Vicky Donor Review

Quick short reviews of the two films that released today; Vicky Donor and Hate Story.

First, Vicky Donor starring Ayushman Khurana, Annu Kapoor and Yaami Gautam. The film is about a jobless young man, who reluctantly becomes a sperm donor. Soon, he falls in love with a girl and marries her, but reveals nothing about his well-kept secret. What happens when his wife and family get to know?

Vicky Donor starts off well, the novelty of the concept and the well-etched characters, make for a refreshingly breezy first half. Dr Chaddha (as the infertility specialist who is obsessed over sperms) delivers an outstanding performance. He gets the funniest lines in the film, and his comic timing is brilliant. Watch out for the scene where he describes the ‘rishi munnis’ in Mahabharath.

Post-interval the film takes a romantic turn, with Vicky falling in love with Ashima. The pace slackens considerably, as the emotional sequences drag.

In his first feature film, MTV Roadies winner Ayushman Khurana proves to be a versatile actor. His dialogue delivery and body language is spot on. He manages to impress in the emotional scenes too. Most definitely, an actor to watch out for. Yaami Gautam looks pretty and acts well. Infact, every character and performance in the film is memorable – Vicky’s mother, grandmother and Ashima’s Bengali father.

Overall, Vicky Donor provides wholesome entertainer. It’s a film that can be watched with your entire family, even though it talks about a taboo topic like sperm donation. Give it a try, we assure you won’t walk out disappointed.

Rating: ★★★½☆ For a good first half, brilliant direction and fantastic performances



  • Very nice film..annu kapoor as dr. Chadda was excelent…ayushman in his very first film managed to impress me a lot with his acting talent.

  • Ayushmann totally won my heart in this movie. It was more sweet than humorous for me, but I think that is only because a lot of the humor was ethnic, and being a white American I could only understand some references. I really enjoyed the movie.

  • Annu Kapoor is outstanding in this movie as Doctor Chaddha.After Ghayal,this is another outstanding performance.His acting is completely paisa vasool and will make you laugh and laugh with his dialogues.And it was worth watching i can never forget the expereince last week in our city Haridwar Wave Cinemas opend their multiplex bas isi khusi mai went and watched it thrice.. loved it totally!

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