Time to start 200 crore trend in Bollywood: Ekta Kapoor

Ekta KapoorSince most big-budget films today easily surpass the 100 crore mark, it’s time to start the 200 crore trend in Bollywood says TV and film producer Ekta Kapoor.

“Today, every film does Rs 100 crore business.. even a film which earns Rs 95 crore, joins the Rs 100 crore club. So it’s time now to create a new trend. Shootout at Wadala is unique and I hope it makes it to the 200 crore club. Is there any such club, or should we start one?” she asked reports here in Noida.

The filmmaker was in the city to launch the trailer of her upcoming crime thriller Shootout At Wadala, which is based on the real-life incident involving the Mumbai mafia. It’s also Mumbai police’s first registered shootout in which gangster Manya Surve was gunned down in 1982 at Wadala.

“I have made a film and the film is based on a book (Hussain Zaidi’s Dongre to Dubai), so if the book is doing great, then why should I be scared? I think one should remain true to their heart, rest will fall into place” Ekta said.

Shootout At Wadala, directed by Sanjay Gupta, is the prequel to 2007 hit ‘Shootout At Lokhandwala. The film which is set to hit theatres on May 1st, features John Abraham, Kangna Ranaut, Tusshar Kapoor and Sonu Sood.



  • Shoutout at wadala won’t make 100 crores. The film may do well but it ain’t crossing 100 crore. Her other movie OUATIM will do 200 crores

  • ^^ SO TRUE!! No film from her production house has crossed 100 and she is dreaming of starting a 200 crore trend.

    Couldn’t stop laughing when she said.. all films these days cross 100 crores. Her biggest hit is The Dirty Picture, USP of which was Vidya Balan and her cleavage.

  • what a joke by ekta kapoor.. many big movies of big stars are struggling to cross 100cr, 200cr is beyond her dreams

  • LMAO ekta’s talking too big. even salman, srk, hrithik, ranbir etc haven’t reached 200 cr club & she’s dreaming of getting there with john abraham & that poor copy cat director sanjay gupta.
    even 60-70 crs is tough for the movie.

  • 200 Crore club exists and currently only 3 Idiots is in it. Ekta maiyya has never even managed a 100 crore club entry and she dreams of 200? LMAO! Your Shootout At Wadala will sink without a trace.

  • OUTIM 2 may cross 100 crores but shoot at wadwala max 60. according to me no star can take a movie to 200 crores, but its the script that has to be strong and a film will have to work universally like 3 Idiots.

    Even in 2013, I think it’ll be really hard for all movies to break 3 Idiots record but i believe top 3 would be dhoom 3, mental and krissh 3. i know for fact that aamir’s dhoom would be the highest grossing movie this year.

    Krrish may be a big franchise but today no franchise is bigger than brand salman khan and i heard that mental is remake of stalin which is a good script.

  • Oh ekta! Ekta! Ekta! Dont know why the mighty god made you so intelligent! And yes you are right, your movie SAW, which has the biggest star in the galaxy john abraham and more importantly the biggest star in the universe, the great tushaar kapoor ‘SIR’ will do more than 2000 crores net in india and 3000 crores overseas. (NO I AM NOT JOKING!)

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