Veteran actor Pran hospitalised again

PranVeteran actor Pran is recovering well after undergoing a surgical procedure, says megastar Amitabh Bachchan.

“Pran, colleague, senior and one of the finest gentlemen of this beautiful fraternity, lies in ICU, and I visit him… prayers for him for his speedy recovery. I speak to him, masked for purposes of infection riddance, and he sees but does not recognise. He has a tracheostomy done, so cannot speak. He was in hospital a few days back and I had visited him… he seemed perfectly all right… but he has had a relapse and I wish him well…,” Amitabh wrote on his blog

When IANS contacted Pran’s son Sunil, he said his father is fine, but refused to divulge further details.

“He is in hospital now and he is doing fine now. He was hospitalised a while back,” Pran’s son Sunil said.

Pran, 92, is known for his negative roles in movies like “Brahmachari”, but later went on to expand his repertoire with films like “Zanjeer”, “Karz” and “Don”. He was admitted to the hospital last month too, but was later discharged.



  • My first experience of your greatness was displayed in Sanam Bewafa back in the early 90’s. Film had great music and salman and the heroine whose name escapes me looked cute together but it was yours and Danny Denzongpas performances which stood out for me. Over the years I saw Zanjeer and again you stood out. I wish you a speedy recovery and pray for your speech to return to its glorious past and you can greet us all in your style. Love you sir and god bless.

  • he was the best villain actor in 60’s or 70’s.. what surprises me is the following: why during awards functions judges never mention his name, honour him? He deserves life achievement award or the best villain actor during those years.

    No mention of him at all?!!! we thought he said goodbye to this world?!!!

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