Top 10 Opening Week Collections of Salman Khan films

Salman Khan’s latest release Jai Ho is his 4th highest first week grosser, behind some of his most successful films like Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg 2 and Bodyguard.

Jai Ho is about 5% ahead of Dabangg, a film that started his record-shattering run at the domestic box office. Do note that Dabangg, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger, Dabangg 2 were all holiday season releases and Ready released just after the IPL in 2011.

However, Jai Ho had the widest release (screens) and highest number of shows at multiplexes.

Salman Khan Top 10

Salman Khan Top 10

  • Ek Tha Tiger (2012) – 137.15 crore
  • Dabangg 2 (2012) – 106.5 crore
  • Bodyguard (2011) – 104.25 crore
  • Jai Ho (2013) – 87 crore
  • Dabangg (2010) – 82.18 crore
  • Ready (2011) – 69.45 crore
  • Wanted (2009) – 33.68 crore
  • Veer (2010) – 30.49 crore
  • Partner (2007) – 27.75 crore
  • London Dreams (2009) – 22 crore


  • Jai Ho first week collection is 88.78 cr. I think it is bit lower what was expected but the real fact is, it’s a different film with totally non holiday release and low ticket price so the collection is justified and at respectable situation.
    Jai Ho has a strong message but tickets price is noticeable low as @BeingSalmanKhan wanted common people can watch the film and the price stays in their reach. So if the collection is low then tickets price factor playing huge role.
    Jai Ho is the story of a common man who has the power to change the society for the betterment. It taught us to help more and more people instead of just saying a words thanks. Numbers are not matter always. I’m really feeling proud of being your fan and proud of the film Jai Ho.

  • Overrated khans are shame for bollywood, they earn huge money for each film and distributer suffer maximum time.
    e.x. RA1, Talash, Jai Ho

  • Before 2007 hi is nothing in terms of box office
    But good in acting skills
    & aftar 2007 hi is nothing in terms of acting & good for indian box office
    Verdict “””Average actor””

  • Jai Ho wins Hearts. I liked Jai Ho more than Swades, Chake De India & My Name Is Khan. I salute the spirit of Jai Ho. Heart touching performance by Salman Khan & Genelia Deshmukh.

  • After just 30 crores weekend of ‘Veer’ Salman’s next movie ‘Dabangg’ took big jump and made 82 crores weekend without any brand,big banner,big heroine etc which means low collections of any movie does not affect his stardom and same will happen again when ‘Kick’ will take huge opening this Eid.

  • to make movie like swades,chak de India and My name is khan salman should take 10 more births.when it comes to acting skills he is no where near to aamir n srk

  • Is #JaiHo A Flop? Its Weekend Collection was more than the collections of any other Amir or SRK film but for CE & Dhoom 3.

    Jai Ho- 1) [Bad Timing of Release after X’Mas and New Year] An out and out non-festive and non-holiday release, 2) Released in more Screens, 3) Ticket Price 30%-40% lower than CE and Dhoom 3, 4) Some Section of People are Boycotting it. 5) Low-ranking casts but for Salman and film-makers

    CE and Dhoom3- 1) [Good Timing of Releses] Festive Releases, 2) Released in lesser screens, 3) Ticket Price: 40% Higher, 4) No one boycotted them, 5) High-Ranking Casts and Film-Makers.
    Out of the above five-facts, only no. 2 is in favor of Jai Ho, while other four are against. And no.1, no.3, no.4. no.5 are in favor of CE and Dhoom 3, while only no.2 is against them.

    These are not excuses but facts.
    In short, JaiHoSpreadingHumanity

    I want to end with a few amazing words that Taran Adarsh Retweeted:

    “Haazaro Aib Dhundhte Hain Hum Dusro Mein Is Tarah, Aapne Kirdaar Mein Hum Log Farishte Ho Jaise”

    And Life is about ups and downs! All the best, Salman Khan, the enigma the people love!

  • top 3 actor of Bollywood currently
    1) srk
    2) amir
    3) salman
    srk is always number one because he is alway giving consistent hits
    amir and sallu deliver huge blockbuster at one time but super flops at other times.
    there is no manipulation king at top 3 aka hr.
    akshay comes fourth
    ranbir is at no five.

  • Indicine a question for you. I went to watch CE and Dhoom 3 first Sunday 3 pm shows here in Mumbai. I Always watch movies on Sunday afternoons. I paid $320 for the CE ticket, I paid 350 for Dhoom 3 ticket and for the same first Sunday, same theater and same 3 pm show I paid 220 rp for the jai ho ticket and what I heard from different people it is the same ratio everywhere. I have not seen any mention from u guys regarding this. This really means that jai ho did 30 cr first day and over 100 cr weekend? If tickets were in the same range as CE and Dhoom 3

  • Nice to see real consistency and heres hoping bhai hits/ has 6 back to back centuries to his name come this weekend…!

  • Weekend of Jai ho was good although film failed to sustain during weekdays which has resulted in Above average performance of the movie. One such movie will do no harm to Salman’s Stardom but certainly concept of Masala entertainer needs a second thought.

  • plz its a request to all Bollywood fans that plz do not compare srk with any other Bollywood actor. its a humble request to srk fans that don’t argue with salman and aamir fans let there favorite be no 1 at box office. but now srk is beyond comparison he is another level right now and he doesn’t need to prove anything. people like Dilip Kumar, Amitabh Bachan, Srk, Sachin, Roger federer, Tiger woods are those people who don’t need to no1 because everyone knows that they are always no 1 and they are best Respect

  • Salman Khan will be first & only actor in Bollywood to deliver six 100cr movies that too in a row.East or west SALMAN KHAN IS THE BEST.

  • long live @chetan,killer comments.thank you very much for saying this eternal truth.

    @j,you’re true,but SRK also gave may time huge bbs.

    @sameer,sallu is the 2nd most flop giving actor after akshay kumar,cheers.

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