USA Box Office: Highest Single Day Collections

Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan are by far the biggest stars in at the USA Box office. Dhoom 3 now holds the records for highest single day collections, as the film has set records every single day in its first weekend.

The rest of the list is dominated by SRK, with the Saturday collections of Aamir’s Talaash finding a place in between at No 7. No other actor finds a place in the Top 10.

  • 1) Dhoom 3 (Saturday) – $1,290,000 (Rs 8 crore)
  • 2) Dhoom 3 (Friday) – $1,075,000 (Rs 6.66 crore)
  • 3) Dhoom 3 (Sunday) – $940,000 (Rs 5.82 crore)
  • 4) Chennai Express (Saturday) -††$838,207 (Rs 5.2 crore)
  • 5) My Name Is Khan (Sunday) -††$763,966 (Rs 4.73 crore)
  • 6) Chennai Express (Friday) -†$759,665 (Rs 4.71 crore)
  • 7) Talaash (Saturday) -††$734,395 (Rs 4.55 crore)
  • 8) My Name Is Khan (Saturday) -††$733,416 (Rs 4.54 crore)
  • 9) Om Shanthi Om (Saturday) -††$730,100 (Rs 4.52 crore)
  • 10) Don 2 (Sunday) -†$661,767 (Rs 4.09 crore)


  • Its combination of amir & ‘DHOOM’ power not only amir khan, if any A-grade hero play lead roll then definately achieve a blockbuster. DHOOM is undoubtly the biggest franchies of bollywood.

  • srk fans – Dhoom is the biggest franchise, so the success is not that great, and Aamir should not be praised for it.

    While, all this time, before the release, they were saying srk’s Don is the biggest franchise of Indian cinema.

    entertainment non-stop by srk fans. lol.

  • @ Sakhi: Do not know why Don 2, even after being a great franchisee, popularised by Amit ji, could collect only Rs. 106 crores?

  • @JC so true bro at look at the delusional comments of ‘sakhi rawant’…! Shes in ‘talaash’ of Talaash being at no. 7 spot but can only see Dhoom everywhere…. Poor lungiwala fan

  • For all haters:
    When Dhoom 2 opened in 2006, it had third biggest opening in USA, broke no record

    When Dhoom 3 opened in 2013, it broke all records by 50% margin in USA

    Reason: Aamir’s starpower

  • @vastuniverse:so what?d1 was a simple hit.but d2 was huge bb due to HR. . And hr made this franchise biggest by breaking all prev. Records of gaddar.

  • Biggest hit of 2008- Aamir
    Biggest hit of 2009- Aamir
    Biggest hit of 2010- Salman
    Biggest hit of 2011- Salman
    Biggest hit of 2012- Salman
    Biggest hit of 2013- Aamir
    3 Biggest hit of six years belong to both Aamir and Salman
    Both are the Ruling Duo of Bollywood
    Lets pray and hope that SRK-Saif work hard and come anywhere close to these legends.

  • Biggest hit of 2008- Aamir
    Biggest hit of 2009- Aamir
    Biggest hit of 2010- Salman
    Biggest hit of 2011- Salman
    Biggest hit of 2012- Salman
    Biggest hit of 2013- Aamir
    3 Biggest hit of six years belong to both Aamir and Salman
    Both are the Ruling Duo of Bollywood
    Lets pray and hope that SRK-Saif work hard and come anywhere close to above two legends.

  • What is wrong with srk fans i donno, when 3idiots created record by collecting 200cr for the time at that time, srkian was like Its bcoz of content and some are like its bcoz d dirctr blah blah.. Now they are saying its bcoz of franchse an all.., You srkian are insecure… When aamir come with commercial on1 can beat him.. Tats d star power of Aamir khan.. The Real King khan for always.. Its a tym to celebrate For aamirian Cheers!

  • Are u all really so dumb? Dhoom 3 is released on far more screens, and in the future big films will have more and more screens. So Dhoom 3 record is going to break soon, or by Salman, SRK, Hritikh or Aamir.

  • Wtf is happening on all sites. .i’m not able to know total collections of k3 yet. Till dec 5th,it was 244.92 crores. But after that,there are no updates for k3! !
    And who the hell boi is?at k3 time,it didn’t give any regional collection to show huge difference from producers’ figure.but in d3 case,it is giving regional collection.why this country is so biased towards khans? ?i’m sure that boi has underreported k3. .shame shame shame. .

  • Aamir broken all the record by big margin even before the festive season start,73cr in normal weekend all over with 700 overseas screen as i read hile ce had released on 750 screen on festvie season still we have seen so huge difference in collection,D3 collected almost 60% more than ce in overseas, is this only due to Dhoom power, no. here Aamir involvement is equivalent to D3 franchise.

    srk fans committing every where that no one can play negative character better than SRK, srk remaked DON which was a cult classic film of Big B along with Multi talented and one of the best director Farhan Akhtar, result it was a moderate success, some called it was hit some called it was average, neverthe less succesful and superhit in overseas, in 2011 Don 2 came highly promoted and was expecting to break 3I record, got postive reviews collected 106cr with 2 open weeks, and 11-12 million$ in overseas, result was a hit in India and blockbuster in overseas, but point ot be noted it was nowhere in the collection of SRK own MNIK forget 3I, so when srk being so popular both in India and overseas not able to create or make Don franchise popular than Dhoom, is this fault of Aamir.

    Hritik fans taking credit of Dhoom franchise success for his Idol Hritihik, but its surprising to see Hr was part of KMG,krissh and Krissh3, there was not a change of director or hero in the film but still it is not great franchise which it should be, as HR made the Dhoom successful on his own.
    so funny what interesting 3 non-popular actor Abhi,Uday & john started the Dhoom film with a debutant director Sanjay Gadhvi and made it complete hit by their own with limited promotion. then comes Dhoom2 which was conbributed well by Hrithik (result HR fan thinking Dhoom is nothing without him)
    the best thing of Dhoom3 supersuccess that it shwos Mirror to HR fans that Dhoom is YRF franchise and it success only due to them neither by john or HR alone.
    Aamir stardom given it historic start, but still i feel that whole credit of this success is mostly belong to John,Abhi & uday who given us super cool Dhoom.Bravo and kudos to them.

  • Wow.Top 3 positions goes to Aamir which is more important than other positions of the top ten list.So Aamir is a clear winner in this list.

  • Indicine team its not fare your should compare D3 with Don2 not ce, as Don2 was a popular franchise, which was most popular due to srk according to srk fans before release of Don2 but suddenly after don2 release they are commiting dhoom is most popular franchise, first indicine made srkina happy throughout the year, but now he is making and giving shock day by day by d3 collection and bigger shock for them was overseas collection, as we know ce 87cr weekend will be break by d3 but they had broken on a normal weekend, as per boi D3 hindi collection was 95cr in 3 days and regional-7cr total is 102cr,overseas 73cr, as per boi its 12million$ same as indicine, overall 200cr worldwide in 3 days on a normal weekend worldwide, even BOI said this will head towards 500cr worldwide, bravo team

    one question from srk & hritik fans, as you all know it is dhoom3 faranchise why you were barking that it will finish under150-180cr, most of srk fans were saying that no one can beat 160cr weekend collection of ce, but what happen Aamir break this record on non-holiday weekend with 200crWW and this also from most trusted BOI. what happen to your so called knowledge about bollywood, is dhoom3 wasn’t bigger franchise till ce & k3 release, Aamir proved his mettle that when comes to commercial cinema he will given tough competition to everyone.

    @sakhi you fool just looked at the table Aamir film taken top3 & 7th spot in the list and he had only 2 commercial release since 2009, and if we seen even his both film made mark in the list.

  • @Navin bro These lungiwalas has lost their Lungis in Dhoom storm which made them frustated and now they have only Onn underwear which Srk promotes in his

  • srkians are noticing every favorable factor to bring down d3 success but they not even understand what Indicine said factors against d3, non holiday release,pre Cristmas season believe to be dull & post EID season which CE got was strong season for collection, plus D3 released on 700 screens while Ce released on 750screens, still it collected so big. and are talking about ticket rates in overseas why were they remain silent at the time of CE release, at that time is ticket rates were unchanged.

    all srk fans forget when CE released 1dollar=67-68 RS thatís why CE overseas collection of 19 million$ is equals to Indian monetary is 124cr, if you consider 3I overseas collection in rs that 392-269gross of domestic=123cr ce, less than CE overseas in terms of dollars, because if film released in overseas we got money in terms of Dollar, so if you consider market value of 26million$ at that time than it will be 26million $*67=174.2cr that means 3I gross will equals to 269+174.2=443cr highest than ce 420cr ww official, do srk fans agree for the same, the business of any film will effected due to market condition and its acceptance whether a movie release on higher screens,ticket rates increase it happen for each big film but here srk fans are thinking that srk allowed fans to watch his film free of cost to his fans and YRF & Aamir are charging 1000rs from each.

    and recently watched the conversion b/w Komal nahta and VP of YRF, he sd they are expecting 60cr+ distributer share from overseas, this means the collection of overseas gross will be 150cr+ lifetime expected as per them as 40% distributer share will come to distributer pocket from overseas collection total.

  • (amir khan) king is back with action pack to create the new history in bollywood. he even didn’t promoted like srk. does anyone remember srk started promoting CE before 2 month of it released date.

  • All amir fans have 2nd fav as salman and salman fans have amir bcoz they are the most insecure organisms on earth… Common thinking is that are yar salman nahi chala to kya amir chalega aur agar amir nahi chala to salman chalega…..

    some cowards are coming with their combined boxoffice records which shows their mentality as i have mentioned above….

    Common man just grow up…

  • @aks my brother I bow before you and praise your beautiful mind plus superior knowledge of business, economics, currency rates and intellectual arguementative prowess…!

    Super super super well informed comment bro with high rationale and such analysis that Im bowled over here…!

    Bro truly deserving of ‘Comment Off The Week’ and I’ll despair if the delusional lungiwalas still fail to grasp that Dhoom 3 is a big success due to Aamirs brand stature than the Dhoom brand value…!

  • SRK fans seem to be too logical and rationale when they try to prove why SRK is the best or his films are successful. However, when it comes to other actors, they lose it. They become completely absurd and deluded…
    Of course, Dhoom 3 is on its way to become the biggest grosser of Bollywood partly because of being a popular franchise. At the same time, they should appreciate Aamir for being able to successfully pull off such a challenging role.
    So far as SRK’s popularity in overseas is concerned, SRK fans like to solely credit SRK for his popularity (of course, SRK deserves the credits) and obviously fail to credit YRF Banner (that has made SRK a brand) and Dharma Production with their huge marketing channel overseas.
    Another example, CE was a blockbuster. But has any SRK fan credited Rohit Shetty (famous for churning out blockbuster after a blockbuster)? Tell me when SRK had given his last blockbuster before CE (in India). Yet, SRK fans fail to give due credits to others, here, Rohit Shetty! To me, SRK fans are deluded and lack rationale thinking!

    Guys, accept some reality today no matter what.

    1) Aamir Khan, the King of the Movies with Quality
    2) Salman Khan, the Numero Uno Star in India
    3) SRK, still the King in Overseas Boxoffice
    4) Akshay Kumar, the King of Stamina and Self-made Superstar (though SRK, too, was an outsider to Bollywood, he had bollywood connections through Gauri, Salim Khan family and others. He got lucky to get chance to work with YRF.)
    5) Ajay Devgn, the King of Acting (Don’t Go for his Look.)
    6) Hrithik Roshan, a Guy with Talent and the King of Dance (without his father, his story would be different today).
    7) Govinda, the most under-rated Multitalented Actor
    8) Shahid Kapur, the most side-lined Talented Actor in his Generation
    9) Emraan Hashmi, an under-rated Star and the King of Adult Category Films
    10) Aditya R Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Sushant S Rajput, Arjun Kapoor, Imran Khan, Varun Dhanwan etc- the Future Superstars and Too Early to Comment on their remaining aspects.

  • @Manjeet, agree on most points, but a few.

    I guess Ranbir is on path to be a big star, only that he went too fast with Besharam, and should have taken things a bit slowly.

    But, whatever, he has a fan following and carved a niche with movies like Barfi and Rockstar.

    Shahid Kapoor is not sidelined. I saw his Phata Poster, and he can’t handle comedy well. He tried, but he was struggling. However, he was perfect in Kaminey, his best so far.

    He is a cute guy who dance well, and Rambo Rajkumar proved that with right guidance he can take up action roles too.

    But, his cuteness and his lover boy images somehow stops him to go out fullfledged.

    He needs to change that image, so that people can accept him in other roles too.

    He should take the Aamir way, who was considered only to do chocolate roles in early 90s, until he himself took the risk of changing his image, and now he is the Mr. Pefectionist.

    The newcomers are media hyped guys esp. Sushant, Varun and the other guy from Student of Year. I doubt they would ever make it big.

    The only guys of current crop that looks promising are Aditya Roy Kapoor, Vidyut Jamwal and Arjun Kapoor.

  • @ IAmTheVastUniverse

    Dhoom 2 when it released in 2006 it broke all domestic records…thus there was huge hype for Dhoom 3..

    Dhoom 3 did the same when it released broke all domestic & overseas records…Dhoom 4 & 5 also will do the same…

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