Twitter mocks Anushka Sharma for ‘ABJ Kalam Azad’ tweet

Actress Anushka Sharma who had recently warned her followers on Twitter that she would block people who spread negativity, has been severely criticised and mocked for not knowing the name of India’s most popular President.

On Sunday, Anushka had tweeted “Trying to keep my Twitter positive (well as positive as possible) so will BLOCK people who rant nonsense with no sense of responsibility.”

On Monday, she misspelt the name of the President, when she wrote ‘ABJ Kalam Azad’ instead of ‘APJ Abdul Kalam’.

Minutes later, Anushka deleted the tweet and posted another praying for the soul of ‘APJ Kalam Azad’. She was again mocked and criticised.

Finally, after a couple of deleted tweets and reposts, Anushka’s posted her last tweet and this time got the name right.

“Very sad to hear about the passing of APJ Abdul Kalam . Loss of an inspiring visionary and a wonderful soul .May his soul RIP.”



  • It’s Virat Kohli effect on Anushka Sharma.. She’s too used to asking him for A BJ. So she spelt ABJ instead of APJ. Can’t blame her.

    Virat will still love her, which guy wouldn’t.

  • Whts irony in it..not only her..actresses are one acttress with rocket science..nd look at her face…she is dumb

  • What can be expected by an actress who has featured in India’s biggest disaster and worst film called Bombay Velvet ?????……

    Nothing can be expected from actress of this year’s another Flop film called Dil dhadakne do ….!!…

    Anushka sharma has gone mad due to epic disaster bombay velvet…. And Epic Superflop n critical failure Dil dhadakne do….!!..

    …she cannot respect india’s legendary man and posting such ignorant things….!!…

  • She doesn’t even know the name of Kalam sir then how the hell she knows he is a visionary and wonderful soul. We don’t need your stupid tweet @Anushka

  • It has become a trend among celebrities to mourn the passing of any famous personality even if they don’t have any knowledge about the deceased person.It sounds so dumb actually when you tweet something as ridiculous as this.
    @Aditya You can’t say every Bollywood heroine is dumb.Read Preity’s tweets

  • Shame on those people who don’t know the name of one of the greatest Indian of all time.

  • so many times we mispelt names or words while typing in hurry but nobody makes big deal out of it but one tiny error from a celebrity,especially if it’s a girl then the entire twitter community looses their mind and starts trolling her!!!


  • Shame on her !!!she didnt even knew the most inspirational human being of INDIA…atleast could have got the spelling right!

  • Hey lady please try to be a little More sensible

    Your boyfriend virat has now become thethe test captain of Indian cricket so you’re the first lady of Indian cricket so your every comment will be scrutinized

  • too much fun going on twitter.
    It was yesterday when WWE superstar Hulk Hogan trolled by football fans with pictures of Welbeck, Toure and Rio Ferdinand and the awkward moment was when he retweeted the trolls lolz

  • She doesn’t know the name of our ex-president? ABJ could be a typo, but Abdul kalam “Azad?”

    Sad :(

  • On Monday, she misspelt the name of the President, when she wrote ‘ABJ Kalam Azad’ instead of ‘APJ Abdul Kalam Azad’.

    @Indicine . really ??
    Even u deserve to be mocked then as ‘AZAD’ is nowhere related to APJ sir.

    He is Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen “A. P. J.” Abdul Kalam

    Abul Kalam Azad was a freedom fighter.

    Make the damn correction ….

  • @FLOP RANBIR KAPOOR…..ARE You maddd or sense lesss…..she is the actress of India’s highest grossing movie everrrrrrrr……

  • Instead of this duck, if Kareena Kapoor would’ve been in PK, 375 crores could’ve been achieved easily. Instead, PK made only 340 crores.

  • @5:07pm

    You clown….

    Normally its the guys asking their GFs for A BJ or in your case asking your boyfriend for A BJ…! Girls seldom make the first move in that regard unless India has seriously modernised in last 10 yrs but if they have then you are all lucky b******…!

    Dont be so filthy- what goes on in between them is their business.

  • First Alia Bhatt on Koffee with Karan.
    Then, Deepika Padukone with that pathetic ‘My Choice’ video.
    Sonakshi Sinha for everything.
    Now, Anushka Sharma for this.

    This only proves one thing:

    Beauty and Brain can never coexist in a woman.

  • Hey everyone, I apologise for those mistakes I made.
    Actually, the main reason for this is Virat.
    Everytime he meets his team in the dressing room, all the players and support staff start shouting ‘quack-quack’ and insult Virat for me being his GF.
    I was so tense bcoz Bombay Velvet failed, DDD was average and Virat wasn’t talking to me.
    I got drunk and didn’t know what I was writing just like Salman bhai who drinks and tweets/drives.

  • I think she was in depression after the blockbuster success of Bombay velvet
    She was drunk

  • In Roy Ranbir had more screen presence than Emraan in Ungli. Than why not Roy a Ranbir film? @indicine

  • offence but in an event when a person asked katrina that “How she think she can protect environment ?”..katrina said “by wearing t-shirts’…
    If thats not dumb..then dude i guess u need a new dictionary.

  • Hey anushka its our personal matter don’t discuss in media. Don’t drink and don’t take Salman bhai’s name if you don’t wanna be vivek oberoi.

  • @virat chikooo
    Okay jaanu. Ab toh baat krlo mujhse. ?

    Toh kya hua agar mere duck lips h toh, I gave Industry’s biggest Blockbuster PK.
    I am queen of Bollywood.

    Talk to me naa plzz baby. ???

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