Video: Aamir Khan with Anna Hazare at Ramlila

Aamir Khan and his 3 Idiots director Rajkumar Hirani travelled all the way from Mumbai to Delhi to pledge their support for Anna Hazare and his ‘Corruption Free India’ movement.

The actor crooned to one of his most famous songs ‘Mitwa’ from the Oscar nominated Lagaan. As the news of Aamir Khan’s presence at Ramlila Maidan spread, people gathered in thousands and the atmosphere was absolutely electric!

Apart from Aamir, none of the other Khan’s have come out in support of the Anna Hazare movement.

Check out the video


And another video – Aamir Khan with Anna Hazare




  • Aamir sir, It was great seeing you supporting Anna Hazare and spending time
    with the great man Anna. I always knew you were supporting him
    right from the start just a..s all Indian to fight against

    Ak but question is who will carry the torch and it was right on
    your part to tell Mr Anna to end the fast a..s he along with his
    team and with support of u and general people like us can take
    this forward and fight against corruption. I always wanted to be
    part of such movement and would love to be a past of Jan lokpal
    movement a..s you rightly told it is just a start and there is
    long way to go to fight against corruption and remove the same
    from root cause, But fact is we have to start from our self and
    pay consequence of thing we do and don’t look for short case.

    AK I always knew you support good cause and seeing you supporting
    Anna make me feel so nice.

  • ‘Aamir’s silence over the past fortnight led me to believe that he was sitting on the fence and not openly supporting Anna, for whatever reasons. But a couple of days back, a news report in TOI indicated that Aamir was very much in touch with the Anna group, that in fact he may have made suggestions (viz scrutiny of MPs). And today, he came and supported Anna openly–risking god knows what…won’t be surprised if the IT dept is set upon him.It is so easy to be cynical; harder to appreciate somebody in a vulnerable position taking a stand that could well jeopardize his happy comfortable life.As a fan, I would feel happier if Aamir just made films, instead of allowing himself to be scrutinized as he will be whenever he does take a stand on issues that matter. So much easier for Aamir to get accolades for films rather than a mix of gaalis and taalis for involving himself in dicey matters that could bite him badly.

  • you are unparellel, i salute you what a gesture sir ,true hero. true national. you proved it by showing your presence at Rmlila ground Delhi. wah re mitwa

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