Box Office Update: New releases pick up after a slow start

All the three new releases have picked up noon onwards at the box office, but the business is still at low levels.

Queen has shown the best growth, as the post-release response from theatres is incredibly good. The film is also, by far, the most critically acclaimed release of the year. On our review rating scale, the Kangana Ranaut starrer has scored a rating of 83 so far – which is comparable to last year’s best rated film ‘The Lunchbox’ (also with a score of 83)

Madhuri Dixit’s Gulaab Gang too has picked up, it has done well at single-screens, but multiplexes were below the mark throughout the day. The reports are mixed too, both from the audience in theatres and the critics. The film has scored 50 on our review scale, which is an average rating of 2.5 stars.

The third release this week, Total Siyapaa has received mostly negative reviews and this reflects in its box office opening too. The film released on a similar screen count as Queen, but even though it took a better start in the morning, the growth has been limited.

It’s looking like Queen will be the first choice at multiplexes this weekend, while Gulaab Gang will mostly be watched by Madhuri Dixit fans and single-screen audience. Total Siyapaa could get relegated to the back seat, a risk that the makers took by deciding to compete against two female-oriented films.

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