Vaastu Shastra director passes away

Sourabh Narang, the director of Vaastu Shastra (2004), has lost his battle to stomach cancer and died on June 26th 2010 in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Producer and director Mahesh Bhatt posted his condolences on his twitter page “I mourn the death of a bright young film maker Sourabh Narang. I worked with him on HAQEEQAT a show on human rights violation. I still remember Sourabh’s last words to me ” I am going survive this sir”. He said with a shy smile. Something told me that he would not.”

Sourabh, 37, had also directed the hit television horror show “Shh.. Koi Hai”.

Ironically, several years ago just before the release of his film, when questioned where he would see himself 10 years down the line, the director replied saying “Given the amount of cigarettes  I smoke, I should be dead”

Sadly it did come true and Bollywood has lost a very promising filmmaker.


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