Tiger Shroff calls Hrithik Roshan ‘God of Everything’

Superstar Hrithik Roshan has millions of fans around the world but it seems the biggest fan of them all is right there in Bollywood itself. Yes, and he is none other than Tiger Shroff. The upcoming star has gained a lot of fans because of his dancing skills and this has led to him being compared with Hrithik. But, Tiger believes there is no comparison at all.

“Hrithik is the God of everything,” Tiger said at an event recently. ” As for the comparison, it’s a big compliment. But trust me, he is god of everything ” he added.

Tiger also brushed aside rumours of him being in ABCD-3. He said, “ABCD’ is a hit series, but the truth is, I was never offered ‘ABCD-3’.”

But Tiger hinted at a superhero hero project he will be a part of soon. The actor excitedly said, “I assure you, It’s not that kind of superhero. I am sure you will love the costume… it is very impressive.”

Well, we surely will be awaiting his upcoming films.



  • A sincere request to all fan base..

    When the article is not related to your superstar or idol please dont come n post -ve comments..It applies to all fan base.

    For every fan base there superstar is everything what ever they do they will like that for sure.

    So kindly dont post -ve comments when the article is not related to your superstar.

    If you dont like a particular actor why do you read the article related to him???Just ignore it..

  • Saw the IFFA last night, Tiger got his award from Hrithik. What a moment for him as he got his award from his inspiration. Ranveer- Arjun were fan as the host. The ddlj climax in Abbas-Mastan style was hilarious.

  • Tiger is VERY genuine person! I love the way he is humble to everyone!! He is so fond of HR and its obvious when we see him. Hrithik went to screening of Heropanti and they had a GREAT time! They ROCKED in IIFA!! All the best Tiger :) keep up the great work and always smile!! We love Hrithik as well!!

  • Love You Indicine. Keep Posting such type of News…
    and it’s true that Hrithik is god of Dance, Looks, Physique, acting, action & everything.

    since nearly 25 khans are trying hard to make mark in actig but all khans are fail in art of acting because acting is something which is not in everyone’s range , AFTER Amitabh Bachhan ji and Dipip Kumar ji , HRITHIK ROSHAN is aonly actor who is MASTER in ACTING ! e.g GUZAARISH
    there are two best dancers in HINDI CINEMA whose dancing range very high and they are HRITHIK ROSHAN and TIGER SHROF ! , shahid is a good dancer too but his dance is not as high level as both two , HRITHIK is on top because he started the trend of complete actor and actor should know dance as well and Tiger Shrof is follower of H.Ro !
    what can anyone say about that ? There is no doubt that HRITHIK ROSHAN is officially FIRST COMPLETE ACTOR OF HINDI CINEMA !
    since salman consider as founder of this but H.Ro promoted it so well in India and HRITHIK ROSHAN ALWAYS OVER SHADOW salman In physique !
    there is no one stand in front of H.Ro in look till date ! HRITHIK ROSHAN considered as GREEK GOD OF HINDI CINEMA and that’s enough to explain how does he look !
    so on

  • I love the simplicity and humility of Tiger Shroff . He is a decent guy . As far as Acting he has improve a lot . Heropanti was a stupid movie . I love his Action because he knows Parkour . Many people say he is a great dancer according to me he is a good dancer and energetic . His dance moves are very fast . Even in his dancing he does a lot of stunts such as back flip, sidekick etc. He has a great complexion but he is too fair . I just want to see how he will look in a beard or a moustache . Well said Tiger Hrithik is a Great Actor, Great Dancer, Great Human Being, Has a Great Physique, Does Great Action and He is a Genius Beyond . HR Simply Outstanding and Awesome Man !!!!

  • Tiger is a very humble person, just like his idol Hrithik. Nobody can deny Hrithik’s dancing, acting, looks, physique and charisma.

    Loved watching them both sharing the stage last night. Hrithik brought the house down with his performance as usual. I wish them both success.

  • @Abhilash, unfortunately, one or two immature persons will be here anytime to ruin this article with their trollish and childish comment, including name calling and personal insults, and we can’t do anything about it…

  • This Iz Really Stupid Statement .

    first of all ever▀ody has his own thinking nd this kind of Fanatic statement should not ▀ posted by INDICINE ..!

    there iz my one friend who calls sanjay dutt the Most Christmatic , popular nd biggest Star & God of Acting .. bt nobody Will agree with him nd not with Tiger Shrofff ? this iz just a fanatic statement ..!
    for SRK fans SRK is everything
    For Amir fans Amir iz everything etc etc..
    Tiger iz a fan of hrithik maybe cos of dance connection so for him hrithik iz everything …nothing great Statement ..!

    nd Tiger Iz shroff not Woods ..!

  • I just forgot to mention biggest thing about HRITHIK ROSHAN in above comment of mine which is biggest of them all !
    HRITHIK ROSHAN is source of inspiration and he inspired not just a million but billions of people around the world with his life inspiring words and that’s why H.Ro has 10 MILLIONS people following him and he achieved this too fast after BANG BANG ! because of his inspiring words and people love his BANG BANG ! so much too !
    So On

  • Wah!! I was waiting for this article.

    Hrithik has Great looks. He is one of the most good looking person I have ever seen. If God had a looks, he should look like Hrithik.

    He has got a great physique too. When he appears in some romantic songs ( Meherbaan, Dil Tu Hi Bata, Dil Kyun Yeh mera, In lamhon ke daman mein), his looks easily overshadows the the actresses’ looks.

    He is a brilliant dancer. I won’t be wrong if I say Hrithik brought revolution to bollywood dancing.

    He is great in his performance and screen presence even in a poorly-scripted film like Bang Bang. I’m not even talking about the technically wonderful acts of Guzaarish, Jodha Akbar and Koi Mil Gaya. He hasn’t given a single bad performance after Main Prem Ki Diwaani Hoon.

    And most importantly Hrithik is a great person. Be it From stammering to winning 4 filmfare awards due to great performances or from being a scoliosis patient to getting the title of Greatest dancer of bollywood, Hrithik completely proves himself as a “TRUE SUPERSTAR” !

  • thank you Tiger


  • @The Phenom: No bhai, I personally feel I am one of the worst fans of Hrithik. A fan should follow the path of his Idol with all sincerity and dedication. Hrithik is such a hard working person. He once said that Stammering had ruined Hrithik childhood. He worked hard, struggled and finally overcame his difficulties in speaking.
    On the other hand, I am one of the Laziest persons in the world . I somehow relate myself to the crazy,complicated,confused,lazy and useless Karan of Lakshya. I would call myself a True fan only when I transform myself to be a better Nipun, like Karan did.

    There are so many better fans than me. Even on indicine, we have many good hrithikfans like Saksham, Rohit and Hrithiklover etc.

  • @Sunny Chechi.. Are u anpadh or from any rural area?? There is a Zameen ľ aasman ka antar between your Friend statement & Future Dancing God Tiger Shroff Statement.

  • on wht basis he said this ?
    No romantic hit
    no comedy hit
    nd no real Kicks nd punches or martial arts form type action Hit …!

    Rubbish Statement ..!

  • He has to improve alot in acting. He is good at fighting and may be in dancing too…
    He is just a child..

  • nd yaah sanjy dutt se aaya ki sanjay was the main factor of agneepth success ..!
    FACT .. HIS looks created a lot of hype nd No one even remembers wht was hrithiks name in movie agneepth bt everyone knows the name of sanjay in tht movie…kancha chiina ..! it’s a fact nd indicine u should hve put sanjy dutts name too in agneepths starcast when u posted an article of months biggest Hit ..! how can u forget it ..!

    Housefull 2 m john ka naam likh diya jbki ulta john ki acting se movie ko profit ka pta nhi bt 5/6 CR jrur lose hogye ..!

  • Once again Nipun lies bcoz he follows jadoo boys teachings by also manipulating facts to write the most manipulative crapfest reviews off all time…!

    Plus nipun looks weird like his idol

  • @The Destroyer of Jadoo

    God Of Manipulation, God of Shivering, God of Abandonment (abandoning his young family to fend forthemselves was cowardly), God of Plagiarism, God of Killing Aliens (killed Jadoo out of pure jealousy) etc etc etc

  • @@@@Distroyer of Khan Salute too ur knowlege yaar U most lillitrate person on this site u r only hater of Khan and Also Zero knoledge of Bollywood..
    Acting Wise-Dilip Kumar
    2-Big B / Srk
    3-Amir khan/Raj kapoor
    4-Nana patekar
    5- Nasiruddin Shah

    Stardum Wise-Srk/Salman/Rajesh khanna
    2-Big B
    3-Dilip Kumar
    4-Amir Khan
    5- Rajkapoor

    Look Wise
    2-John Ibrahim

    Dance wise
    Prabhu Deva

    Physics wise-Salman
    2-John Ibrahim
    3- Hritik

    2-Dilip Kumar
    3-Big B
    4-Nasarudin Shah
    5-Rajesh khanna

    From above Hritik never top anything apart from dance and Look he is nowhere near to Others…Yes One thing i agreed He is God Of Divorce…..Lol

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