Top 10 – Bollywood disasters in recent times!

The bigger the hype, higher the expectations. With every Aamir Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar film, comes huge expectations. A superstar not just has to perform well, but also has the added responsibility of ensuring the film is well-made.

So what happens when a biggie tanks? Lets take Akshay for example. Not too long ago after Singh Is King, Akshay was literally on top of the world with innumerable hits. Chandni Chowk to China flopped, 8 x 10 Tasveer followed and now its make or break time with Kambakkht Ishq.

Lets have a look at some of the biggest flops in recent times. Films that were expected to do well at the box-office but didn’t; resulting in huge losses for producers and distributors.

Starting with Number 10..

10) Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag – What a disaster! Remaking Sholay is no joke, but the film was. There was nothing in Aag that’s worth a mention. But as the saying goes, form is temporary, talent is permanent; RGV bounced back with the well-made Sarkar Raj. His upcoming film, Rakta Charitra, with Vivek Oberoi looks very promising.

9) Love Story 2050 – This film’s first poster looked similar to Kaho Na Pyar Hai, its lead actor looked, danced and acted like Hrithik Roshan. And those were the only reasons for any sort of curiosity around this so called science fiction movie. Arguably Priyanka Chopra’s worst performance ever and inarguably one of the worst films of 2008.

8) 8 x 10 Tasveer – Akshay Kumar it seemed was stuck in comic roles in movies that lacked substance. Tasveer directed by Nagesh Kukunoor was expected to shut most critics, but after watching the film, you wonder if its actually from the director of classics like Iqbal and Dor.

7) Yuvvraaj – Isn’t as bad as some of the other films in this list, but with a huge star cast, this big budget film failed to even register a decent intial at the box-office. Any future for Subhash Ghai or his films? We doubt!

6) Karzzz – The switch from music direction and singing to full-time acting proved to be a costly mistake for Himesh Reshammiya. From a highly talented music composer to a super-hit singer, Himesh’s career was going great, until he made the mistake of acting. Being a non actor, which was evident right from his very first film, it was just a matter of time. The failure of Karzzz put Himesh out of sight and hence out of mind. Remember those days when Himesh ruled television?

5) Tashan – All style, zero content. The dispute between Yashraj Films and Multiplexes sealed the fate of Yashraj’s worst film since Jhoom Barabar Jhoom. Being a multistarrer, Tashan’s failure didn’t affect Akshay Kumar.

4) Jhoom Barabar Jhoom – Still wonder how I managed to sit through this film. It was one heck of a terrible watch. Has to be Bachchan Sr’s worst cameo.

3) Saawariya – A Sanjay Leela Bhansali film after Black and the debut of two star-kids, Ranbir Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor, resulted in huge pre-release hype. The film clashed with Shahrukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om on Diwali and while Team OSO celebrated, Team Saawariya wept through the festive season.

2) Chandni Chowk To China – This film was expected to match, if not break, the collections of Ghajini. But surprisingly the box-office opening (70%) wasn’t upto expectations. The film was later thrashed by the critics and rejected by the audience in its first weekend.

1) Drona – In one of the biggest disasters ever witnessed, Abhishek Bachchan tried to do a Hrithik Roshan and fell flat on his face. It has to be one of the worst performance as a superhero ever by any actor. The poorly directed film, lost more than 40 crores of its investment. Eros International is yet to recover from the epic disaster.

Agree with the list? Enjoyed watching any film mentioned above? Or anything related to the biggest disasters in Bollywood… Post your comments below.



  • agree with the list….except sawariya…that was box office disaster but very nice movie.atleast i like it very much.

  • Yup!!! I do agree with the list from 1-10!!! Totally agree!!!!!!!! SRKS films have all gone hit as long as thats done I m happy!! love ya srk!!!!

  • ya i agree with the above list. That’s true. And i’m happy for srk that his films are hit.
    I have only watch sawariya from the above list but i was totally dissapointed with this film. I became so bore that i watched only half of the film and never tried to watch it again. I hope next time Sanjay’s film will do really do well.

    Pokhara, Nepal

  • I’m happy that Srk’s films did well. I have only watch sawariya from the above list. And i was totally dissapointed with the film. I hope Sanjay will make better films next time.


  • We quite enjoyed Love Story 2050, Hurman and the general look of the thing.
    8X10 Tasveer wasn’t that bad either.
    Yuuvraaj had so much potential: the music was good, cinematography was beautiful but the script needed attention and a few of the actors needed reining in.
    Jhoom Barabar Jhoom – the cameo was one of the better bits!
    We thought Abhishek Bachchan had the right look for Drona (suitable mythic) and full marks for creativity and trying something new but it wasnt enjoyable and had an empty feel to it. It had so much more potential with that general plot (which was fine as an outline).
    We couldn’t watch Karzz: were cringing quite early
    The art lovers seemed to do better with Saawariya than we did- too stagey and empty again.
    We see these all on DVD as there’s no hindi cinema close by and as DVDs we were quite happy with 8X10 and even Yuuvraaj.

  • Indicine Team: I agree, but not with all the movies in the list.. if evaluation of any movies is based on the box office collection.. so it’s a dumb! the box office is just stupid, you mentioned once that the movie Omkara was a criticial acclaim, and won many awards ( and I saw all the award function which honoured the movie and Karina got the best actress award for the movie.. the movie was just great but failed at the box office!! Isn’t that an evidence that the audience is dumb, stupid and don’t know how to value any good movies and vice versa?!!) some “kachra” movies win, as I mentioned 100 times on this website ( and an example for some bad direction in addition to the movies which I already mentioned is “Gadar” and I’ll explain the negative points thru this comment:

    Aag: A disaster, Kachra, bad.. I agree

    Love Story 2050: No.. I don’t agree.. there were some weaknesses in the movie ( as I mentioned under the movie review) but it was an interesting one with beautiful songs, a new script, a good special effect and I saw it 3 times in cinema.

    8 x 10 Tasveer: A good thriller movie, a new script, a good direction but the ending was stupid

    Yuvraaj: Not upto the mark, a bit boring, the director has to stop doing any more commercial movies ( his Black & White was much better, so he can stick to these type of movies)

    Karzzz: kachraaaaaaa!!!

    Tashan: Kachraaaaaaa!!!

    Jhoom B. Jhoom: nice songs, a pastime movie with no story at all!

    Saawariya: A brilliant movie and it’s the best of SLB’s ( even if the movie was released in the correct period of time I don’t think that it’d have been a hit movie because this movie is some kind of arts, for people who love and value arts, cinematography and “notice” the beauty in any movie, so everyone won’t understand all this!)

    CC2C: terrible.. horrible..bad.. disaster.. everybad word you can use for this movie!

    Drona: a fantasy fiction movie.. good for teens and kids to watch, but it wasn’t that bad movie, except Abhishek’s acting and one scene in the last quarter.. his acting was like those who’re exhausted and have no energy to work hard!!

    I need here to express my opinion about a movie called (Gadar) for Sunny Deol & Amisha Patel ( this is only for the people who considered Gadar as a brilliant movie and mentioned the name of this movie under some pages many times on this website) I know it’s not the correct page for posting my comment about this movie but because I don’t remember the correct page even my friend who’s indian told me that I MUST watch the movie again. So, I had a doubt about my taste and my evaluation in the past because I saw only half the movie and turned it off, so I got a copy 2 days ago and watched it till the end.

    Hahahahahaha… great.. great movie!!! A poor direction and a poor performance by Amisha Patel whom I would advise to leave bollywood for good and never turn her back again!

    Negative: ( and remember.. it’s a super hit movie I assume!)

    1) A movie with a stupid background score.. that silly song: hoho..hoho.. haha..haha.. in every part of the movie, pathetic!!
    2) Amisha’s acting is just a disaster.. fake expression and the way she weeps!! and in one scene, where Sunny wants to depart her, send her back to Lahore, while she’s speaking in hindi.. suddenly she speaks in English which didn’t match the concept and the circumstances of the movie at all!!!
    3) Sunny fights in 2 scenes alone with more than 20 guys who attack him, and though he wins!! the bad guys could never defeat him!! was he a super hero in the movie?!!
    4) They’re both in love and he stills call her: madam jee.. madam je!!
    5) Amisha is dying in the last scene, and her kid sings for her.. to bring her back to life again! so she’s awake suddenly!! haha!
    6) a kachra comedy scene in the movie
    7) The scene where Kazi wants to do the marriage ceremony.. the script writer used the same dialague from the movie “Heer Ranja” what a crap!! they thought that the audience is fool
    8) a long movie with unnecessary scenes
    9) and the worst scene in the movie is when Amisha finds out that her family aren’t dead, alive, so she calls her mom, and please see this movie again for this scene and the conversation between the mom and duaghter:
    Mom: Saku.. Saku.. saku!! and crying
    Amisha: Ammy.. Ammy.. Ammy!!
    Repeating again:
    Mom: Saku.. Saku!!
    Amisha: Ammy Ammy!!
    again repeating the same.. this scene doesn’t have any impact on the audience, and instead of crying.. you’d laugh.. funny!!

    The positive is only Amrish Puri’s acting which was the only good thing in this movie and gave a nice dialogue in the last scenes of the movie, where he asks sunny to say: Pakistan Zindabad and Hindustan murdabad.. that’s the only good scene in this movie.

    It didn’t even have some good songs.. so why the hell this movie was a hit one?!! And what about the critics? what did they say about this movie?!

    Comparing this movie with Sunny Deol’s (The Hero) which was released on 2004, the last one is much better in terms of direction, production, cinematography, songs, performance but the movie didn’t do that well ..I think it was an average movie.. if not a flop.. and I saw The Hero 3 times on a’s a long movie but a good direction ( could be seen into 2 parts)

  • RGV ki Aag: did not watch it, nether do i want to.
    Love Story 2050: the special effects were good, but the story needed more help. Harman was good in the film.
    8 x 10 Tasveer: it was a good movie.
    Yuvraaj: Got bored of it in the first half, so didnt complete it.
    Karzzz: The worst film, you see Rishi Kapoor’s Karz and then watch Himesh’s.
    Tashan: What is going on in the film? the story is ununderstadable, the dialogues are ununderstandable, only the songs are good.
    Jhoom barabar jhoom: A pastime movie, but the story was totally stupid.
    Sawarya: again, didn’t watch the movie yet.
    CC2C: An entertaining movie but the story was just the worst one.
    Drona: Did not watch it.

  • Absolute rubbish about Love Story 2050. My view is that it is one of the best and most enjoyable films last year. Priyanka was perfection itself and had a great leading man.

    One of the sexiest Bollywood ladies ever.

  • Of this list, I have only seen JBJ and thought it was funny. But then, maybe I was just blinded by Little B’s hotness. As to those who claim that at least all SRK’s fims rock, I would agree with one horrible exception: Silsiilay. That is the worst movie I have ever seen out of India. It really wasn’t Shahrukh’s fault, as he was his absolutely charming self, but then, he really had nothing to do with the so called “plot” of the movie.

  • you missed out the old flops. like the film shaan starring amitabh. was expected to match sholays success, but was one of the biggest flops ever………..

    so here we go with the new list of the worst disasters ever, not in any particular order:

    1. drona

    2. love story 2050

    3. ganga jamuna saraswati

    4. shaan

    5. silsila

    6. phir bhi dil hai hindustani

    7. tashaan

    8. mehbooba

    9. aag

    10. ghulami (although was a very good film)


    can you do one for the greatest bollywood film song of all time (or the top 10 songs of all time) ? and also the worst song of all time.

    also, the greatest bollywood film scene of all time – that will be a popular topic of discussion……..

  • Sure, Greatest Bollywood songs ever would be a great topic, both to create and discuss.. But worst? There are so many..!

    Films scenes, possible. Expect something soon..!

  • I adored Drona and Saawariya, but it’s true about Love Story 2050. the movie had a great concept but it could have been done a better way. I feel bad for Saawariya cause it was up against Om Shanti Om, and OSO would have won out every time. Drona was good but it had way to many plot holes that never got filled.

  • I have only seen Love Story 2050, Yuvvraaj, Tashan, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom, Saawariya, Chandni Chowk To China and Drona, I don’t care about box-offic report but for me all the movies above is suck, very boring, make me headache.

  • I had read above a comment about gadar by fathiya. I think fathiya is crap. Gadar is absolutely the best movie of indian cinema. Sunny and amisha’s acting is fantastic. Fathiya should be ashamed of itself.

  • Hotstar: you’re one of those audience who know nothing in cinema.. and how to judge good acting from bad.. I just don’t care about yr opinion.. I’m writing for ppl who didn’t watch Gadar.. to see it and decide for themselves.. such a crap won at the box office.

  • My list is:
    Mangal Pandey- The Rising
    Deewana Mujh Sa Nahin
    Dil hai kya maanta nahi
    Akele Hum Akele Tum
    Earth, 1947
    Taare Zameen Par
    Aatank Hi Aatank
    Daulat Ki Jung
    Jawani Zindabad
    Raja Hindustani

  • I think I am not brilliant enough to declare those extraordinary people’s work useless and non-sense, are

  • I don’t agree with fathiya”stupid you”… According to me GADAR is one of the best movie ever made..
    1. Great songs
    2. Great expression of amisha & sunny
    3. Great story & screenplay
    4. Great amresh puri work.
    5. No doubt for this is one of the best movie (according to 95% audiance..except some 5% stupid people”)

    GADAR won may aw’rds…please cheak the WIKIPEDIA of GADAR..

  • Hotstar : i agree with you..”only fake person not understand what is fake & real..”..i’m watching gadar…here’s are my top 5 hindi films ever made.
    1. Ghajini
    2. Hum apke hain kaun
    3. Gadar
    4. Taare zameen par
    5. Jaane tu ya jaane na.

  • I think Ram gopal Varma ki Aag should be at 1st not in tenth
    No seriously that was the worst movie i ever watched
    How did the film had suck hit cast such as amitabh and ajay

    I dont agree chandi chowk to china in this list
    it was a flop because it has a larger budget
    that is the reason

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