Trapped Box Office Collections

Vikramaditya Motwane’s Trapped showed good growth in business over the weekend, but the starting point was so low that the film had little or no chance. For a film that was running on close to 2900 shows at multiplexes over the entire weekend, the occupancy on an average was less than 30 people per show.

The occupancy was dismal on the opening day, but it continued to improve on Saturday and went up further on Sunday. The appreciation is there among a section of the audience, but that section is too small for the film to recover its costs.

Unless Monday collections are at around Saturday levels – which isn’t going to be the case looking at the level of business until afternoon (also the cheaper ticket prices at multiplexes during weekdays) – the fate of yet another Vikramaditya Motwane film is almost certainly sealed.

Trapped Box Office Collections

  • Friday - 30 lakhs (including preview shows)
  • Saturday – 45 lakhs
  • Sunday – 65 lakhs
  • Total Weekend Collections – 140 lakhs (1.4 crore)


  • Sad for Rajkumar! He’s super talented and one of the most natural actors we have. He should be proud though that in a week comprising of 3 releases- one from the famed duo of Abbas-Mustaan and one from veteran star Govinda – his movie has been the most appreciated!

  • Such movies need to be made exclusive for such small section of audience and exclusively release as TV premiere instead of releasing on big screens. The chances of recovery are more with TV release than theater release for such movies. Serious case of low demand high supply !!!!!

  • So sad to see good movies like these failing at the box-office. Directors will never try original stuff if audiance reject it so fast.

  • ticket price needs to be lowered for such films otherwise these films will never find audience as people at multiplex will prefer to watch Logan or Kong island for same price rather than niche film like trapped

  • The budget of the film must be 1 crore max. It has already recovered its investment in 3 days. LOL.
    Trapped should be a hit considering its budget.

  • The problem with Bollywood is that u always graph it in hit and flop at least websites like yours shud not do this

  • @indicine , in your Q&A session this Sunday you mentioned that Shahrukh Khan is the most recognized indian actor in the world..even though it doesn’t reflect in box office collections. And you gave an example of Amitabh Bachchan saying that his films dont open well but he is still the biggest star. Are both of these sentences not ludicrous? Firstly if Shahrukh is best known indian actor, then why doesnt it reflect or why shouldnt it reflect in box office collections? How else do we know who is the biggest star? Who has counted the 3.2 billion fans that Shahrukh supposedly has? I know that Salman has 4.5 billion fans in the world..but i dont have data to prove how can anyone believe it? The only definite way to determine stardom is by number of tickets sold..isnt it? Secondly, how can we compare Shahrukh with Amitabh? Its a lame example…Amitabh is 70+ years old playing supporting characters n past his prime 30 years back whereas Shahrukh is still playing lead roles n selling the movies on his name. How can their box office openings be compared? Lets be more objective in determining the biggest n best known indian actor in the world – as they say, words may lie…numbers don’t !!

  • Saw Trapped & loved it? I was intrigued by the trailer so obviously wanted to get answers? Some movies are not meant for box office but useless websites like BOI won’t understand that. They only think from box office perspective. Maybe some movies are made for the love of film making or why would they make such brilliant films despite knowing they will end up in loss?

    And good that you ignored the EPIC film Machine’s collections Indicine but would like you to write an article on what were Abbas-Mustan thinking when they decided to launch Mustafa?

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