Video: Ashutosh vs Sajid at Star Screen Awards!

Ashutosh Gowariker, the director of Jodhaa Akbar had a face off with Sajid Khan at the Nokia Star Screen Awards for 2008.

Sajid Khan was taking digs at everyone and Ashutosh happened to be one of them. The joke was apparantely on the length of the epic Jodhaa Akbar. But when Ashutosh came on stage to accept the Best Director award for his film, Sajid interrupted him to which an irritated Ashutosh said “Shut up Sajid, dont interrupt” to which Sajid replied saying “No.. Dont ask me to shut up, Ashu”

Ashutosh was also heard saying “Fun can be made even by me”

Farah Khan, Sajid Khan’s sister and the director of Om Shanti Om also had a few words to say on Ashutosh. Check out the video!

Is it a publicity stunt to promote the awards ceremony? Are the likes of Sajid Khan crossing the line, when it comes to making fun of the celebrities from the Industry? Discuss below!




  • The SRK camp – Karan Johar, farah and sajid khan have been hosting awards all these years. They have been doing the same things over many years now. Their humour is never in good taste. It is always meant to pull down others stars and praise SRK. Why dont these people make jokes on SRK and Karan? Why pick only on their rivals?

    Its is clearly visible that they settle personal scores. I am no insider of the Hindi industry, i am a normal viewer but still these things are very clear to us. Also, they pick on Aamir’s physical appearance (read height) and his oscars preference. If oscars are not important then what were srk and karan doing at golden globes? Karan saying its a proud moment just because SRK got to present awards? Aamir had made a movie for the oscars which is way above these presentations, red carpet etc.

  • Sajid is a third rate cheap guy, whose only claim to fame is his absolutely third rate TV shows and his crass comedy at shows and also a third rate movie like Hey baby.

    Its high time, he should be cut down to his size and should be strictly instructed to control his losse dirty tounge.

    His argument does not holds good that fun is also being done at Hollywood awards shows. Those shows and their hosts knows their limits and their jokes are always subtle.

  • These popular awards shows (read, Filmfare, Zee, Screen, and couple of others) are nothing but commercial money making shows. Can you ever imagine Oscar with a sponser?….like Lux Oscar awards or Nivea Golden Globes..?

    Everything in these cheap awards are predecided. Numerous times, ShahRukh has won these awards. These shows never poke fun at Shah Rukh or his limited acting abilities. They never poke fun at Karan Johar and his “elite western movies”. They never make fun of Farah Khan who lately has acting too big for her boots or his brother whose only claim to fame are couple of third rate TV shows.

    Aamir has done a right thing by disassociating himself this farce. He has shown that he can survive (read flourish) without any of these joke awards.

  • I remember the fun that has been poked at Anil Kapoor and Hrithik by this lot over the years…but it was like egg on their faces when they were there to see Anil Kapoor as part of a movie that won many awards at the Golden globe and Hrithik at home winning all the awards. it was said many times by this lot that Hrithik could only act if the movie was made by his father (Rakesh Roshan was visibly upset), but Dhoom2 and Akbar Jodha etc. has proved them wrong, the sabotage against Saawariya and CCTC…come on, what goes around comes around.

  • This is foolscap. There’s nothing like teams and camps here. These guys were just trying to have fun and the jokes are never meant to demoralize anyone. If people can’t take it in the right spirit, its their problem. Both Sajid and Shah Rukh have a great sense of humor and there’s nothing wrong with it.

    And why the hell have you people brought Karan Johar into all this? Its just not related. Call your brains back from their holidays people and start to look beyond things.

  • wow !!!

    this is hilarious !! i love this. fantastic !! i can’t stop laughing !!

    let them get it on. the cheap backstabbing, money hungry, immoral idiots.

  • Once again, I am deeply ashamed at the antics displayed by the hosts at such a major awards function as the Star Screen Awards. What is wrong with us??! Why can we not compete with a healthy spirit?! Why do we have to wash our dirty laundry in public? It is very well for the likes of Anjali to say that this should just be taken lightly, but put yourself in Ashutosh’s shoes and try to feel what he must have felt after working so hard and producing such a masterpiece as Jodha Akbar, a film which to-date is just unparalleled. How can such a genius and dignified artiste be told that he has deliberately kept his technicians away from the awards ceremony so that he could come up on stage himself umpteen times to collect the awards on their behalf? Is that what Anjali says is a good sense of humour? It is my profound opinion that hosts such as Farah Khan, Sajid Khan, Karan Johar and SRK have bulldozed their way onto the stage so that they may appease their mean spirits by ensuring that the deserving winners of awards do not enjoy their moment of glory. This is done by a volley of mean-spirited, vulgar and sometimes down-right snide “jokes”, all designed specifically to bring down the morale of the winners, who incidentally are not any of themselves.
    Do you remember the excellent work put in by Hrithik Roshan in Koi Mil Gaya? Even the critics were moved into giving him their award. However, the barage of mean-spirited jokes by Karan Johar, SRK and SAK was so potent that when Hrithik’s name was announced as the Best Actor (Popular) he just came on stage, said a simple thank you and walked off. The entire moment of glory, with the whole audience giving a standing ovation, was spoilt for him. And yet he had worked so hard in that role and the win was so very deserving!
    When will this nonsense stop?! When will we learn to salute the good work of deserving artists with the rightful spirit?! The first step I feel is to get rid of such individuals. They definitely need a few pegs removed!
    India is a nation full of talent, so we can’t say that we cannot find anybody else to anchor such important shows apart from these horrible personalities. Come on, India, wake up, we are no longer a fledgeling nation. Let us show our growth through presenting ourselves to the entire world in such forums in a dignified manner.
    Talking about the Oscars, and the Golden Globes, it is true that the hosts of these shows are chosen from amongst the most well-known comedians in the industry. However, the hosts are given 2 – 5 minutes at the beginning of the show to speak a humorous monologue. This monlogue has always been of very good taste and has encompassed a variety of subjects, ranging from popular films to politics to major social issues such as wars, global warming, etc. Undoubtedly there is humour but it is never malicious and I reiterate it is only on for the first five minutes of the show. Thereafter, the awards take place in a dignified manner with one set of presenters following after the other. The presenters who are chosen from the acting fraternity make very positive comments about each and every one of the nominees before announcing the winner. The winner is then given upto forty seconds to make an acceptance speech. At times, performances such as renditions of the songs nominated for Best Song or clips of the films nominated for Best Film are interspersed between the presentations of the awards. By the time even the third award is reached, the jokes cracked by the host at the start have already been forgotten.
    Now in our shows, the hosts keep on coming over and over and over again, right from the beginning to the end cracking one malicious joke after the other. Surely, we all remember last year’s debacle by SRK and SAK at the Filmfare Awards Ceremony…and now Farah and Sajid have done it again this year. I feel Ashutosh should be commended warmly for reacting openly to their malicious overtures. I certainly hope he will not be penalised for this by being rebuffed at the forthcoming Filmfares.
    And once again to all, it is only Jodha Akbar that can be said to have been a complete masterpiece. Rab ne, Ghajini etc were full of flaws. So be intelligent, be fair, be meritocratic, and give the rightful awards to the deserving artists. And let them enjoy their moments of glory. Let the hosts commend their performances, let the hosts allow them to give their acceptance speeches without interruption and in so doing, let us show the world that we too are evolving into a classy nation.
    I also take this oppurtunity to warmly congratulate Anil Kapoor on the fabulous coup he carried out with Slumdog Millionaire. By the way, Slumdog Millionaire won amongst others, THE BEST FILM at the Golden Globes. This is the most coveted award as well as the most prestigious so well done, Anil Kapoor and the entire team of Slumdog Millionaire. You have made us proud! And I would add that God Almighty has stepped in. Otherwise, is it not logical to assume that if the film was based around the named gameshow Kaun Banega Crorepati then it would have been SRK who would have been hosting the show in the film? But as I have always said, and the foreign producer/director have acertained that Anil Kapoor is a better choice than SRK. To this I bow down with gratitude to Almighty God. By the way, SRK fans are really waxing lyrical over the fact that SRK was invited to the Golden Globes to present the clip of the film, I guess this was a tactical move by the film producer/director to ensure that Slumdog Millionaire does not receive a negative media onslaught caused by SRK’s machinations. So SRK fans, think a little as to how prestigious SRK’s invitation to the Golden Globes really was…….
    I beg your allowance now to sign off….

  • There has to be some limit …u can’t insult anybodyin the name of JOKE……Those who thinks its “just for fun” need to rethink put ur self their…..who will love to be target on stage in front of millions of fans?…I guess i will not like to be one…..Just for fun u can’t insult anybody….N that to a person those have proven there skills….n by those who r nothing in front of them

  • Dr R.C Patel………I’d like to tell you to please get your facts right before putting the blame on anyone…

    Danny Boyle, the director of Slumdog millionaire had initially asked Shah Rukh himself to play the role of the host for the game-show in the film but Shah Rukh politely refused and thus the role went to Anil Kapoor.

    Even after such critical-acclaim, when Shah Rukh was asked if he regretted playing the role, he said that there were no hard-feelings and also said that according to him, Anil Kapoor played the role in a far better manner that Shah Rukh would have done…..

  • It would certainly be very irresponsible of me to put anything down without ascertaining the facts. Madame Anjali to my understanding,which is backed by the reporters of Planet Bollywood, that pressure was being put on Danny Boyle to sign up SRK, but he did not succumb and stood by his belief that Anil Kapoor was a better choice. According to the reporters a rumour was leaked and everyone at first thought that SRK had been approached and had turned down the offer but this was later discovered to be a false rumour. SRK was never approached and Anil Kapoor was Danny Boyle’s first and only choice. Anyway whether Madame Anjali is right or I am, we must all thank Almighty God that a gem of a film was saved from mediocrity by alloting the main role to a good actor such as Anil Kapoor. By the way, if as Anjali says SRK was so sportive about the role going to Anil Kapoor, why was he conspicuously missing from the grand Bollywood premiere of Slumdog Millionaire, a function that was attended by almost all the stars. Only SRK, Akshay Kumar and the Bacchan clan were no where to be seen. Supportive? Sporting? I should think not. Burning like kebabs? Definitely.


    you are an intelligent man, and iam sure you have your facts right. but it is always good to hear other peoples views and what evidence they have to support them.

    but imagine if shah rukh khan had done the film. he would be on cloud nine now !! what with all the golden globe awards and oscar nominations. and it would have elevated him to the hollywood audience and perhaps started off his hollywood career ?
    all i can say is what a lucky man anil kapoor is !

    but iam sure if shah rukh khan did the film, the credit for its success would have probably gone to shah rukh !! most people would have said, its due to shah rukh the film became a success !

    i have seen slumdog millionnairre. it is a very good film. winning the golden globe for the best film came as a surprise to me though. i did not think the western audience would have warmed up so much to a film whose main characters are all indian. the western film award juries are an elitist brigade, so i was very surprised.
    anyway good for the indian actors and good for india in general.

    a r rahman has done the impossible by becoming the first indian ever to win a golden globe, and he has made india proud. i will be very dissapointed if he doesn’t walk away with the oscar also. but judging by the golden globes, which is usually an indication of who will win the oscars, he should walk away with the oscar. this will be a history making event for india if he manages to do so.
    slumdog millionnaire will win a few oscars without a doubt.

    lastly, you should try to have gaps in your sentences when you write which will make it easier and less tiring for us to read. more enjoyable that way.

  • Your funny RC Patel.. Hehe

    SRK was indeed the first choice but he rejected the role and even said he doesnt regret rejecting the movie. Even Indicine has confirmed the same.

    And SRK is in US shooting for My Name Is Khan so he couldnt make it to the premiere of Slumdog…..

  • I absolutely agree with you Mr Raj and thank you for your advice.

    Mr Ashok should re read my comment more carefully.

  • Hi,

    I am frankly telling

    I watched the Star Screen Award because since many days i was seeing the Trailer of fight between Sajid and Ashu. I desperately waited for that fight to come till the end of the show because i was very much eager to see that. The show on whole was boring and quit disappointing to me because according to me everything was fixed behind the curtains. Can anybody tell if Jodha was the right movie for the awards like best film and best actor? if Gajini was in nomination, do anybody thing Amir khan was not good in acting in the movie. At the end i am clear that nobody will watch such shows without entertainment and such fight scenes otehrwise the show TRP will sink. Apart from sajid’s comedy and an award to akshay kumar, i totally did not enjoy the show. This is my opinion and everybody can have their opinion different.

    Thanks a lot.
    Hozefa Tijoriwala, Surat

  • hozefa,

    you are right, these shows are fixed and they have no credibility. one can only watch these shows for the entertainment value and song and dance sequences, thats it. nothing else.
    the award for best actor should have gone to aamir khan for ghajini. without a doubt. but aamir doesn’t go to award ceremonies, so they decided to fix it and give it to hrithik. although his acting in the film was good, i beleive if it was a genuinely voted show, i.e. the public vote counted instead of the votes being rigged, then in all likelihood the best actor award would have gone to akshay kumar. i believe the public would have unanimously voted for him.

  • Thanks Raj,

    I am feeling very happy that somebody is agree with me on this topic. I am really disappointed with star screen awards this time and i trust that i am not the only one with this disappointment.

    Best Regards,
    Hozefa Tijoriwala, Surat

  • Mr. H. Tijoriwala: Jodhaa Akbar deserved the best movie award of 2008, so did Rabne, Rock On, but as they’ve to select one movie out of 5, so it was Jodhaa Akbar. Both Hrithik & Shahrukh for his role as Surinder S. in Rabne.. deserved the award, Aamir was good as usual, but nothing was special about his acting in Ghajini.

    About the Start Screen Awards, I saw it last Sunday and I was really shocked to see the fight scene!! I noticed that Ashoutosh G. was so nervous, angry from the starting of the show and he was staring only at Sajid Khan, as if he was waiting for this moment to come.. to humiliate Saajid Khan.

    Yes.. Sajid in this show exceeded his limits, to be funny with his pranks, and whatever, but I think ( and it’s my point of view) that it wasn’t nice at all to do all these hangama on a show which millions of ppl in this world were watching! He could speak to him privately and behind the curtains, he could send him an sms message before the show starts that he doesn’t like his pranks.. but why embarrasing a man on a stage and infront of all the viewers?!! That’s what I disagreed with while watching the show, AG could avoid the tension quietely but not by disrespecting or embarrasing the host infront of everyone! Well I found Saajid a funny guy in the past 3 years, as I always watch the awards shows and I think he didn’t mean it, just tried to make the show interesting.

  • Dear Fathiya,

    I agree with you that Sajid Khan is a talented comedian and has excellent potential. In the past, I too have enjoyed his humour but of late, don’t you think he has become too big for his boots? Especially after the success of Heyy Baby. Even you mention above that he did cross his limits. Now remember when he was poking fun at all the stars, the flop films and doing so many gay-like antics, he was doing this in front of the entire public! So why should you say that Ashu should not have created such a hungama infront of all the viewers? If sajid can open his big mouth and spew nonsense infront of everybody then he should be put to task also infront of everybody. We should not have double-standards.

    Fathiya, you are very intelligent, so I am sure you will understand my point, so join me in saying, “Well done, Ashu! That was indeed very brave of you!”

    Also, I liked your suggestions about Ashu could have spoken to Sajid privately, but don’t you think, like you and me, Sajid is a person who is very stubborn? We are all good judges of character and we can tell that if he had been approached privately, he would have just pooh-poohed any suggestions about toning down his act. As the saying goes, “Laton ke bhoot….”
    I am sure Ashu, who is so highly intelligent [Lagaan, Swades, Jodha Akbar support this] knew this and so decided to tackle the matter openly.

    I also feel, as a host, Sajid should have realized that Ashu has become emotional, and so should have just kept quiet. The fact that he answered back to Ashu, so brazenly, yet again points to his character which is not very cultured, unfortunately.

    I know you will still argue with me, Fathiya, because you like having the last word on everything, but consider what I have said carefully.

  • Hello ABD, didn’t hear from you since a while, so I thought u left the website for good.

    It’s not that I love to argue, or to have the last words, I said what I felt.. Saajid is a very funny guy, he makes any show “interesting” imagine if the show which was (4 hours) started at 8.00pm and finished at 12.00 midnight, imagine if this show was a serious one, no jokes, no funny people like Saajid around, as well as Shahrukh or others who contributed in these shows and worked hard to make people laugh and have some good time.. everyone would’ve got bored and never continued watching.. or the length of any show had to be only 2 hours and not 4 hours.

    ABD: if you’re someone who’s watching these awards functions every year, then you’d definitely realized knew and noticed that everyone laugh at these jokes..and no one take them “seriously” and if AG didn’t do what he did during the show.. no one would’ve felt bad about Saajid’s jokes, because he wasn’t serious, everyone know who’s Saajid Khan, a funny guy with a sense of humour.

    Don’t u think it’s so embarrsing for the host that a big director like AG would walk in.. get on the stage and humiliate him in the way he did in this show?! If you also put yourself in his shoes, you’d realize it and he’d definitely answer back, won’t keep quiet.. I also noticed the tears in Saajid’s eyes which he tried to hide. People make mistakes, he’s a humen, and if AG didn’t like his character and his pranks, he could’ve warned him that if he won’t stop it, then he’ll be in a trouble in the show night.. he could’ve done anything but to avoid what happened. That’s my opinion, I know you don’t agree with me ABD but I can’t do as you asked me to do in your above comment.

    I don’t think it’s right to do so.. now do you think that from nowon, Saajid Khan would even participate in these awards functions?

  • Thank God for small mercies, just the thought, the possibility that I and many others wont have to suffer any more of Sajid et al and their declasse and childish humor if they refuse to host any more award shows, gives me something more to look forward to in the upcoming award functions.
    I shall whoop for joy, I tell you, I shall!

  • agree mahajabeen. sajid went a bit too far. why was there a need for sajid to dress up as a women and behave in such a silly manner ? a man dressing up as a women is not funny, but rather very unpleasant to look at. it must have been hard especially for the indian public who have very strong moral values. also, ashutosh should not have got that angry. he could have made his point in a calm intelligent way, cos that is the sort of person he is. his behaviour was also to the extreme. anyway, sajid went too far.

    but i dont think sajids antics were any worse than the crass rude behaviour displayed by shah rukh khan and saif ali khan in last years filmfare awards. especially shah rukhs vile comments aimed at akshay kumar and the way they mocked him in a degrading way. comments like ‘akshay ghanda kissim ki aadmi hai, badbooh aati hai’, etc. shah rukh and saif behaved in a very cheap, crass manner. that was even worse than sajids.

    i thought the jokes were supposed to be funny and entertaining, not degrading and humiliating people.
    these hosts need to get thier acts together or be kicked out for good !!

  • Khann u definately belong to SRK and baby khans camp!!

    Evryone should consider What is right and not Who is right….before giving their opinions!!!

  • Hi,

    See this is what we called India. People forget the things so fast and after sometimes nobody remembers what was happened.

    Hozefa Tijoriwala

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