Time for SRK, Akshay, Aamir, Hrithik and Ajay to strike!

Glorious run of ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’ is coming to an end and Ranbir Kapoor has missed entering the 200 crore club by a mere 10 odd crores. Now that’s still a feat, very huge one at that, as until now only Aamir Khan (3 Idiots) had scored a double century and Salman Khan (Ek Tha Tiger) had come precariously close to that.

While one waits to see who would score the next double century, it can be comfortably stated that top superstars indeed have a task in hand. Though Salman Khan won’t really be competing with others due to no release this year, there are huge expectations from Shahrukh Khan, Akshay Kumar, Ajay Devgn, Hrithik Roshan and Aamir Khan to deliver before the end of year.

Chennai Express - OUATIMD - Satyagraha

Chennai Express – OUATIMD – Satyagraha

Shahrukh Khan (Chennai Express)

His last three films have been 100 crore grossers. However when it comes to ‘Baadshah Khan’, the challenge is to create records than match or meet the ones set by others. It has been a while since he had the topmost grossing film of the year against his name. While competition is going to be immense this year too, there is a lot riding on ‘Chennai Express’. The film appears safe but that is the least of what one expects from Shahrukh Khan. There has to be more, a lot more!

Akshay Kumar (Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Dobara)

It was a dream 2012 for Akshay with the only downer being ‘Joker’. For someone who plays in volumes, there have been a few 100 crore affairs and others in the 70-80 crores range in the recent past. However, ‘Once Upon A Time In Mumbaai Again’ isn’t one of those many films in a year which means expectations are tremendous. His first hardcore commercial film of the year, there are special results expected from the film.

Ajay Devgn (Satyagraha)

Post ‘Himmatwala’, Ajay needs to have a biggie against his name. The good part though is that just like Akshay Kumar, even Ajay plays in volumes. While this means that he can afford to have a stray flop or two against his name in the middle of some average and excellent performing films, ‘Satyagraha’ is special since it brings him back with Prakash Jha in a role which is central to the affairs. With big names like Amitabh Bachchan and Kareena Kapoor in there, he has a commercial set up in place which is waiting to be exploited.

Krrish 3 - Dhoom 3

Krrish 3 – Dhoom 3

Hrithik Roshan (Krrish 3)

If there is one film which is expected to be next in line to break into the 200 crore club, it is ‘Krrish 3’. The film has everything going for it and with good enough awareness around it already, ‘Krrish 3’ could release in a month from now and still emerge a huge success. It’s release timing is just right too and with advantage of a long Diwali holiday season and Rakesh Roshan at the helm of affairs, Hrithik can well be assured of a biggie up his sleeves.

Aamir Khan (Dhoom 3)

Other than ‘Krrish 3’, it is ‘Dhoom 3’ which would definitely be eyeing the 200 crore club. For Aamir Khan, it would also be redemption of sorts since his much hyped ‘Talaash’ couldn’t quite cover the distance last year. Aamir, who was the first to score a century (Ghajini) and then a double century (Dhoom 3), could well be dreaming further higher up for ‘Dhoom 3’. While one waits to hear about those numbers, for now he and his fans & followers would be content with a 200 crore affair.

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Which of the above mentioned films can cross the 200 crore mark? You can select upto 3 FILMS from the list below!

Which film can gross 200 crores and beat the 3 Idiots record?

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  • My predictions- Approx- [Revised] (Opening – Min – Max):

    Chennai Express (25cr – 130 cr – 140 cr)

    Once Upon Ay Time In Mumbaai Dobara (22 cr – 130 cr – 145 cr)

    Satyagraha (11 cr – 75 cr – 95 cr)

    Krrish 3 (35 cr – 185 cr – 202 cr)

    Dhoom 3 (40 cr – 200 cr – 215 cr)

  • Star Power (Decreasing order):

    Shah Rukh Khan > Aamir Khan > Akshay Kumar > Ajay Devgn ~ Hrithik Roshan

  • None of them have potential to cross 200 + crore. Some may disagree but it depends on star power
    so you need a star who is like salman. But sorry to say here is no movie or no star. So wait mental next year for 200 + crore.

  • Ok for one thing, I don’t think satyagraha would cross that mark because of its genre( it might be a exceptional film but that’s not enough to get huge money at the box office these days!). Krissh 3 would probably be the highest grosser this year because it has all the advantages- holiday weekend, hyped sequel, no major releases for 3 weeks. Next might be dhoom 3 or chennai express- ce has a release date advantage. Eid is after all the best time to release a film. Dhoom 3, according to me would do extremely well but would fall short of Krissh 3. I know aamir created the 100cr and 200 cr club with his December release date but let’s get our facts right first. Ghajini was a hugely promoted film. The promos started months ago and there was also the popularity of aamirs hairstyle. So the hype was huge. And then there was 3 idiots. With content like that, had anyone else starred other than aamir also, the film would have done really very well( of course, no one could have done the role as good as aamir!!) so my predictions is, the opening of d3 would be less then k3 but if the content is good, d3 can surpass k3 too. Ouatim2 – needs strong content to put up those numbers. And indicine- I’m surprised u haven’t mentioned besharam!!

  • Without any question dhoom3 cross 100cr in 3 days, 9days week will be around 175cr and lifetime col will be 300cr and after 100cr and 200cr, amir khan will create 300cr.
    My prdiction
    d3 300cr
    ce 205cr
    yjhd 190cr.

  • i cant say about others.but if the content is good for ouatimd ,then will be the 200cr grossers for sure.
    thupakki will be a 200cr for granted

  • K3 and d3 have the chances of crossing 200 crores. .as a hrithikian,my vote goes to k3. .but about other movies.-
    satyagraha:no way.ppl don’t that much craze to watch this movie.

    Outimd:it may cross 100 crs ,but crossing 200 crs is too difficult. .music is also not that good like outim. .

    Ce:i wise it would cross 200 crs. .but i don’t think it can do. .all srk’s movies song are fab . .but ce songs are above average. .the craze that haule haule,dance pe chance,tujme rab,main agar kahoon,dard e disco,ankon main teri,do pal,main yahan hoon,tere liye created,ce songs can’t create that. .but i hope it would be a bb. .

    D3-having maximum chances of crossing 200 crs. .

    K3-what should i say? ?i hope,i pray and i wish that it would be the highest grosser of 2013.

  • some of the guys voting for CE to cross 200-crores what a joke let it be cross 128-crores first a week time only for CE very next week OUATIMD will release so chances is dim 10-90 percent.

  • Realistic Chances Of Crossing 200Cr Barrier(In Order):
    1. Krish 3 (Diwali + Roshan Family Track Record)
    2. Dhoom 3 (Christmas + Dhoom Track Record + Aamir Khan)
    3. Chennai Express (EID + SRK n Rohit Combo)

    Apart From these dont see any chance for others film. but OUATIMD can surprise with very little chance.

  • Chennai Express wud sure hav manage to cross 200+ if it had two open weeks…
    But wid OATIMD and Satyagraha in line one after the other, its quite difficult…
    ETT had 3 open weeks….!!

  • To be honest, only two films will cross 200 crores this year, Krrish 3 and Dhoom 3. Srk fans may be voting for Chennai Express for crossing 200 cr but it wont cross , it doesn’t have any chance to cross 200 cr.

  • Only “Dhoom 3” and “Krrish 3” has potential to cross 200 crore marks while other movies will only cross 100 crores.

  • I think krrish 3 and dhoom 3 has fair chance of crossing 200 crores mark…other film has no chance, chennai express might do around 130-150 crores…..

  • D3 and k3 create huge buzz due to franchis, not for amir or hro. But mental and ce create buzz due to the stardorm of salman and sharukh. Lets see who won the battle stardorm or franchis.
    In my point of view stardorm will win, whats say brother.
    Note : koi 200cr kamaye ya nehi, mental jarur kamaye ga, mark my words.

  • Don’t insult Dhoom 3 by linking it with 200 crs…Dude get behind that…time to glance bollywood movie crossing 500 cr worldwide…

  • Guys Some Distributors Talk Revealed which was the Top Grossing movie of the Year

    Dhoom 3 and Krrish 3 both are Solo Release but Krrish 3 will beat Dhoom 3 for Sure . It has everything Drama, Emotion, Action, Romance, Songs, Dance and sci-fi plot .. Movie is for all age audience . – Satishankar Jha Distributor CI

    There is No doubt that Krrish 3 will destroy all Boxoffice record !! It will be the 1st movie to join 300cr+ business -: ShivShankar Jha
    distributor CI

    Just Saw Krrish 3 trailer, Amazing !! I bet 1st Day of Krrish 3 will be 40 crore despite monday release :- Subesh Singh (Distributor CI)

    Krrish 3 is Much Bigger Film than Dhoom 3 in terms of Budget, Scale and also release.Trade expecting Krrish 3 to break each and every box office record exist at the time of its release. Yes 3 Idiots 202cr record too.

    Guys Krrish is already a Brand it was established kids used to see in cartoon network again and again and again even teens to youth to families will accept this type of genre

    @Romance Expires you are underestimating Krrish 3 but my question is from january 14 2000 to dec 24 2008 in terms of boxoffice(just boxoffice collection) hrithik has upper hand over Aamir thats the history he has one Remake an d great content movie 3idiots had resurrected Aamirs career but hrithik will make his screen presence will out do the script despite it has wafer thin story line

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