Toilet Ek Prem Katha Weekend Box Office Collections

Toilet Ek Prem Katha recorded excellent collections in its first weekend. It was only the third Hindi film this year, after Raees, Tubelight and Jolly LLB 2, to collect more than 50 crore in its first 3-day weekend at the box office.

The trend was extraordinary through the weekend and even though the first day collections were lower than Shah Rukh Khan’s Jab Harry Met Sejal, the weekend collections are 20% higher. In fact, ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ will smash the lifetime business of ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’ in just 4 days, as the film has held-on  well on Monday which is a partial holiday for Krishna Janmashtami.

The weekend collections of Akshay’s last five films are as follows:

  • Airlift – 44.3 crore
  • Housefull 3 - 53.31 crore
  • Rustom - 50.42 crore
  • Jolly LLB 2 - 50.46 crore
  • Toilet Ek Prem Katha – 51.45 crore

Most of his films have been averaging out at around the 50 crore range over the weekend, which is very good. Unless there’s a major crash on Wednesday, the first weekend business makes the film a winner at the box office. It has the big holiday for Independence Day coming up on Tuesday and even though the word-of-mouth isn’t excellent, the general perception around the film is positive which should ensure high ticket sales on Tuesday.

Box office aside, ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ is one of the few films this year that has ensured big crowds at multiplexes on a Sunday and credit should go to Akshay Kumar for taking a small film like this to the level that it has reached over the weekend. Clearly, his Saturday-Sunday audience is increasing with every release.

‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ is now looking at 5-day extended weekend business of close to 80 crore. The test will come on Wednesday, when ticket prices drop to normal weekday levels. If the film manages to hold above the 5 crore mark, it’ll go on to be a major winner at the box office.

For now though, the trade has a reason to celebrate after a long time. A film has emerged a success after back to back failures, with the only exception being Mubarakan.

A bit of history: It was during the exact same period in 2013 when Shah Rukh Khan decided to clash his big release ‘Chennai Express’ with ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Dobaara’. He got the weekend and decimated one of Akshay’s most awaited films. 4 years later, we have the exact same situation, but the opposite result. It’s Akshay Kumar this time around who decided to take on the already announced ‘Jab Harry Met Sejal’. He got the bigger weekend for himself, didn’t even have to compete and his film is now reaping the benefits of an open week.

A quick note on IndicineLBO: We are sticking to the same prediction of 120 crore which we made before the release of the film. It remains unchanged.



  • Ajay said “that there is no fan base which used to be before 90’s.”
    After Hrithik No Actors got Star fans. By youtube any one can be secret superstar.
    Is this the reason that movies don’t get big openings?
    Why don’t you have a youtube channel?

    • Toilet has limited sat to sun multiplex audience. It is slow and not universal movie. Next week Kajol & movie VIP 2 and Bareliy ki barfi coming up big Holwood and Punjabi movie coming up. I don’t see it covering distributors cost and reaching 140 Crore.

      • Don’t worry Maria we understand your meaning of universal appeal like jhms……lol. You idiot after a long time single screen get a desi movie. Which like more by massess.

      • you are out of your minds…..beter except the reality…srk is finished…go and watch tepk…

      • I don’t know about Hollywood movie but Punjabi movie is the one to watch for. Even Bahubali couldn’t match any Punjabi movie or content.

  • Akshay has tremendously improved the variety in his movies since OUATIM Dobaara while SRK has been stuck in a somewhat romantic image since Channai Express… Even in Raees, he was not upto the mark as a gangster (it was silly to project a bootlegger as a man of golden heart), it was Nawazuddin who kept the entertainment alive in Raees…

  • In 2nd weekend, JHMS crashed and collected just 2.85 Crores (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)…
    Below are the 2nd weekend collections of others films which are more to Duniya Ka Sabse Bada Superstar’ JHMS –

    Mom – 6.71 cr.

    Half Girlfriend – Rs. 6.12 cr.

    Sachin A Billion Dreams – Rs. 5.71 cr.

    Naam Shabana – Rs. 5.37 cr.

    Lipstick Under My Burkha – Rs. 3.76 cr.

    The Ghazi Attack – 3.2 cr.

    Phillauri – Rs. 3.1 cr.

    Now, According to few retards SRKians…
    Sridevi, Arjun Kapoor, Tapsee Pannu, etc. are way bigger to SRK…








    • LOL Why we should we hide our faces remember happy new year 1st day collection was more than lifetime collection of all akkis films till 2014 and first ask akki to cross kal ho naa ho oveseas collection in overseas he is only actor to give 100 disaster in overseas whereas srk has 23 blockbuster in overseas .Even if srk will give 100 films like jab harry met sejal still his stardom will be way more than canadian kumar did you understood makki fan in 25 years of lifespan akki has only beaten srk once in clash and let me tell you jhms 1st week overseas collection is more dan akkis highest overseas grosser and tepk overseas collection will not even reach 1/4th of jab harry met sejal

      • you are just talking nonsense like moron and don’t know what to say after seeing the success of TEPK akki sir gave 4 blockbuster of his career with TEPK and that without festival & new doubt director well you star have only 3 blockbuster without yasraj & dharma and they called it self made superstar lol there are only one self made superstar in bollywood and that is one man army in bollywood akki sir real self made superstar of bollywood

      • Zebra ur out of the hole u little mole. SIK 1st week overseas> RNBDJ 1st week overseas.
        And lets talk about current situation TEPK is all set to overtake ur zebra star’s JHMS that’s too in 4 days. Lol… And maybe u don’t know what ur talking about Holiday collected 113 cr. & HNY 1st day was 36.9 cr. lifetime 178 cr.

      • Still basking in past glory….Open your eyes, if the movie losses money it is flop. As simple as that. JHMS was a disaster, Fan was a flop, Raees recovered its cost. Thats it Srk over last 2 years.

        Akki has been been extremely consistent this decade and has been ahead of Srk

  • ToiletEkPremKatha smashes it’s way into 50 cr Opening weekend Fri 13.10 cr, Sat 17.10 cr. Sun 21.25 cr * Total: 51.45 cr. *

    Ultron Salmoronic And Navina Aunty, You both were barking below 60 Crores Lifetime and verdict Disaster…

    Now, The all users want to listen from both of You, Indicine kab chhod rahe ho, Bey?

    • it is also going to beat TL which i much bigger film and realese on end akki beat Salman & Srk easily and that with small film like TEPK

  • “Box office aside, ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ is one of the few films this year that has ensured big crowds at multiplexes on a Sunday and credit should go to Akshay Kumar for taking a small film like this to the level that it has reached over the weekend.”

    Superb line?. The first clean hit of 2017 was given by Akki and now this man has once again saved Bollywood. The lifeline if exhibitors and trade’s favorite actor Akshay Kumar!!!

    • For ur kind information, BNKD was 1st clean hit n not JLLB2…. BTW, his 3 films combined collects 300 crs with budget of 200 crs but there r some stars whose single movie collects more than 300 crs with budget of less than 100 crs… then, how do call him Trade’s fav or Exhibitor’s lifline ?!

      Plz don’t use illogical, mindless logics of SRK fans (usually they [srk fans] use the brainless logics and now u akki fans started to use such foolish logics)

      • Dude firstly I respect aamir and expect more intelligent fans of such an intelligent superstar.
        BKND was first superhit but Jolly was first clean hit(check any reliable resources again).
        Now coming about why is he trade’s fav?
        Because an aamir khan film may ensure 300+ but that comes once in a two years but akshay kumar keep turning the wheel throughout the year.

      • @Amir Khan because trade and exhibitors have nothing to do with budget…Only Producer are effected by budget..And who tf told u that the combined is 300 or the budget combine is 200…?? Have u even watched his last 3 films…?? Only Rustom and Airlift seems to be a production wise quality movie..others were made on a limited controlled budget

      • Bcoz Aamir’s(no.1/2 superstar of bollywood nowdays) films release after 2 years(365*2=730 days)..

        and 2 years span is a long period

      • His 3 films (Rustom, Jolly LLB2, TEPK) combined budget goes to around 120-140cr (including P&A) and his WW collections for these three movies comes to around 600-700 cr which is similar to Sultan (145 cr in budget & 584 in earnings). He releases 3 movies every year which keeps the box office ringing every qaurter and at the same time generate employment with 3 movies every year. Hence he is darling of producers, exhibitors, distributors with controlled budget and high return of investments. And now he has become darling of masses & classes too……Just wait for 2.0 & he will get universal appeal which will help his further movies like PadMan, Gold etc.

      • Even the total budget of Akshays last 5 films has hardly crossed 200cr. Don’t know from where u get these figures and his last 3 movies have collected around 370 not only 300. And meaning of clean hit means all have made some profit while BKD was second clean hit and a superhit means profit was more than jolly llb2. So don’t use ur brainless mind too much.

      • @Aamir Khan
        You’ve taken the name of the smartest man in the industry but our box office knowledge is zero!

        There are 100 hundred reasons why Akshay is the only lifeline for distributors. Those actors who deliver those 300 cr movies come once in 2 years or max thrice in two years. The remaining time it’s Akshay maintaining the balance and if not him distributors should close their shops and do bussiness only once or twice in a year. Bhai kuch nahi pada toh kam se kam kal ka QnA toh padlo, more than half questions were about Akshay and how important he is for the industry.

      • Hey you stupid….do you even know the meaning of exhibitors…they are happy because akshay ensures higher footfalls around the year…I am also quite an akki fan…bt I admit aamir and salman are bigger than him… (no offense…bt akshay used to give higher openings than both the khans. mid 2000s. ..had he chosen good scripts like aamir on that tike he wouldn’t lose his fanbase. ..noe again he is getting it back…and aamir ensures more than 3 times footfalls than akshay bt it takes 2 years…by that time akshay completes 6 films…so he is the lifeline of exhibitors

      • @Fake Aamir Khan
        Some Bhaitards After Tubelight Disaster They can not use their names. So they hide behind Aamir name . shame on you.

      • @Fake Aamir Khan
        and now Bhaitard like you Hiding behind Aamir’s name. And talking about logic .
        Any logic ?? The first time I see Bhaitard talking about logic. Your IQ is less than Salman’s acting.

  • 125+ Crores weekend is coming in January, 2018 with Robot 2.0

    Just relax…

    Countdown begins…!!!

  • Today it will collect more than 12 crores and tomorrow 18+ crores!!! Indicine I think it will easily cross 130 crores!! This time ur prediction will be wrong

  • First Thanks Indicine For Answer My Question in QnA.
    Akshay Kumar is going in to his best
    Now it’s Akki who Maintain the BOx Office this Year
    I think it Will do 85 crore in 1st week and Will cross 125 Definitely

  • Congrats to all Akkians on not just the movie doing great at BO but also on Akshay being now formally recognized in the top 3 replacing SRK. Since Airlift Akshay has been unstoppable. The best part is his movies have not just been finding commercial success but also critical acclaim.

    Congrats from a SRKian.

  • finally bollywood get there much needed hit and that with TEPK so show some deserving respect to one man army in bollywood akki

  • Akshay kumar is becoming real box office king slowly and steadily. Amir khan giving ATBB once in 2 years, Srk n sallu have given flops as well but this guy despite 3 4 releases every year, still able to manage to give super hits. Now he should come out of the shadows of Khan trio and should be recognized as most bankable star. He is no more a dark horse. Way to go Akki!!!

  • 150 crore is a done…mark my words…
    Week 1 : 90 cr
    Week 2 : 36 cr
    Week 3 : 14 cr
    Week 4 : 6 cr
    Week 5 : 2 cr
    Rest combined : 2 cr

    If not exactly 150…it will definitely touch 150 cr with over 145 cr business…it has tremendous recall value especially for single screen audiences

  • It was from last year’s end that a trend had started which was visible in the success of Dangal which was that the Indian audience is going for content now rather than superstardom. This is year is an perfect example of this concept. Hollywood follows the same concept where tom cruise and Dwayne Johnson can just open a film and the verdict of the films survival is out before the weekend ends. Baywatch was flop because it was a poor movie thus same can be said JHMS whereas a few back a lot of Indian films that were plain bad became a success. Another couple of years and Indian audience will the verdict on the films trailer itself

  • So now Akshay is the only superstar who has defeated all the Khans in a clash. According to SRKians, CE vs OUATIMD was a clash, so even this one is an official clash! Even if it isn’t Akshay was already a winner when SRK decided to run away. Not just Khans, he has won atleast one clash against all his co-stars. Only superstar to achieve this feat! Always stood like a man and faced all the clashes barring one case 4 years ago where the other party acted like a school boy and begged parents to postpone their film.

  • Arrogance will come back to haunt you. If SRK had been humble during his success days he wouldn’t have seen such days. Now he is trying to be humble however his arrogance have rubbed on his fans and they still refuse to accept the reality and displaying their arrogance.

    • Couldn’t agree more, there was the time when I have watched K3G, HTHS,MHN, VZ,Paheli & KANK in theater but his arrogance at his peak made me angry and since then I have never seen a single movie of him in theatre. In last 11 years, CDI & CE are the only films for which I have regret for not having big screens experience. His downfall has started since 2008 when First Aamir toppled him with Ghajini & 3I and later Salmania begins until now.

      • Could not agree more, Srk was arrogant. Salman aur aamir to hamesha sai angels thai. They are flawless with perfect character.

    • wellll said bro n the Truth….SRK was hated for being arrogant n a big mouth…if all remember he said 2 things:

      There are only 2 khangs…Changez Khan and Shahrukh Khan

      I am better than Amitabh Bachchan.

      I have hated him since…and now see.since 2008 He has never ever given Highest Grosser of teh year…What a top superstar if he hasnt done it for past 10 years now….he is in the second slab now

  • Akki’s fans will be very happy coz his one more film going to collect 120 crs….

    On Consecutive 100 crs… he is the only actor who might break 11 consecutive 100 crs and it will increase to 12 after TZH release… 12 consecutive 100 crs is little difficult but most no. of 100 crs won’t be that difficult if he does 3-4 films per year but 2 films a year won’t help coz even Salman does 2 films a year… The only actor who can’t reach at Salman is Aamir Khan, coz I think he won’t do 10 films in next 10 years… it’ll take 15 or more years for him to make 10 films… and surely he won’t do 2 films per year or even 1 film per year coz he know well that then his film won’t be huge grossers like Dangal or PK… his film will collect less from there if he does so….

    2008 – Ghajini
    2009 – 3 Idiots
    2010 – Didn’t come coz Xmas was occupied by Akki
    2011 – Didn’t release coz Xmas was occ by SRK
    2012 – Talash (he came and realised his mistake for not coming on Xmas & then never came again wiyhout Xmas)
    2013 – Dhoom 3
    2014 – PK
    2015 – Again due to SRK he skipped this year
    2016 – Dangal
    2017 – And same story, he will skip this year too coz Salman is releasing his film on Xmas And Aamir can’t repeat the mistake of Talash, not releasing his film on Xmas!!!!!

    • at least He doesn’t give disasters on holidays
      – disasters on Dilwale (Main Aur Mrs Khanna , Kyonki)
      – Disaster on Eid ( Jaan-E-Mann , Tubelight)
      – Now his Target is to give disaster Xms

  • I am a huge fan of indicines lbo predictions they were bang on jhms 67 CR’s lifetym even though it won’t cross 63 CR’s.
    But sincerely I wish tepk to cross akkis highest grosser rr.
    Now perfect revenge taken against srk.

  • first week ws nvr a problem for akshay .

    As indicine mentioned all his movies does 50cr weekend , and the week1 of his last 4 movies is 80-90 approx…problem is the 2nd week…i hope it does well in long run to break RR biz, TEPK do hv good repeat value and wider reach …!

  • SRK Fans Used To Make Fun Of Akshay By Calling Him 70CR Club star, Now The Tables have Turned Around And SRK has Become Honourable Owner of 70CR Club With Fan,DZ And JHMS .

    Averge OF ALL movies = 70 .i like Bashing With real Facts & Figures .

  • Now it will cross Raees easily.. Saroook ka iss saal ek record tha, woh bhi toot gaya ab…..Doob maro Hakluu fans….?

  • Surprised no tax free till now, indicine was so sure that it will get supporT from BJP government!

  • So distributor in loss again if 120 cr LBO. You have mentioned that TEPK requires 140 cr + for recovery..

  • What goes around comes around. Srk had to face decimation twice – he clashed with SLB in 2007 and then lost in 2015 when Dilwale bombed. Now with JHMS vs TEPK, he not only avoided clash but ran away and now Akki will surpass LT of JHMS in 4 days. Srk is no longer king of clash :)..Going down every single day

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