Very excited to work with Shahrukh: Kajol

Shahrukh Khan and Kajol, the legendary on-screen jodi in blockbusters like DDLJ, Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham and several others films, are all set to reunite in Rohit Shetty’s Dilwale.

Kajol, who refused to reveal any details about the film, has said that she is very excited to work with SRK.

“Yes, I am doing the film with Rohit Shetty. I am definitely very excited to work with Shahrukh. I’m looking forward to start working on the film.” Kajol told reporters at the Lakme Fashion Week 2015, which began in Mumbai on 18th.

The actress was seen attending a show by star designer Manish Malhotra.



  • “Even if Shahrukh and Kajol are in the opposite sides of the room facing away from each other, it is chemistry! “

  • in fact, how I wish KAJOL was my wife……I so much like her…..peace be to you KAJOL. LOVEYOU.

  • We Bhai fans think SRK can’t give hits without Deepika . DDLJ , K2H2 , K3G , all were hits because of Deepika only .
    So we are sure that lifetime collection of this film will be less than opening day collection of JAI HO .
    … please don’t laugh at me !

  • @uncle u r right. everyone helped SRK from deepika to kajol to kjo to yrf but our legendary megastars salmir made everything on their own.

    Salman helped his father become a writer and coz of salman, his father got into bollywood. salman made all his recent movies 1st which were remade by copycats south actors.

    aamir helped his father and uncle to become producer and director. aamir made ghajini 1st then copied in tamil. aamir made dhoom 1 & 2 hits which helped john and hrithik later. aamir is the real hero of 3I and Pk and not hirani.

  • @aman mathur wkwkwkwkkkk you rock bro……you give tight slap to that old uncle @naviour 😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Here are some real Legandary Jodis-

    Hottest Then, Now, Forever: Amitabh- Rekha

    Classic: Dilip Kumar – Madhubala

    Cutest: Rishi Kapoor – Neetu Singh

    Naughtiest – Govinda-Karishma

    Real Steamy – Akshay-Raveena

    Lively and Kicking – Aamir – Juhi

    Bold and Beautiful – Dharampaji – Hemaji

    Forever Romantics – Raj Kapoor – Narjis and Rajesh Khanna – Sharmila Tagore

    Dancing Jodis – Jeetu – Sridevi

    Jhakaas Couples – Anil Kapoor – Madhuri

    Keep adding…..

  • @bakri fan

    Before bulli fan there was that infamous s’beingconfusedfan’ who didnt know if he should head east to Paglapur or west to Bakrapur or North to bhais article or deep deep dirty south to Kings article…,

    Oh yes we remember him and you are a poor mans version of him…

    @bulli fan is a rockstar and you are a sajid khan type poor humshakal of ‘being confused fan’

  • @JC 3:06pm

    Great list and yes I loved the Govinda- Lolo jodi and throw Kader Khans comedy into some of those movies and you got a winner on your hands…!

  • The Magical Jodi Is Back…Love U Both & Wish U All The Very Best….! Mashallah Is Movie V DDLJ Ki Tarha 1000 Weeks Chale…!

  • @navin,don’t compare your commercial joke cracking bulli with the legend like @bhai ka fan.just look at the the way of giving comments of @bhai ka fan,just look at the sense of humourhumour of @real bhai ka fan.they already becomes legend here by kicking our your bulli who has a attitude like our bhai and trying to bore the audience with same pakau comments.
    Just look at His reply to shail007:do you mean lallu is our bhai?simply hilarious and superb.go on my boys.

  • @aman manure

    Salmirs leftovers were greedily lapped up by struggling king in early 90’s…. Dont forget self proclaiming king was a bikhari who had to depend on Salmirs rejections to get any work in B’town- if he had no leftovers then he would have been stuck in a rot making a franchise out of Maya Memsaab and become a self created gigolo making ends meat…!

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