Victoria No 203 Movie Review

Victoria No 203 Movie Review

Brij Sadanah’s Victoria No.203 was a hit movie and one of the longest running films in the year it was released. How far does Anant Mahadevan’s Victoria No.203 succeed in excelling the original version?
The newer version of Victoria No.203 promises to be a fun ride because of its excellent script which once worked wonders. But is it entertaining?

The story…

The movie is about the heist of some of the world’s rarest and exquisite diamonds which are worth more than 300 crores. Bobby Bombata (Javed Jaffrey) a huge industrialist and his girlfriend Devyani (Preeti Jhangiani) plan the theft of these diamonds along with Ranjit (Kamal Sadanah) a cold-blooded assassin. They heir Tora (Tora Khasgir), an expert dacoit to carry out the action. Tora double crosses Bobby with the help of her brother Karan (Rajesh Khera), but in the process gets killed. But she hides the diamond in a carriage, Victoria No.203. Raman, the driver of the carriage Victoria No. 203 is unaware of this and offers to help her, but the police level charges of murder and put him behind bars. A diamond expert Jimmy (Jimmy Sheirgill) and two small-time-but-quite-old crooks Raja (Anupam Kher) and Rana (Om Puri) are also behind the diamonds. Raman’s daughter Sara (Sonia Vinod Mehra) takes up the responsibility of freeing her father. Who gets the possession of the diamond forms the rest of the story.

Anant Mahadevan fails in his attempt. Though the story is an exact copy of Brij Sadanah classic hit movie, the newer version lacks the magic and the moments to hold you onto your seats. The story had everything to its credit but the casting and the direction gives it away. First half of the movie and the beginning of the second half are dreary. The movie doesn’t seem to have the air of comedy and thrill, which is the life and soul of the movie. Romance between Jimmy and Soniya is dull. Emotional scenes looks unrealistic and forced. They fail to evoke any feeling. The last 15 minutes leading to the climax is amusing. Music by Viju Shah is convincing. Cinematography is ok.

Om Puri and Anupam Kher make a great pair. Both are excellent at some scenes and ham at times. Javed Jaffrey carries off the role with ease and stands out. Jimmy Shergill has the looks, but lacks behind in acting. Soniya Vinod Mehra is strictly ok. She needs to work on her expressions to make a career in film industry. Kamal Sadanah is competitive. Preeti Jhangiani is bad. Johnny Lever excels.

Things that didn’t work:

  • Was Tora trying not to touch any laser beam or was she doing aerobics?
  • Well, who does diamond dealings in public? Jimmy does.
  • Sentimental scenes sure do have the sad background music and the voice of cry, but not even a single drop of tear.

Overall, Victoria No. 203 is a disappointment. A disgrace to the original.

Rating: ★½☆☆☆



  • how fucking was the trailer……………why do these kind of films they make .i any body know the director name …i am gonna kill him bastard

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