Touching details on the Salman – Katrina Love Story

Katrina Kaif may smile prettily at events and go through all the motions required of her as an actress in the most professional manner, but her closest friends are worried for her and the traumatic time she is going through.

One of them, pained by what she has been seeing, said, on condition of anonymity, “Katrina and Salman Khan have been going through a particularly rough patch and for the last nine months there has been little or no intimacy between them. This is one of those strange situations in which couples sometimes find themselves in which there is no right or wrong because both have a point of view and both are rational in the way they think.”

“Katrina who worries what the future might hold for her personally has now begun thinking that one way to repair matters between them is to accept him the way he is and give in to his greatest desire… that someone should love him so much that she actually gives up her career for him. If that were to happen Salman would love to settle down with her and the much awaited wedding bells would ring in the Khan household. Remember, Salman has never before been as keen to marry as he is with Katrina.”

“To understand what has gone wrong with their relationship, one has to understand that when Salman and Katrina met around five years ago, and fell head over heels in love with each other, Katrina was just a teenager. Over time she has gone from being a girl to becoming a woman, she has seen several ups and down in life and she has made tremendous headway in her career. Obviously what seemed all grown up to her then, like say Salman’s drinking and bratty behaviour, now seems childish to her. In Salman’s defence it is important to say that it can’t have been easy to watch an adoring girlfriend change to a critical one. Salman himself hasn’t changed because he was always the way he is when they met, and that makes it even more difficult for him to accept that Katrina has.”

“But the tragedy also lies in Salman’s psyche. I have observed him closely and it is evident that he thinks of himself as the alpha male who has to be in the commanding position in every relationship. It is no secret that he craves his father’s approval in everything he does and that makes him need to constantly validate himself. In his current relationship he insists on not changing because he feels that would be tantamount to conceding that he has let the woman dictate to him. He doesn’t seem to realise that love is all about compromising to make the other person happy, in finding happiness in a loved one’s happiness. In fact it almost seems that by refusing to become the man Katrina would like him to become, he is actually striving to drive her away so that he can once again be the victim in a failed relationship.”

“This obviously is taking a toll on Katrina who refuses to give in to Salman’s games and allow him to drive her away. She still thinks of him as her best friend and would love to marry him if she could look into the future and know that he would always be hers. There is nothing she has not forgiven him in the past.”

What few know about Katrina, continued her friend, is that she also has her own share of insecurities. “She knows that the day she breaks up with Salman, whatever the reason or provocation, she will also lose the wonderful support system that Salman brings into her life. Katrina is very close to Salma Aunty who dotes on her in turn and sends her food wherever she is shooting too. Also all Salman’s friends are hers, and Katrina remembers the lonely days she spent when she first shifted to Mumbai and is reluctant to have to go through all that again. Strangely for a girl who has films with actors ranging from Akshay Kumar to Ranbir Kapoor and who has worked with all the top actors of today except Aamir Khan and Shah Rukh Khan she can be awfully insecure.”

But can and should the fear of loneliness be the base on which a girl makes the most important decision of her life? Katrina is one of the prettiest girls in the industry, she has a great career and has achieved a lot in a very short while. There can be no dearth of lovers, admirers or suitors for a girl like Katrina. While no one likes a happy ending as much as we do, we also hope that the young lady gives considerable thought and gravity to the decision that would affect the next 50 years of her life.

Source: Mumbai Mirror



  • My honest opinion, I don’t think Katrina should settle for what is but for what it can be. If she’s not 100% happy with Salman then I say forget it. If he doesn’t know how to compromise then say it’s over.

    Man, she has everything going for her, why does she think she needs Salman when he doesn’t make her 100% happy.

    She can have any man she wants, why not go for someone that’s going to make her happy. Her whole life depends on it. The only thing that matter when you die is how happy you were when you died. Why would you want to die unhappy.

    I’m a very strong woman, I don’t take $hit from any man regardless of what they have to offer. If I don’t believe in certain behaviors or acts I will not accept it no matter what.

    Men in general have power issues, that’s just plain bs. It’s time for women to turn the table and show men who really is the boss. I’m tired of men trying to over power, over rule women. Who do they think they are. Like Obama says it’s time for change and women it’s time to change.

    This is not a mans world anymore, ladies it’s time we put our foot down and not settle for less.

    Katrina, you may think that you’re losing something but you’re not, you’re actaully gaining something more important, your happiness. It seems like all men think about is themselves and that’s sad.

    Most if us Indian girls get forced into these arranged marriages knowing we are not going to be happy but does anybody care…No, no one cares. No one cares about what we want out of life. So we have to make our own footsteps….

    This is your life, so make the best of it. If Salman doesn’t want to marry you because you’re hot and you’re a star….Fudge him…Don’t quit your job because he wants you too. Girl you have everything going for you.

    Why mess it up for a man? You may regret it later, live life with no regrets.

  • Salman should be used to women using him to make head way in their careers, this one will be no different. ashwariya is the best example. Shilpa, Rani etc. adore Salman, he helped them when they were trying to get into the industry. Salman acted with Shilpa when everyone else refused to. There are many beautiful girls out there who need a Salman Khan to make it…..Kathrina was fortunate she was chosen. Marriage is a gamble…look at all the industry marriages, not a single one is perfect. Remember Amitabh and Rekha…… . For that matter, neither does Ash and Abhi look happy, i dont know how that marriage happened – chalk and cheese. kathrina should stop using Salman, if she wants to call it quits. do so now.

  • Dear Shy,

    Plz dont bring ur personal things on this comments, like arrange marraige/ love marriage…Its not the right place and right topic to discuss here.

    The Truth is bitter but we have to agree and i guess everybody is agreed with it that Today whatever Katrina is. Its Because of Salman’s Name on her Back.
    O/wise i feel katrina is nothing less then a Flower Vase. Who only have the beauty, No acting talent. U can see all her movies.
    She get Fan following only from Akki’s Movies. Akki himself have the capability to make the Movie Hit even without a actress, for Example WELCOME, SINGH IS KING. Katrina dont have anything to do in the whole movie except being a Beautiful Flower Vase
    & Katrina is getting the success ready in her plate.
    (This is the bitter Truth)

    So again i will say Salman should not be so desperate for the Katrina as Salman have the Capability to make any Common Flower into A beautful ROSE.
    We Make Them Cry Who Care For Us.
    We Cry For Those Who Never Care For Us.
    And We Care For Those Who Will Never Cry For Us.
    This Is The Truth Of Life, Its Strange But True.
    Once You Realise This, Its Never Too Late To Change

  • Everyone knows that Salman is a good and a bad boy in the same time ( he..himself admitted that he is). That’s the big problem when love knocks all these heroines’s hearts.. when they fall in love with someone.. they’ve to compromise, they’ve to giveup their career for the sake of marriage, so they think this way: (Do we marry whom we love and have kids, a husband who’ll support us financially for ever, or do we’ve to sacrifice all that for our freedom, to be independent, free and have our own life and enjoy our success, but have only some affairs with guys.. means no decent relationship with the opposite sex and no kids, family, nothing)

    That’s all the heroine’s problems.. therefore most of them get married when they reach the age of 30 and above.. that they have achieved their goal by the age of 30, built their career, became famous, earned money and then.. leave all that behind.. fame and money and settle down. I think that Katrina also is thinking this way specially that she’s supporting her family financially as she got 6 sisters.

    It’s a very hard decision to make.. but at the end. there must be a decision which we can’t suggest, but she has to decide for herself.

  • I would like to say few words that, whatever may happen i will suggest one thing, Just take a minute to think about yourself. Are you being happy so far. what makes you think that you are sad. Find it and go for it.

    Every problem has a solution, if there is a solution for your problems, then you need not to worry.
    If the problem doesn’t have solution, then there is no point of worrying. Its a fact. accept it!

    Be practical, now-a-days everybody needs a practical approach in our life, such a situation like Katrina has now.

    Dear all, trust me when I say! “The Creator has already designed everything”.
    Just do whatever your heart says and trust yourself, that you are the best in the damn world.

    Thank y’ll

  • If they both cannot c there future together,dont push 4 it.God has made a pair 4 every1.Salman dont act desperate,WAIT,u will settle in life 1 day 2 cum.It have more pretty girls out there,Katrina is not all DAT.U will fall in love again.U jus have 2 keep lookin an u will fine ur true love 1 day.Things jus isn’t goin rite cuz u both were not meant 2 b together.

  • For me..Salman is good looking handsome instinctly he’s bad guy.i dnt like him..really!!!

  • katrina not good for sallu…sallu so hand some he is king…but katrina looking bad…no mach sallu & katrina.good desicoin sallu

  • hello

    katrina i think salman khan is not good for u know he ahs good past and he can get any preet girl any time.

    so plz katrina daont be toy in his hand.he will not merry you.he just using u.katrina yar love is nothing.
    salam is not seroiously involved.really i advise you dont wast your life.

    do marriage not now.after 5 year.when u will be settled in film indystry but not with salman sharukh is sincere with his wife.all are not like that.

  • hi every one i wish to celebrate marriage cermeny of my lovely sweet girl katrina kaif in fact i want to merry u katrina but i will b also happy if u marry salu bcoz i love salu then u will b my bhabhi.i will marry u in u katrina jan just muoaaaaaaaa

  • My only wish in my life is 2 c SALMAN and KATRINA being 2gether as a couple. I think there is no 1 in this world for Salman who can be his star in sky but Katrina. So do for katrina. Salman is the best for katrina nad Kat is also the best for Salman.

  • Hey ! Excuse . If you guys donot know any thing about Sallu . So, Please don’t paste such comments here . Mind It . He’s a true king . He not opnly helps the need but also stands by them . He’s a born prince . Salman can get N Number of Katrina . But Katrina can only get one Salman . Guys He is a true HUman being . Did you see any star walking on the road so braverly how salman does . his efortless acting and many more If I write abourt him thsi page won’t be sufficient . An actor needs to take 7 janams to be Bicep Bully and Dil dar SALLU . We all lover you SALLU .

  • I would love to see Salman and Katrina together. Katrina should decide that she should marry to Salman khan. I think there is no one better who is than Salman for her. No one can care her more than Salman. They always looks beautiful together and looks like that they are made for each other.

  • I love u………………… katreena sooooooooo much n kat ke opposite ek word bhi ni sunna.

  • Salman looks good on screen,he is helpful friend etc etc. Whether he can make a good husband is doubtful. Men with massive egos can never be good husband. What is marriage after all. It’s a load of compromise on both sides. Salman dated wonderful women in the past,he was restless he cheated each time including when he was with Aish ( Aish interview soon after their breakup ) He has broken many hearts. Bows it’s his turn. Sorry mate.

  • me katrina se boht piyar karta hon jo mere piya k bich aiga main use jaan se mar donga main katrina se sahdi kana cahta hon main us k bina pagal ho jaonga mar bih jaonga

  • Katrina,Salman khan is the best.Don’t let him marry with any other woman.You can’t have such a personality who made you to touch the height of success of ur dreams in bollywood that people say “they are made for each other”.

  • salman khan is looking so handsome
    plz shadi kat sa krlo or salu ki to hr film hit suppe dupper hit hogi jeo salman khan

  • Sorry guys Katrina doesnt deserve Salman’s Love, she did exactly what Ash did to him, both of them are selfish. Salman you rock & you will get some1 much much better then katrina.

  • After 4-5years kat wll be looking so old & salu so young & handsome,no 1 wll say kat is made 4 salu.So best of luck sala (love you)

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