Twitter hails Indian Army, Modi for surgical strikes

Indian Twitteratis on Thursday congratulated and thanked the Indian Army and Prime Minister Narendra Modi for conducting surgical strikes on terror camps along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir.

Eleven days after terrorists killed 18 Indian soldiers in Uri, Jammu and Kashmir, Indian Special Forces targeted “some terrorist teams” positioned at launch pads on the Line of Control (LoC), leading to “significant casualties” to the terrorists and those who support them, the military said.

However, the Pakistan government denied any surgical strike by India but admitted to the death of two soldiers in cross-LoC firing by Indian troops.

Following the news of surgical strikes, common people took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the same.

One user wrote that “whatever the political party you belong to, yesterday’s surgical strike was apt one and support to PM Narendra Modi”. Another one shared that this step by the Indian Army gives out the “clear message that India cannot tolerate any such activities”.

Some of the users took a jibe saying that “Indian Army has started celebrating Diwali little early by bursting bombs as crackers in surgical strike”.

One of them tweeted: “Thank you Indian Army for bringing Diwali a bit earlier this time. This Diwali my each and every diya will be dedicated to Uri martyrs. Jai Hind.”

Another one wrote: “Let all Indians celebrate Diwali and Eid today and salute our army for attacking terrorist camps in PoK.”

One user by the name Arsalan shared: “Great stomach shown by PM and Defence Minister to take the stand and Indian Army like always have held the tri-colour high. Surgical strike.”

While wishes poured in for the Indian Army, followers of Modi also congratulated the Prime Minister.

“Dear Narendra Modi, thank you for your action. All your words are true to the core. This is true 56 inch,” one user tweeted.

As the Pakistani government has denied any surgical strike, one user said that they will “never accept it happened”, adding that the Indian Army won’t do this to “create a specter, trust”.

Not only commoners, but celebrities like actor and BJP MP Paresh Rawal, author Chetan Bhagat, and celebrated cricketers Harbhajan Singh and Virender Sehwag have also lauded the effort made by the Indian Army.

“Hats off Indian Army…Jai Ho,” tweeted Rawal. While Bhagat wrote: “Looks like we did it. Surgical strike. Salute to our army who took on a dangerous mission to make a point. Don’t mess with us. Jai Hind”.

Sehwag gave a salute to Indian Army and said that the “boys have played really well”.

Harbhajan wrote: “Indian Army. Surgical strike.”

Screenwriter Advaita Kala thanked the Indian soldiers. “While we slept in the safety of our homes, our soldiers risked their all to keep us safe. To the Indian soldier – Thank you.”

Akshay Kumar: Proud of the Indian Army for successfully carrying out the anti-terrorism operation.Glad the Government took this bold step,was about time!

Shah Rukh Khan: Thnx Indian army for the action against terrorism.V should all pray for safety & well being of our Indian soldiers.

Actor-producer Riteish Deshmukh is proud of “our Indian Army and many congratulations to our Indian government for their effective steps against terrorism.”




  • yesterday some people are hating modi and his govn to not doing anything against pakistan.
    but after surgical strike. they all are celebrating diwali holi

  • only akshay and ritesh are selfless person
    and they are really not greedy person like other Bollywood people
    because they praised Indian army without any care of Pakistani fan
    means India comes first than money
    proud of u akki

  • I m really waiting for aamir comment about today surgical strike of our army and killed 40 terrorist
    who think India is not safe
    India is safe and better than other country
    and it is proved by Indian army

  • Poor Pakis!
    They are confused like hell.
    If they accept that Indian armed forces entered into their territory and thrashed them from left, right and centre then they will become a laughing stock in the international community.
    And if they deny any occurrence of surgical strike, then they won’t be having anything to cry foul about, in front of their father figures USA and China, where they go every year begging for funds.

  • SRK tweeted
    Thnx Indian army for the action against terrorism.V should all pray for safety & well being of our Indian soldiers.

  • Bola tha na politics ne roka hua hai isliye chup hai jis din permission mil gyi indian army ghuss ke maaregi SALUTE TO INDIAN ARMY!!!!!!!!@
    BEST army in the WORLD

  • On their eastern frontier, India beat them red and blue. At the same time, Iran launched Mortar attack on their western frontier (Baluchistan).
    Mark my words, they will be attacked by each and every neighbour(no matter small or big) have they continued the same behaviour.
    I’m also foreseeing next Bangladesh in making and that will be none other than Baluchistan.
    They wanted to divide India into pieces, but unfortunately they themselves are on the verge of extinction.

  • Proud of Indian army…Pakistan needs more treatment like this …Jai Hind Jai Bharat…..Really very happy …Indian army makes us proud again.
    There is offer going on Pizza hut 20 percent off to celebrate this victory and the coupon code is FOPAK20 :)

  • but u didn’t upadate srk tweet y?
    Thnx Indian army for the action against terrorism.V should all pray for safety & well being of our Indian soldiers- SRK

  • Good job Indian army salute to u this called 56 inch chest poor haters saying modi getting free publicity . After Uri attack Modi haters bashed them where is 56 inch chest but after attack nobody congratulated modi because they have got chance to bash modi . Halla Bol . Akki dialog guske mark inhe .

  • @ram – Great gesture from Srk…So all the Pakis on website….Get lost if you have any problem…you like Indian movies, you download them illegally so much is your love for Indian movies…we don’t invite you yet it is your craze of what we produce…we never ever crave for anything that you make….

    i am surprised some of those pakis on the website are complaining ….this is an indian movie website…period…

  • i can see srk n akki tweeted bt whr is that actor who used to do social dramebaazi at 11 o clock on sunday, who once said dat his wife wanna leave dis country etc etc etc

    bt hatsoff to srk n akki’s tweet



  • People might fight here salman vs srk vs aamir vs akshay vs hrithik …whatever that is internal to us…after all they are indians and not pakis…you remember how salim khan trashed you guys on twitter…akshay raised his voices against your terrorism so did ajay and even srk…they all might have difference of opinions but against pakistan we are all one

    from south to north east to west…

  • Salute to our Indian Army.
    Such a brave operation.
    Pakistan media is just too dumb .
    They always show wrong things to their illiterate people.

  • It’s good to see that all indians are on the same side, hindu or muslim. India is a force to reckon with. By the way where are the tweets from Saman and Aamir. To afraid to make political comments, so that wil affect their movies. Real stars like Akshay and SRK don’t care about that, they are true Indians. Maybe Kiran and Aamir left the country hahahaha

  • Hahahah, laughing on Indian media. Read the article again, surgical strike on Along LOC in Jammu and Kashmir, not in the Pakistani territory. Indian army does not have balls to come to Pakistani territory. The human rights violating Indian army taping and killing innocent Kashmiris, that’s the reality of Indian army.

  • its good to dream in the midnite but ND is dreaming in the mid_day.come on man how is it possible to enter into pakistani territorry.

  • Great strike by Indian forces proud to be Indian. Modi walk the talk what he said before the election he done it now this strike will be game changer India no longer a soft state we will strike back and hit them inside. jai hind

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