Video: Aamir Khan at Saurav Ganguly’s house!

In one of the most unique marketing strategies, Aamir Khan has gone missing, to promote his film 3 Idiots. He was last seen in Saurav Ganguly’s house.

Looks like Aamir is all set to take the “Best Marketing Skills” title from Shahrukh Khan!

Check out the video, its a lot of fun. What do you think? Comments below

Part 1


Part 2 – Inside Saurav’s house!


Part 3


Part 4




  • I think he took the marketing skills award from Shahrukh while Ghajini,,,,,But this is unique promotion to the max….really like this especially the chanderi video because he is also bringing up the issue of silk weavers in that

  • As one of the craiziest fan of amir,sourav,sachin and saharukh,i love to see this kind of acticity with all my favourites.its a very nice vedio…,amir is very very innovative and brilliant actor..and i am also looking forward to some sort of innovative promotion for ‘My name is khan’ too with king khan

  • This promotion looks different but I wonder whats the impact of this kind of promotion? visits to Banaras were good. but, I cant make any sense in visiting Dada’s house, having dinner n all, etc, etc… anyone care to explain?

  • even dada seems to be mightily bugged by aamir’s uninvited visit… afterall, he is in the midst of a Ranji match and looks quite tired… must say that Dada was very courteous in this matter :-)

  • Parts 5 Should Be Added…..Why Indicine Ppl does not add…part 5….

    Amir Khan is better then SRK.

    Damn your SRK…

    wo saala bahot kameena hai…

    kahein ka king of bollywood saala wo toh halcut hai saala kutare aa …

    aur Salman Is Also better then SRK …

    VOTEs 4 Salman And Amir Khan…..

    Damn SRK You!

  • lmao look at the insecure srk fans crying … aamir is called the god of marketing now … now it’s not just acting , he’s a bigger star in india too now go cry

  • @Salman- Of course, Amir khan is way better than SRK.. He’s got more talent and can do better acting than him…
    Dada, ure the best cricketer in the world.. please try 2 come back 2 the indian team and play ur role as a captain again.. If that is not possible then please become the coach/manager of the indian team and teach MS. Dhoni some good tips of being a captain… PLEASE DADA!! WE LOVE YOU!!

  • Aamir is very very innovative and brilliant actor..Aamir Khan is always better..Thanq amir for showing ur wonderful experience wid dada, it also gave us a chance to know more abt him..BIG FAN… AAAAMIR
    Sourav Dada,, ure the best cricketer in the world..He try again the indian team and play ur role as a captain again… Now he is the coach/manager of the indian team and teach..DADA I LOVE YOU… WE LOVE YOU……………

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