Ugly Aur Pagli Movie Review

From the makers (Pritish Nandy Communications) of the rib tickling Pyaar Ke Side Effects, Ugly Aur Pagli directed by Sachin Khot is a romantic comedy. The movie has a very unusual lead pair – Mallika Sherawat and Ranvir Shorey. The tagline of the movie goes like 99 slaps and one kiss! Is Ugly Aur Pagli worth a watch in theatre?

Ugly Aur Pagli is about Ranvir (Ranvir Shorey) a loser who has failed 4 times in engineering and believes in taking it easy in life. One day he saves the life of Kuhu (Mallika Sherawat) a violent aggressive girl, who loves to booze and always out of control.

She makes him wear a petticoat and walk around on street, ride a bicycle without a seat, steal rose from parks and slaps him for almost everything he does! Yet Ranvir wants to see Kuhu happy and does everything she wants him to, all for her happiness… Both are in love, but fail to express it. The reason? Ranvir has no guts, Kuhu has a past! How the lovers meet or do they, forms the rest of the tale..

Ugly Aur Pagli Review

*Spoiler warning next 2 paragraphs*

Firstly what the heck was happening in the last 20 – 30 minutes? The writer seems to have lost his mind while scripting the climax. I frankly could not understand what actually happened. Try to figure this out, Mallika and Ranvir decide to probably marry, Ranvir meets Mallika’s parents.. They ask for his Identity card (why in the world would a girl’s parent ask for an identity card??). Ranvir opens his wallet, a packet of condom drops out! They kick him out. And while all this happens, Mallika is fast asleep!

Cut to the next scene, Mallika – Ranvir run off to Goa. In Goa, Mallika realizes she hasnít yet gotten over her past relationship. Back in Mumbai now, Mallika refuses to meet Ranvir and goes far away to Kolkata! 2 years have now gone by; Mallika’s parents decide to get her married to Gaurav Kapoor. And how does Gaurav try to impress Mallika? He gives away the “10 ways to impress her by Ranvir”!!! How in the world does Gaurav know Ranvir? Why would Ranvir who has been desperately waiting for her since 2 years, give away her likes / dislikes?

*End Spoiler warning*

The second half of Ugli aur Pagli is so bad that it ruins a good first half. The later half not only drags unnecessarily but also seems like a repeatition of the first! And we have the utterly senseless end to ruin the whole experience. The “Shut up, Aaja Nachle” song is good. “Karle Gunnah” is picturised as a spoof on Meera Nair’s Kamasutra.

The performances are solid. Ranvir Shorey is splendid, a superb actor who carries his complicated role with utter ease. He manages to rise over the script on most occasions. Mallika Sherawat is good until she starts crying. Itís tough to keep your eyes on her while she enacts those emotional scenes. The rest of the supporting actors are decent.

Overall, if there is any reason to catch Ugly Aur Pagli this weekend, its for the brilliant performance by Ranvir Shorey and Mallika Sherawat to a certain extent. The movie as a whole is a disappointment. At the box-office, it could do well at the multiplexes in the first weekend. But a lot would depend on word-of-mouth, which didnít seem to be positive from the 200 odd people that watched the movie along with me!

Rating: ★½☆☆☆

Other notes – The Singh Is King Theatrical Trailer Number 3 was shown during the interval of Ugly Aur Pagli. A lot of stunts, action, Katrina Kaif looked gorgeous and Akshay Kumar great as always. Singh is King releases next week, as the box-office gets ready for some serious records to be broken! Be sure to check out the Singh is King review!

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  • mallika is superb in kissin she again proved it.. gud movie.. timepass… not like Love story 2050. the boring priyanka chopra.

  • I don’t know if I have bad taste or what but I thoroughly enjoined the film… in fact it was more entertaining than Jaane Tu

  • I dont think the film is interesting in any ways. Those who think it was more entertaining than Jaane Tu, should immediately consult a psychiatrist. Hey people dont watch this film. Its such a bore

  • Why do they make such illogical movies in the name of mindless comedies? Let me tell you nothing is funny in this Ugly movie!!

    0 stars for it. waste of precious time

  • I was excited abt the movie as ranveer shorey is in it……….bt what a waste of time……..though ranveer’s performance is good……….the movie is BORING………

  • havent seen ugly pagli mvie
    was excited because of trailer and because of ranveeer shoori
    but i was sure cudnt be btr than jaane tu…….
    it was a very good mve
    after taare zameen pay it was the only movie i liked

  • It’s totally boring and flop as the review tells. Just wastage of time. Ranvir Shoray couldn’t make it to that for which he is known. Malika should join some acting school and learn some acting …………….
    The script has no continuity. Somethings happen just like that ……………

  • Well this movie look ok ok .tit is copied from ” my sassy girl (korean MOvie)” Storyline is same ….. the bollywood movies suxxx these days

  • This story reminds me a korian movie “my sassy girl”. The story seems similar to that. In that movie also hero-in beats hero for everything. Even for loving her too much.

  • I agree with ravi and prashanth, the movie is a remake of “my sassy girl”. A complete remake. every thing is a carbon copy. I liked the Korean movie more than Ugli and pagli. This movie is a real boring after watching “my sassy girl”.

  • As commented by Prashant, Ravi & Dipankar, this movie is a poor & ugly copy of “My Sassy Girl”. Korean film is much much better one. Makers of this “Ugly & Pagli” should keep it in mind that mere copying a film does not work, rather one should go for fresh stories…..

  • ek dam bekar picture hai yeh
    mujhe toh ummede thi is movie se
    parr bakwaas hai yeh picture
    sahi mien
    dont even watch it

  • Hi,
    This is just same to same copy of, “My Sassy Girl” a korian superhit movie, I would suggest to watch My sassy girl with subtitles, you would like it comparitively, Ugly and Pagly is third class movie to watch.

  • I LOVE “my sassy girl” – it’s one of fav Korean movies of all time.

    So I watched the English & Bollywood remakes of it – both were disappointments. But Bollywood was the worst. The background music was really bad – this is supposed to be a light hearted comedy & the stuff they used as background theme wasn’t playful – it was just dramatic. I didn’t like that they cut out a LOT Of the really cute scenes or trampified the stuff that was just supposed to be genuine & cute & romantic (in the original movie, on their 100th day, the Girl asks the guy to bring her a rose to her concert hall & she plays him his favorite song on the piano as he walks down to the stage to give her the rose – it came of as incredibly charming in the original – it was replaced with this stupid scene in “Ugly aur Pagli” where the guy has to wear a petticoat, ride on a seatless bicycle & then go to a club to give the girl a rose – & his reward is a kiss on the cheek? REALLY? How is that sweet or enjoyable for the viewers? It wasn’t funny).

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