Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor on Filmfare Magazine Cover

Varun Dhawan and Shraddha Kapoor are featured on the cover of Filmfare for the month of June 2015. The two stars will be seen in next week’s release ‘ABCD 2’.

There are expectations that the film could take a 10 crore opening at the box office.

Check out Varun and Shraddha on the Filmfare cover.

Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor on Filmfare Magazine Cover

Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor on Filmfare Magazine Cover

Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor Filmfare Magazine scan

Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor Filmfare Magazine scan



  • wow what a message in first pic. This is called true love????? dont know where is indian culture in indian cinema?

  • Very happy for replacing Sallu in shuddhi. Now, the lost faith on shuddhi being installed again after throwing salman from it. Otherwise a good movie would become crap with bhaijaan touch.

  • Jab Tak industry me Shahid kapoor hai tab Tak Hrithik, RK ,Akki, Varun,Ranveer. Arjun,sid sab Piche hi rahenge.


  • @Yuvraj.. all your comments are very regressive. Which village are you from? What’s wrong with the picture exactly? They not are having sex! And what culture are you talking about? Have you seen the walls of many of our temples? The gods are openly having sex. Don’t you call that your culture?

    P.S if you haven’t seen it, google it!

  • @ Neeraj- first you understand the god which you talking about are kaamdev and rati and nobody is devotee of them. Shiv destroy kaamdev when he provoked him understand. In indian culture shiv is god not kaamdev. Indian culture is about simplicity not this kind of bad pics otherwise you find this kind of pics of god in every temple and every house but you dont find why? because this is not indian culture. And pics of kaamdev and rati are subject to arts nobody understand that both are god. Enough.

  • @Yuvraj.. keep your mythological stories to yourself. There is no proof that there is god, leave alone who destroyed who..

    Anyway, ever heard of Khajuraho temple? There are thousands of sculptures outside that temple, like many other temples in India. Check the link for pics

    And let’s end this discussion right here and lets not be ashamed of sex either. Your father-mother did it, grandfather-grandmother too.. so did mine.. India has the highest population in the world and when we see a couple sitting on each other lap, we have a problem and bring the so-called culture debate.

    Hypocrisy at its very best.

    By the way, both Varun and Shraddha are looking super hot together!

  • @ neeraj- your father mother also did sex but they didnt posted this kind of pic. We dont have this kind of pic or scene in any u/v certified old bollywood movie. Bollywood lost his simplicitty day by day.

  • Because of people kind of neeraj foreigners thinks we indian have only one book of god kaam sutra and khajuraho are only one temple in india. Tell me who pray in temple of khajuraho?

  • @Yuvraj.. then why are you on this site? Why do you watch today’s movie? Rent a DVD and watch those old movies where two flowers would rub against each other.

    Love making scenes make movies look realistic. They act like how couples would be in real life and these actors are surrounded by hundreds of people on sets while shooting the scenes.

    So get over it.. and stop flaunting your regressive culture on Indicine

  • Now shraddha proving that she is daughter of shakti kapoor. @neeraj- dont say there is no god in world cuz for your kind of peoples money is the only god. Who are you to stopping me. I have many old movies dvd’s your so called intellegent cinema is nothing infront of those scenes. Mother and father dont have importence in todays movies and also in todays genration cuz they are following western culture. Now you google about negativities of westernization.

  • @yuvraaj I completely agree with all ur point.but don’t worry virgin bhai is coming with sanskari film prdp to preserve Indian culture

  • @Yuvraj.. you are a perfect example of everything that is wrong with people in India today.. What is *your* problem if I dont believe in god? If you don’t like something, don’t watch it. But don’t force your opinion and beliefs on others.

    Actors do kissing and love making scenes because there are people who like watching it.. What exactly is your problem? Who are you to say actors shouldn’t do such things. And where is this Indian Culture rule book?

    Get a life!

  • @ Neeraj- you are first who suggest me something thats why i tought you lesson of real hinduism understand. This is not only your kind of intellegent peoples we ilitrate villagers are also living in this world and we also have our own choice so dont ever suggest me what to say.
    @ Arjun- you can produce many children in your life but give them better way and better life is tough task. So what if salman isnt doing first thing but he is doing second thing tough task and that is important. Your kind of losers only make fun of others but cant admire their great works.

  • @yuvraj,your illiteracy at it’s peak.1st look at your salman how he made affair with numerous actress,as that’s not coming under his capability at last he joined admitted to shera’s affection,hope you understood.and the culture you’re talking about that well maintained by industry’s only MEGASTAR KING KHAN ,WHO married and remained forever with HIS life’s love unlike your 50 year old virgin bhau.

  • @yuvraj if you are unfamiliar to this modern world then why dont you just leave indicine and worship the god all the time? Because more than god, you are worshipping Salman here all the time. So dont be so shallow minded hypocrite and pretend to be saint. Just Watch hum sap ke hai kaun, hum saath saath hai and PRDP this diwaali, and leave indicine peaceful. Thanks.

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