Toilet Ek Prem Katha Box Office Collection Update

Akshay Kumar’s Toilet Ek Prem Katha has held fairly well at the domestic box office on its first weekday. The holiday period came to an end on Tuesday, ticket prices at multiplexes dropped to normal weekday rates and the film has managed to collect Rs 6.5 crore.

The hold on Wednesday suggests the film would have collected around 8 crore on Monday and 7.25 crore on Tuesday if both those days were normal working days. This puts the holiday advantage for the film at around 16-17 crore, which the film would’ve lost if it released during a normal week.

Toilet Ek Prem Katha is heading towards first week business of around 95 crore, which will make it the highest first week collection for an Akshay Kumar film – beating ‘Rustom’ during the same period last year.

The growth over the second weekend will decide if the film can go on to become Akshay’s highest grosser (currently Rowdy Rathore) and also beat Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees to emerge as the biggest grosser of the year so far.

Toilet Ek Prem KathaCollectionsGrowth / Drop
Day 1 (Friday)13.10 cr-
Day 2 (Saturday)17.10 cr+ 31%
Day 3 (Sunday)21.25 cr+ 24%
Day 4 (Monday)12.00 cr- 44%
Day 5 (Tuesday)20.00 cr+ 67%
Day 6 (Wednesday)6.5 cr- 68%
Day 7 (Thursday)6.1 cr- 6%
First Week Total96.05 cr
Day 8 (2nd Friday)4.0 cr- 35%
Day 9 (2nd Saturday)6.75 cr- 69%
Day 10 (2nd Sunday)8.25 cr+ 22%
Day 11 (2nd Monday)2.60 cr- 68%
Day 12 (2nd Tuesday)2.50 cr- 4%
Day 13 (2nd Wednesday)2.25 cr- 11%
Day 14 (2nd Thursday)2.00 cr- 11%
Week 2 Total28.35 cr
Day 15 (3rd Friday)1.00 cr- 50%
India Total Collections125.40 crore


    • Had there been no holidays/Partial holidays on Monday Tuesday Thursday then desh bakhti formuala would have easily failed with so low production value. Canadian got lucky this time for sure. Raees despite competition got to 137 Crore . Candian despite all positive publicity may linger past Indian bolly king by few lakhs….. MAY BE NOT . This sums up who is bigger star SRK off course. Oversaes business ko to abhi mea nay chera hi nhi . In that case toilet will be 60% short of Raees

      • Hello,

        What are your opinion regarding Jab Harry Met Sejal’s collection..?

        It is a disaster mover where SRK is a main lead Actor with Anushka Sharma as lead Actress.

        Please explain.

        A good movie fan

      • @maria which planet u living at? Wat abt srk which formula he is using in his movies all the time? the same stero type romance everytime and he wasnt gud in that though. Omg if u see ddlj now mere barely half hour and we get sick wid his unconventional over dramatic over hype acting and expression.
        U r such an uncouth hypocrite. Why didnt sunny deol bhagat sing didnt work at box office and LOC many more? Dont winge like an old women and cry in every akshya article. Ur srk raaes and happy new collection was manipulated and think apart from chennai express which movie of him has gone over 130 cr ? He is below kangana ranaut in stardom. Jus imagine what where would av akshya reach now if akshya had got the privilege to work under the yash raj and dharma production persistently like chameleon srk? Its only Megastar Slaman khan, Gigastar Amir khan and superstar Akshya and ajay doesnt need banner, top actress and director. Ur tingu always need to prop out by banner top actress and director. Despite working wid Yash raj and dharma whole life srk failed unable to give em’ 100 cr it was Megastar salman khan who worked first time wid yash raj and gave it 199cr and superstar hrithik who gave 130cr to dharma production. 1980 to 1990 highest grosser of the decade salman’s maine pyar kiya 1990 to 2000 salman’ HAHK 2000 to 2010 salman’ dabang after 3 idiot. 2010 to 2020 its all abt salman khan and amir khan again. Megastar salman is ruling frm 80′ and we dont see srk anywhere close to him. If u talk abt overseas collection ask to indicine or google up it was megastar salman khan HAHK which collected 100cr over gross in the history of indian cinema. He was a born megastar a first megastar whose movie bacame All time blockbuster not like srk whose face was accepted after half decade. We salman fan dont exaggerate the fact it is what it is.

      • Raees was a masses movie yet it could not do a big budget movie compared to TEPK

      • Desh bahkti .open defecation is a serious problem and being a women how can you raise your figure on such a sensitive issue.

      • @maria ji, If visiting all Akki related articles and spitting your nonsense and makes u feel good then have all the fun coz that’s the only thing left for u SRKians now😂. Par ek baat batana, yeh weekend toh tumhare King of Bollywood ne book kiya tha, then why did he run away from Akki???

        Akki ne toh sirf honorary citizenship li hein, uski nationality toh hamesha Indian hi rahegi yaad rakhna. If deshbhakti can alone save movies then what happened to films like Tubelight, Rangoon, Jai Ho, Satyagraha, etc?

      • I wonder where the holiday was when JHMS released with “biggest star”, biggest actress, biggest director, chartbuster music, Rom-com genre, great production wise look and feel…

        Isn’t this the same star that backed out of this clash..??

      • so you mean that raees had no holidays, what about republic day, even tepk had competition from jab budda tharki met ladki, and you know what happened so shut up, saruk is finished now, i even doubt now if his film with anand rai gets solo release, his only hope is don 3 now

      • Maria may sister don’t try to angry akkians only Srk fans can be foolish easily and getting angry very fast and your star is zero without yasraj films & dharma production & almost 90% of his hit films are romantic movies and here you are breaking always on reall self made superstar how have hit films with every kind of movies and most of his hits are with doubt directors every one know Srk is just overrated actor how gets so much chances in the beginning of his career now you will tell me that he deserved because he is more talented but in reality actors like Ajay, Aamir, Akshay are much better than him

      • I have seen few of yours comments on indicine page. And it seems like you are an ardent and quite possibly a fanatical fan of shahrukh. Well I respect that. But devotion should not shield incompetency. Bad movies yield bad results, that’s truth. Whoever the star is, if the film is entertaining and has content then people will follow it. If your film is crap then it will be outrightly rejected.
        So learn to appreciate others work. Shahrukh is an icon but i think it’s time to change his strategy. Audience makes a star or breaks it.

      • By that logic, you are degrading srk only. His last films got collections (if any) only because of holiday periods while Akshay has been releasing his films without any major holiday period. Srk released fan n jhms on non holidays and we have seen the results. Agreed that Akshay’s non holiday releases are not the highest grossing types but at the same time, budget of those movies weren’t even half as compared to fan or jhms. Even TEPK is a small film which will cross biggie of srk.

    • Day 3 – 21 crs
      Day 5 – 20 crs…

      May be 1st time an akki’s film crossed 20 crs two times… Before it no film crossed 20 crs 2 times some crossed just a single time

  • Good hold…will be highest grosser for Akshay.
    @Indicine,you are underestimating Badshaho.Desi is the feel which the audiences are connecting.Badshaho is a complete paisa vasool masala entertainer.

    • @Common Man . Even if Jab harry met sajjal is a Flop still world wide gross is 160 Crore. Your Favourite candian world wide gross of Jolly a hit movie was just 183 Crore. Toilet will end at 200 crore world wide while Raees is highest in 2017 @ 287 Crore world wide. So candian fan Just chill and enjoy micro success. 2017 = SRK = 447 Crore world wide number one

      • Hey dude first find out which one is good??? Investing 200 crore and getting 220 crore or investing 25 crore and getting back 75 crore??

      • Jhms worldwide gross 150 cr
        Tepk 6 days ww gross 150 cr aukat of Pakistani agents srk

      • That’s why, he has been waiting for a clean hit since 2015 like a poor chap…

    • True..Indicine believes only SRK and Ranbir are stars…rest they underestimate. And then they get shocks of their lives

    • Wheres Socha na tha video?
      Again Indicine whats wrong with you guys? So crappy Gentleman songs are better than Piya moye and Soch na tha songs?
      Now really this is pathetic and purposely not creating any buzz.
      Ajay sir again has given you a tight slap.

  • Lets give credit to everyone. Its more than a akshay kumar film. Box office has stopped worshiping stars, we should follow the same. Die hard fans lol

  • as predicted if tepk failed to touch 20cr independence day will crash next day, now tepk further crash in coming days and completely finished on monday

    • it is already declared blockbuster. you better worry about your haklu who is carrier is officially over with 4 back to back disaster

    • Listen you idiot TEPK already has a Superhit status and now TEPK is going to attend BLOCKBUSTER status so it will be going to get more success instead crash do u know what was crash ? Jab CHACHA Miya Met Sejal that was a epic crash of this decade since day one of released. So stop barking stop feel jealous from Akshay Kumar you should thank Akshay Kumar because he gave tremendously superb movie to your nation.
      From #Pakistan #TEPK Rocks

    • Ohhooo, So the shameless person still has guts to write post…
      5 days mein lag gayi, JHMS ki… Disaster ho gayi air Tu TEPK ek blockbuster movie ke liye tension le raha hai…
      Anyways, Keep posting so that we can reply you as we thought, You will be ashamed on yourself that will never post anything further…
      Romance ka jahaaz dubb raha hai, Usse sambhal le pahle, ROFL…

  • Salman’s epic ‘blockbuster ‘ Marigold completed 10 years buzz is Salman is working on its sequel .releasing on Eid 2019. Eagerly waiting !!

    • @Prashant abhishek !! please don’t talk about slman khan. we all akki fans support and respect salman khan.

    • Shahrukh is also planning to make jhms remake i.e.dwarf movie with a different director with same starcast with a cameo by katrina.. which is releasing in christmas 2018..eagerly waiting for it!! Dekhte kounsa bada disaster hota hai!!

  • DOn’t analysis what it would hv done on normal monday tuesday…your khans r taking advngte of holidays from decades…!

    TEPK did 12CR on monday ,hw can u evn say 8CR??? When jnmshtmi was actually not even on monday…it’s A small benefit day . i think u hv lost ur mind Completly! Even H3 did 8.5 on normal monday with nit so gud trend!


    • Haa bhai mai bhi yahi soch raha hu . Yeh indicine pata nahi kyu TEPK k khilaaf negativity spread kr raha hai. Without holiday TEPK 1st Monday would have been 10cr .
      Lbo prediction bhi yeh 120cr de rahe hai . Kya pagal hai yeh , inhe trend nazar hi nahi aa raha. TEPK minimum 150cr kregi.

  • it will finish on 97 nt 95…Mark my words.

    Where r 70CR Club stars , i don’t see much dislikes on akshay’s articles nowadys means all haters r avoiding indicine ful articles and cmnts hahahaha

  • i think the drop is too big… i think 125cr is LBO of TEPK,,,! i think after seeing akshays career many flop stars will start doing patriotic films..! yahi chal rahaa hai aajkal

    • at least the film is super hit, what about jab budda tharki met ladki that folded in 62 cr, maha disaster

  • This year akki films combined total will be 260cr net
    Next year 1100 cr
    Robot 2 hindi 600plus + padman 100plus + gold and mogul 350

  • During BKD time…indicine called BKD biggest hindi HIT on the basis of Profit.(only profit and share matters)

    Now Indicine is waiting TEPK to cross Raees Biz To call it Biggest Hindi Hit( high collection matters)


  • Week one 95cr, means lifetime will be somewhere around 130cr…..Good collection but should be better because WOM is positive and according to some sites it is Extremely Positive plus 2 Holidays so expectation was high…..still its not bad….

    Congrats Akki fans….

  • Akshay Kumar is at his peak right now choosing good scripts with entertainment value. On the other hand the so called King is choosing stupid scripts. People call SRK smart which I agree he is but stars like Aamir and Akshay are far more intelligent than him. Unfortunately it is the end for SRK and if his next one is not a clean hit then we can be sure that his glorious career will come to an end.

    • srk is fighter, he will sure come back all khans retire next 6-7yr because that time ranveer,ranbir,varun will reach khans label at moment not even 50% although srk in his all time career low but his upcoming films are better than any actor Drawf(ALR) Warrior (Adi chop) Shidayat(kabir khan) Don3

  • looks like indicin not happy with the success of TEPK any way TEPK have superseded all expectations for such small film made on 40cr budget +150cr will be just fantastic collection for Akshay film

  • Today is Pateti , So it Will definitely collect more than 7 cr..
    lifetime in between 136-144 as Akshay films not perform extraordinarily in second week.
    But still it has broken the jinx of dull period.

  • So it is proved now that WOM is not excellent as one other website said. Sometimes even these websites get carried away but it is good to be realistic and for picture to be clear.

  • Second weekend will be between 20 crores. Nevertheless second week be close to 30 crores and hence the total will be close to 124-125 crores after 2 weeks. If the third week is 10-12 crores the LT will be 140 crores

    Blockbuster considering it was made at a budget of 17 crores

  • I find Indicine is being a little more critical to TEPK(with due respect to the team). All 300 Cr grossers or even 200 Cr grossers have got the advantage of holidays/festivals. What is new in this, and if we give credit to those why not to TEPK..there must be something, why SRK shifted the release date a week before..
    Akshay’s starpower or content …whatever

  • My prediction:-

    Today- 6 Cr

    1st Week Total= 95 Cr

    2nd Week

    Friday- 7.2 Cr
    Saturday- 8 Cr
    Sunday- 10.5 Cr
    Monday- 5 Cr
    Tuesday- 4 Cr
    Wednesday- 3.5 Cr
    Thrusday- 3 Cr

    2nd Week Total= 41.2 Cr

    3rd Week Total= 10 Cr

    LBO- Anywhere around 140-148 Cr

    Fingers Crossed.

    • No sir…week 2 collection at most would be around 30cr only as week one had holiday advantage…Friday won’t be more than 6 cr…lifetime of 140 cr plus is a done but 150 is still dicey but one thing is sure….it will definitely cross 139 cr of raees

  • Even Rae’s had second day as 26 th Jan.remove holiday advantage there too and actual lifetime of Rae’s wud be 115 CR’s.this logic is as per ur dumb article.why don’t u give credit to akki .even all big crossers have released on national holidays n big festivals..publish my comment

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