Treatment delayed due to films, will go to US now: Salman Khan

Bollywood star Salman Khan has said that he would undertake a long-delayed trip abroad for treatment of a painful condition, which he had put off because of his acting schedule and the blackbuck poaching case in court.

“I had to delay going due to the acting schedules and the court cases. But now I will go,” he told the media at a Celebrity Cricket League match in Kochi Saturday night.

Salman Khan is charged under the Wildlife Protection Act for allegedly poaching a blackbuck in Rajasthan in 1998.

Asked about the case, he said: “I cannot talk about it right now.”

The 47-year-old is suffering from trigeminal neuralgia and aneurysm. In this condition, the patient suffers acute pain in his head, cheeks and jaws.

He had revealed to the media that he had the first attack of pain in the left side of his face during the making of his 2007 film “Partner” and that the pain came back while he was shooting for “Veer” (2010).

Salman underwent a surgery in Pittsburgh, US, in 2011, to treat the painful condition.



  • Feels so bad, but we always pray to god for ur soon recovery …what type of sickness yar? Why it is to Salman khan?
    Any way mr. Real king khan get well soon …
    Any way mr, Real king of kings get well soon……

    Lots of love/respect to MR. KING OF KINGS

  • Ahaha.. Knew very well this was going to come.. since the botox needs to be replanted every 1.5 to 2 years, so he has to go..Else his face will look like crushed potato… And this time also service your fake hairs with a cleaner hair transplant…

    Ghanta bhai rocks :)))))))))))))

  • feel pity on him…
    he is a senior citizen now and thats why every part of body is nt working well…also coz of his large consumption of alcohol had put him in category of senior citizen…
    he is falling day by day may god help him…sooon he will be seen playing role of grandfather in movies….rip

  • Is anyone stop star to shine? or sun to appear some cloud can gather for sometimes to hide the shine but not forever.


  • @amy oh bless you for showing your concern about our bhai jaan. We apreciate it but I think its more probable to say in the coming years that YOU yourself will be replacing Mrs Irani and you will be playing Bhai Jaans girlfriends grandmother in future ATBB films…. Lolzzz
    Silly srkians worrying about our bhai jaan when you all should be focusing on trying to get more gullible indians to watch Chenna Depress so that it can cross bhai jaans 2 year old record of 123 cr net set by READY!!!
    @star buddha srk roxXxXx no more. :-( Very sad day for you I bet.

  • @jake. If his movies gave pain life your srk’s ultra crap movies, then they wouldnt have been record breaking mega bbs. It’s your srk’s mind-torturing crap movies that have inflicted the most pain and also qualify as the ‘NATION’S BIGGEST PAIN GIVERS’.

  • @star. Lol… We are not talking about your crapstar srk, who inspite of taking steroids 3 times a day looks like a ‘rubber skeleton’ , who inspite of taking revital (endorsed by salman himself) 5 times a day, looks like a ‘lifeless plastic’. Your crapstar srk has botox replantation 2-3 times a year (instead of the regular once in a 1.5-2 year period) and still looks like a sick & diseased grandpa romancing actresses of his daughter’s age. Yaak! No matter how much ever hard your crapstar tries, he will look as terrible as he is right now.
    Crapstar srk rocksss…..

  • @amy. With all due respect, he looks and indeed is much energetic,younger and full of life than most of the younger actors and much more than a certain crapstar(also foolishy called as a global star) who looks like a sick grandpa. And for your kind information, he drinks much much lesser than he used to in the past but the crapstar not only is a heavy drinker, he is a controversial chain smoker too, which is publicly well documented and known to all. And “is he falling day by day”? Hahahaha what a childish joke, i dont know in which world are you living or rather dreaming because on contrary his legend is growing day by day. Please try to be in the present and accept the bitter but true reality. And as far as his playing grandpa roles is concerned, first name any actor, even of this generation, who can look younger, energetic & lively than him and can “suit” as his grandchild? Hahahahaha day dreaming!

  • Yaahooooooooo !!!!!!!!!! I am mad.

    I have lost my last 10 year memory like srk lost it in JTJH. I had watched that movie for 12 times and got nuts and crazy !!!!!!

  • we srkians dont wish bad to any one
    we true srkians wish you speedy recovery sallu
    but your fans are unbearable nvs navin sachin11 hateful
    grudgeful for no reason towards srk
    i advise them to look for psychiatrist soon or else their condition aggravates
    the fall down of your bhai is near i can see it
    by the realease of kick budget 150 cr mark my words and bear it in mind salmanians
    salman talking about his illness
    to make ppl sympathise with him in his killing ppl on the road and endangered species and beating aishwarya rai and the list is so long
    while having this hard time
    srk the true ultimte king will be enjoying himself talking to the harvardians the first classified universiy in the world

  • @NVS loving the replies- srkians would have felt a jolt of Zor Ka Jhatka reading this. A jolt so big that even srkians will also like the rest of India no longer watch that crap show ever again, on dvd or re runs. Sore losers.
    @star Buddha Hoga Tere Baap to star SRK in part 2.
    Bhai still roxXxXx

  • @ remotecontrol : Are you serious about ‘we srkians dont wish bad to any one’ ?

    On your face read this :

    xzone: (February 8, 2013 at 10:21 pm)
    definitely not…this news doesn’t deserve such media attention and hype…instead of it…news like a goon threatened aishwarya, a junkie crushed 5 beggars at footpath, a menace to society..who is soon suppose to be behind the bars…these news deserve much attention… !!!

    by a srkian !!!

  • @remotecontrol. Cant stop laughing at your silly joke that ‘srkians dont wish bad to anyone’. Once again read the comments carefully on this page and see for yourself what your SRKians have commented & how sick, begrudging, intolerant, repugnant, repulsive, arrogant, foolish & stupid their comments are. And thank you for your concern, more than us, it’s your srk and his unbearable fans who need urgent psychiatric help, so that they dont over-pollute this already polluted planet. Why are you worrying so much about salman & his movie ‘kick’ just so early? If a ‘worse-than-a-municipality garbage’ movie like kac’RA’.1 with a budget of 150+ crores can do 200+ crores worldwide, then a SUPER ACTION COMEDY ENTERTAINER with the biggest superstar in the bollywood can do much much more than 250+ crores, probably another 350+ crores worldwide, for it is salman khan and anything & everything can happen with him and that is why he is “SALMAN KHAN”. Rofl.. What the hell would your goat-brained srk will be teaching to the harvard students? May be how to create a nuisance+nonsense drama by drinking to the fullest, abusing & manhandling the security guards at a stadium and then creating self-sympathy by using his innocent daughter’s name or May be how to make some of the crappiest movies ever imaginable or may be how to be an unpatriotic idiot or may be how to invent some silly stupid unnecessary tamasha for cheap publicity or may be how to be so money minded, so miserly, so stingy and so on……. The speech writer who will be writting the delivery speech must over-work pretty hard to make a goat-brained person like srk seem intelligent, very tough job indeed! With the help of a good speech writer, even a 10th class student can deliver great speeches in english, provided that he is fluent in english & knows how to speak in public, so what’s the big deal in srk giving speech in a foreign country, when he is day by day losing his respect & reputation in his own country? And wonder how much, srk’s opportunistic PRs must have paid to the harvard people so that srk can have this opportunity, for i cant believe that such a university would ever invite a person of such a character! And lastly, i feel for those unfortunate, unlucky & hapless people who will be experiencing nightmares during srk’s goat-brained speech. God save them! Remote control, your batteries have become weak, replace them with new ones or else………

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    Sore losers are these fans that they try to take the high moral ground but they always end up falling to the bottom of the valley and getting mud on their faces!!!
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    @star bhai roxXxXx

  • @ hrithik
    we true srkians
    respect every actor even a novice even a spot boy
    but unlike you
    you dont understand and respect others
    and dont show respect whatsoever to srk he is elder 47
    so at least respect his age without srk we would have never watched bollywood
    the whole world knows hindi cinema because of himm
    and whats the reward you give him
    all the negative jargon in the world loook
    at the example of this nvs
    he wrote an essay

    of disrespect to the legend
    @nvs who told you that its joke its reality
    we like both salman and srk
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  • this matter is human consider your father is the one killed on the road by salman
    consider your sister is the one beaten by salman
    consider your self being an endangered species killed by salman and his friends
    what will you say then
    try to be neutral
    no one above law
    dont be taken by sympathies feel th sadness of that dead man children family

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