Urban actors never get the Haryanvi accent right: Nitin Pandit


Nitin Pandit is not your most likely film actor. Perhaps because he has not been through the grind of a Bollywood struggle as he got his first lead role by auditioning in Delhi itself. So he has not become cautious like an average Mumbai based aspiring actor. ??Perhaps it’s this refreshing raw candour of Nitin that helped him play the rustic, grey, ‘no values- no morals’ Dheer in G Kutta Se.

Q. Playing such a rustic character with no polish, no qualms, just self-interest on his mind must have been rather tough in your very first film?

Nitin: Though I am not a trained actor from an institute or acting school, I had fairly early exposure to some films from the parallel cinema, like Mirch Masala and Pan Singh Tomar. Though I had grown up loving Govinda and Salman movies, when I signed G Kutta Se, I realised it is that exposure films like Paan Singh Tomar etc which is going to come in handy for me. From there on it was more about fallowing instructions of the director, as technically I didn’t know much about acting. What I knew was that the single most important thing required of me was to be as real as possible and not ’act’. Perhaps they saw a ‘dehatti’ in me which was close to the character, perhaps they saw some kind of a natural in me, and hence signed me though there were NSD graduates auditioning for the role.

Q. A lot of effort must have gone into getting the language and culture right?

Nitin: Not really, I know the language very well because I belong to a village, technically in Delhi but very close to the border of Haryana. That was an advantage as Haryanvi is a very tough language to speak, though it’s very similar to Hindi. Even somebody as great as Aamir did not get it fully correct in Dangal. As for culture, I don’t understand what the big difference between cities and villages is now, especially for youth with everybody using mobiles, WhatsApp and Facebook. Even in the film you can see that with an MMS scandal.

G Kutta Se releases on 16th June 2017.



  • All d best
    Well pointed out abt Aamir ..critics only bashed salman in sultan for same issue but no comments abt aamir…

    Anyways dey hv to cater to all Ind audience and not alienate d product

  • On other note, this film looks promising. Will watch this rather than Raabta if reviews are good.

  • Being from Delhi, I agree Aamir’s accent was not correct in Dangal. It was closer to Rajasthani.

  • No. Aamir and Kangna did very well in Haryanvi ..Haryanvi accent is not dat tough!

  • Kangana did very well in TWM2.

    The shortest girl in Chak de India (Komal) did An excellent work too.

    Randeep Hooda …excellent!

    Ranbir kapoor in Rockster really tried with the character Jordan(janardar) ..a hatyani
    jaat boy.

    Imran khan some credit too for Matru ki M

    Aamir/Salman did okay in Dangal Sultan
    Akshay too did quite okay in Boss.

    Agreed its hard to really initiate them very well but our Bollywood dudes n babes still deserve some credit for their efforts. From

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