movie hall i guess
    may b its more of a hollywood style has not gone on wel with the critics :)

    wel its going to b a loss for distributers and producers who were relying more on the film subject than on making publicity of the movie…

    Anywyaz I njoyed the movie…

  • I agree with fathiya and sometimes i feel that critics are taking money from establihed actors to make the movie flop from their false reviews like in case of cc2c, it was not a bad movie but due to the critics riviews the people were not enjoying it and followed the path of critics. The same is with 8×10 tasveer

  • i have a feeling this film will probably be in the same league as his last two flops cctc and tasveer. i hope not, since iam looking forward to the film. i hope it is different and entertaining. but judging by the trailer it looks to be full of silly nonsensical scenes like those in some parts of singh is kingh, cctc and the ending of tasveer. if this is the case it will be another silly akshay kumar film and the audience will outrightly reject it. so akshay will not be able to pull the audience back to his side again. this will be his last big chance or maybe blue could be his last big chance. but if he fails to pull the audience in with kambakht ishq then iam afraid his future films will be losers at the box office.

    so lets all wait and see the outcome of this film. but i do think the critics are unfairly targetting akshay and giving bad reviews which ultimately affect his films. as in the case of cctc and tasveer.

  • Akshay kumar is always at the top.i had never missed even his single movie.hope kambakht ishq ll b his glorious one.

  • akki and bebo rocks!!! it will be insha.allah super hit movie. im biggest fan of kareena kapoor

  • kambakht ishq is going to be super dooper hit of year 2009. Everyone must watch this movie, in order to keep bollywood alive. Yesh films’ NY was timepass. kambakht ishq has alot of action and good songs to make your money and time worth. It has been long time since Khialdi ji have made me laugh. Akshy is superstar. He is khaladi

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