Bollywood: Top 5 Tax payers for 2009!

Plenty of surprises in the list of the Top 5 tax payers of 2009. Read on to find out who made it and who didn’t..

5) Rajesh Khanna (7 crores) – Huge surprise, Rajesh Khanna who is no longer the superstar he once was, makes a grand entry to the elite list. Supposedly, the yesteryear actor has paid off all his arrears (unpaid – overdue) from the last few years.

4) Saif Ali Khan (8.5 crores) – Saif endorses close to 10 brands and his home production Love Aaj Kal is one of the biggest hits of 2009.

3) Salman Khan (14 crores) – At number 3 is the favorite Khan of the masses. His movies may not perform well in cities, but walk into some of the smaller towns and you’ll know just why several brands have been signing him as their brand ambassador.

2) Shahrukh Khan (31 crores) – They say he’s worth more than 2000 crores. Every brand wants a piece of him. He is the owner of one of the most loved (and hated) team in the IPL – the Kolkata Knight Riders. His last real failure (if you ignore some of his extended special appearances) was half a decade ago when Paheli tanked without a trace at the box office. At 44, this Khan shows no signs of stopping!

1) Akshay Kumar (31 crores+) – Surprise, surprise. Or is it really that big a surprise considering the eye-popping figures that he charges per film? Akshay Kumar is the highest tax-payer of 2009, despite almost all his films under performing at the box office!! He does 4 movies (sometimes more)  a year, failures seem to have stopped affecting his box office power and he continues to rake in the moolah, through films, advertisments and anchoring television shows.

To name a few stars missing from the list, Aamir Khan who had 30% stakes in 3 Idiots, Hrithik Roshan who has topped the list on more than one occasion in the last few years and  the Bachchans – Amitabh , Abhishek  and Aishwarya. Katrina Kaif too doesn’t make it to the list.

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  • SRK rocks.. he is the highest tax payer.. he does so many things and does it so well.. others cant even act well..

    hosting shows.. talking to media.. acting.. humour.. wit.. looks.. everything srk is the king.. baadshah of Bollywood!

  • Wow… Akshay Kumar the Topper….;) if SRK s worth 2000cr wat bout akki..;)
    Akki also s endorsin some brands nw.. baniyan, underwears , micromaxx mobiles, thumbs up, LG, ..;)

  • Akki Rocks…back to back for 2 years…he is King Kumar…SRK will always remain second to our Khiladi The Great

  • wow salman rocks!!!!!!!

    He is de best………

    inshalla dis year he earns more n gives 4 charity more!!!!!!!

  • VEER khan is going to have 1.5 Crores per episode for Dus Ka Dum . Congratulations to our VEER khan .

  • Good news for all VEER khan fans

    VEER”S DUS KA DUM coming soon

    Salman Khan is all set to romance the small screen once again with Dus Ka Dum 3. And we hear the actor is getting almost double the sum he received for the first season.
    According to our source, his remuneration for every episode in season one was – hold your breath – close to Rs 80 lakh. While the actor raked in a whopping Rs 1 crore per episode in season two, he’s now drawing Rs 1.5 crore per episode in season three.
    Though Khan was not available for comment, his secretary Vikas Kapoor confirmed that the deal for season three has been finalised. However, Kapoor refused to give us Salman’s price tag for the season, saying, “Salman will be charging above Rs 1 crore per episode for sure. Shooting for the show will commence in June or July.”
    Insiders reveal that Salman would like the show to air from mid-August to coincide with his next release Dabangg, which is expected to release early September





  • SAlman veer khan doesnt waste his money gor giving to govt
    he give to all charities ,,, we all indian should be proud of great salman khan
    salman khan we are with u anytime anywhere
    good luck..

  • The weekly nett figures of MY NAME IS KHAN in India till week 5 are as follows:-

    Week 1 – Rs. 48.45 crores
    Week 2 – Rs. 17.06 crores
    Week 3 – Rs. 5.92 crores
    Week 4 – Rs. 1.65 crores
    Week 5 – Rs. 42 lakhs [only weekend figures]
    Total nett – Rs. 73.50 crores

    The gross international figures are US$ 16.33 million, which, according to Fox, makes MY NAME IS KHAN the highest grossing Bollywood film in the overseas markets. Some of the key territories contributing are:-

    * North America – US$ 3.92 million

    * UK – GBP 2.55 million – highest-ever for Bollywood film

    * Middle East – US$ 3.7 million – highest-ever for Bollywood film

    * Australia and New Zealand – US$ 1.07 million

    * Also, Pakistan, Indonesia and Singapore have cumulatively given approx. US$ 1.7 million. The break-up is as follows:- Pakistan US$ 550k, Indonesia US$ 750k, Singapore – US$ 404k [highest-ever for Bollywood film].

  • so clever indicine team:u didn’t quote exactly how much akki paid..jus wrote 31+.. he he he..u ll do nethn to promote akki..housefull will be another flop..

  • srk no1 brand endorse karta hai airtel nokia hundai dish tv linc pens videocon lux cozy belmont fair and handsome no 1 cream for mens sona chandi Sun Feast, Tag Heuer etc ……………..srk is no1 baki actors sale chutiya third class product sell karte hai hahahahahahahaha

  • sprite to me isliye peeta hoon kyuki srk endorse karta hai srk kinggggggggg hai baki actors chutiya sale chaiwala,jhaduwala jo product use karte hai woh sell karte hai hahahahaha

  • akshay is the real king.. or ye baat ab kisi ko batane ki jarurat nhi hai… according to ranking in 2010 the most powerfull star is akshayl…
    1.akshay kumar
    2 amitabh bachchan, aamir khan & sachin tendulakar
    3. shahrukh khan ritiq roshan aishwarya rai or priyanka chopra
    4 salman khana saif ali khan……..etc… list is going on……… just check this vedio on youtube…
    akshay ke baare me saari galatfehamiya door ho jayegi…
    we have proud on you AKKI………………..

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