Two open weeks for Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara

Prakash Jha’s Satyagraha has been postponed by a week, giving Balaji Motion Pictures’ Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara two open weeks at the box office.

Satyagraha starring Amitabh Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor, Ajay Devgn, Manoj Bajpayee, Arjun Rampal and Amrita Rao will now release on August 30. Kareena is yet to finish dubbing for the film and the promotions only started with the unveiling of the trailer on Wednesday.

The film will now clash with Vicky Donor director’s Madras Cafe, which is likely to be postponed to a later date.

The September month is packed with medium to big releases like Unglee, Zanjeer (not confirmed due to legal hassles), Shuddh Desi Romance, Phata Poster Nikhla Hero and Bullet Raja.

Akshay Kumar at First look and trailer launch of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again

Akshay Kumar at First look and trailer launch of Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara



  • I think more than Ouatimd, Satyagraha will benefit and also this means one more week of good screen space for ouatimd and ce as satyagraha won’t affect these movies unless it has excellent WOM :)

  • now this is the perfect deal.ouatimd got more benefit than ce now.
    with two open weeks ouatimd has more chances to score big.
    i think this is the agreement made between utv and ekta agreed to postpone ouatimd.

    second song of ouatimd is releasing today featuring imran and sona

  • With this deal both UTV and Balaji seems to be now in a win win situation Chennai express is releasing SOLO in EID with huge screening all india and after one week OUATIM will release in independence day with big screening plus majority of the audience have already watched Chennai Express after that both film will get sufficient running till 30 august that’s called masterstroke from both the production house without any ego fight sensible decision taken with great mind at work

  • I am so much happy!! I really wished Satyagraha should get postponed and luckily it happened!
    Upto 150 cr given for OUATIMA and upto 135 cr for CE.

  • beneficial for both ce and ouatimd….bcoz after two weeks of release of ce, if satygraha wud released, then it wud have more affected ce than ouatimd…bcoz at that time, ce wud have completed its two weeks , on the other hand, ouatimd is just one week old..but now, under current scenario….ce will get three weeks , in which one is fully open and two weeks will be shared by ouatimd…however, ouatimd will get two weeks and it will be shared by ce….so , its a win-win situation for both films….

    • Xzone, open weeks would mean absolutely nothing if the word-of-mouth is negative. If the response to CE is good, OUATIMD will get fewer shows at multiplexes in its opening week.

  • this is Brilliant news for OUATIMD.
    Now movie will have a 4 day weekend, then a holiday of Rakshabandhan on its 5 day(tuesday,20th Aug.), then in its 2nd week it will have free run i.e no Drop in number of screens and then their are 1-2 more holidays in its 2nd week.

    If movie is good then mark my words even 175-200 cr nett is posible for OUATIMD.

    while now this has made CE look like more in trouble as it will have only 1 open week than OUATIMD in its 2nd week and when it will come in its 3rd week it will already have been Finished with its business……so its a win win Situation for OUATIMD. :D

  • @Indicine
    you are somewhat wrong because Balaji and OUATIMD team has Tied with PVR and Cinemax for releasing OUATIMD remember the promotional video short specially for PVR and Cinemax Cinemas which is playing in theatres of more than 500 screens of PVR and Cinemax.

  • @Indicine:-What’s your take on OUATIM-2,CE & Satyagraha trailers? Please,have you say.Your view matters a lot to us.

    • Yunish,

      OUATIMD – Didn’t like the fact that it’ll be a love triangle this time around. Trailers were good, like the songs too.

      Chennai Express – Not a big fan of Rohit Shetty films, but really liked the CE trailer especially Deepika. Looks entertaining.

      Satyagraha – Nothing great. Not as hard-hitting as Jha classics like Gangaajal or Apaharan.

  • indicine
    evryone is saying saying if wom of ce is good ouatimd will get less no of single screens.but u r saying shows at multiplexes will become less. what is this.
    no chance for ce to get excelent wom.all the mass movies were ran on mixed wom except dabang i think.
    anyway it is more beneficial for ouatimd than ce.because ce will almost loose half of the screens to ouatimd in its second week.

  • so,the this news will benefit OUATIMD the most.a masterstroke by ekta and balaji.and it will least benefit to ce,almost null.ce can benefit from this news only and only if ce has fantastic WOM and OUATIMD has very poor WOM.which looks highly unlikely looking at ce and OUATIMD trailers and song videos.i must say to rohit,GET READY FOR YOUR 3RD FLOP.

  • @indicine….yeah…u r right…but i think ce will have an edge over ouatimd in collections…bcoz ce is getting a full open week…moreover, after 1 week, most of its screen will be snatched by ouatimd, but still it will continue on remaining screens till 30 as satyagraha is postponed….so with one complete week and two shared weeks, i think ce will have a chance to collect more than 160 cr…..however, for ouatimd, i think it’s collections will be upto 150 cr….what say?????

  • @samar…dude..plz think at least once before making a comment….are u sure that ce will be a flop??? yes , i agree that views can differ in terms of expected collections…but declaring a movie flop without knowing all the facts attached wid it is like an offence…u should not forget that a name like srk is attached wid ce.. moreover, rohit has also an excellent track record…if still u r expecting it as a flop, then i think u shud wait for 8 aug… ur doubts will be cleared….

  • @boss….ce is going to release over 4000 screens…if for an instance, we accept ur point that it will loose half of screens by ouatimd…still it will have 2000 screens in its kitty , which is sufficient to collect a considerable amount in two more weeks….

  • indicine
    i expected ur trailors reviews like that .because everyone knows u r an srk supporter
    public responce is better for ouatimd than ce.
    secont promo trailor of ouatimd will come soon

  • @xzone yes looking at its trailer and song videos,specially 1234.i really think this is the worst product of rohit.i even read somewhere that this film’s script was ready a long time ago and srk wasn’t first choice for this one,actually rohit offered it to some other superstars first but they refused to do it.yaa you maybe right that this film may not get flop verdict,as films like can be declared hit,then you can understand that the name called srk can do anything to declare it hit with his (paid)media power.

  • @Xzone
    Well said again bro!
    That @Samar is absolutely is a duffer.He do not know that SRK is the only actor who has given back to back 4 200 crore+ grossing films in bollywood. Even Salman has given 4 200 crore+ grossing films but not back to back.In between, there was Dabangg & Dabangg2 there was Ready which collected 185 crore.Whereas Akshay Kumar has not given a single 200 crore+ grossing film & ATBB film in his 22 year old carreer.

  • @mr.maha duffer DANISH if only ATBB makes someone superstar,then what about bollywood first ever original superstar mr.rajesh khanna??has he ever delivered atbb??dumbness is in blood of srk fans i must say.

  • @ Danish: Even SRK have not crossed 125 crores in India with mights of Karan Johar, Yash Chopra, Home Productions and Farhan Akhtar.

    Akshay has given better grosser with Sajid Khan and Prabhu Deva. Beside Akshay is back in his favourite awtaar and SRK in not his favourite awtaar.

    Pehle woh Khiladi tha ab woh pura khel hai.

  • @samar….after viewing a song, u can’t declare the verdict of a movie…..just wait for release, then comment abt it verdict, whether it is flop or hit…and where did u read this news that srk was not the first choice??? in fact rohit had accepted in an interview that he was keen interested for working wid srk and this script was finalized only while keeping srk in mind…moreover, srk recently said that rohit has offered three more scripts to him…and once he will chose one among them, they will start working on it….so don’t spread wrong rumors with ur fake source of information….
    and ra-one was not declared a hit by media…it’s worldwide collection clearly shows that it was a hit….even it holds some records on box-office….but i don’t knw with which eye u have watched its collections so that u r fearing to accept it as a hit….
    @danish…thanx bro and nice analysis by you….loved it…:):)

  • “.ce is going to release over 4000 screens”

    u live in your dreams it won’t get more than 3500 screens….ask indicine even they would lauf at u.


    “Whereas Akshay Kumar has not given a single 200 crore+ grossing film ”

    Rowdy rathore is 202 cr WW…..u should stop commenting as when ever u comment you make fool out of Yourself.

    and you are so ill-informed that you don’t even know that Shah rukh khan don’t have a single Superhit in last 5 years(2009-2013) and you want to talk about Blockbuster….stop dreaming even CE would be Hit at BEST CASE scenario.

  • As utv is the distributer of both ce and statagraha, if it release 23rd aug that it eat 90percent screen of ce, ouatmd have not nothing effect and still hanging atleast 2000plus screen. But satagraha postpone a very good news for only ce, ce min release 3500screen in 1st week and min 2000plus screen remain for 2nd week or 3rd week. If satagraha release it ate all screen in 3rd week, so we srkians want just positive word of mouth for ce, otherwise it will col min 130cr 1st week, 35cr 2nd week and lifetime 180cr. Good review may help ce to cross 200cr mark

  • Now CE will have only one open week while OUTIMD has two open weeks.
    CE box office will be like this:
    Day 1: 25 crore
    Day 2: 20 crore
    Day 3: 20 crore
    Day 4: 10 crore
    Day 5: 5 crore
    Day 6: 2 crore
    Day 7: 0.5 crore
    Day 8: Game over

  • Xzone:the word half of the screens just came in flow.i want to say ce will loose highest no of screens.remember yjhd,with excellent wom and fantastic run in its first week,only 1300 screens remained for it in its second week.there is no chance for ce to get that kind run.and one more thing if a big movie releasing this week nobody thinks about previour week release unles as ‘samar’ said ce has to get excelent wom and outimd has to be wont happen.and ce wil release on 3500+ screens with 7days open.and oumid wil release on 3000 screens with 15 days open.that too outimd wil have two extra holidays like rakshabandhan on 21 and krishnastami on outimd wil have a upperhand.

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