Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic Movie Review

The only trailer of Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic that created some sort of a buzz around the movie was the ‘Lazy Lamhe’ trailer featuring Amisha Patel in skimpy clothes. Yashraj in the last 2 years or so, have stopped promoting their movies as aggresively as they used to. And the result.. a slow start at the box-office. An average opening means, a lot depends on strong word of mouth, for which the movie has to connect with the audience. Last few movies of Yashraj Films, with the only exception being Chak De India, have failed miserably. Can the Saif Ali Khan – Rani Mukherjee starrer, directed by Kunal Kohli of Fanna and Hum Tum fame create magic?

Ranbeer Talwar (Saif Ali Khan) one of India’s top business tycoon, is a loner. He tends to loose everyone he loves. In a court verdict, Ranbeer is ordered to look after 4 kids, who hold him responsible for the death of their parents. The kids hate him, and he hates them too. They try every trick in the book to make his life a living hell. The kids succeed, but long for parental love and affection, at the end of the day, they are a bunch of unhappy kids. One night, they pray to God for help, and god obliges. He sends a bubbly angel in the form of a nanny, to take care of the kids. Thoda pyaar and Thoda magic is used to unite Ranbeer and the kids.

Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic Review

The first half of Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic, although slow, will appeal mostly to the kids between the age group of 4 – 12. It has almost nothing in it for the older generation. A lot of special effects have been used, which the kids would enjoy immensly. There is a song shot in a museum wherein a Dinosaur dances along with 4 kids and Rani! The second half, is a family entertainer, it has something in it for everyone. There is a super hot Lazy Lamhe track, Amisha Patel dares to bare it all.. well almost! The kids would benefit a lot from a movie like TPTM, it has a message, told in a very entertaining way which would connect with the kids. The church scene at the end, isnt very convincing.. But then TPTM is a fun movie, trying to find sense in the story doesnt make much sense. All said and done, Kunal Kohli movies have always managed to entertain and Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic is no exception, his execution of the script too is upto the mark. The special effects are awesome. Barring Lazy Lamhe and Nihaal Hogayi, rest of the songs are disappointing. Cinematography is good.

Saif Ali Khan is superb, a very matured performance. Its amazing to see this actor perform varied roles with utmost ease and confidence. I found Rani Mukherjee a bit irritating in the first half, but she does well in the second. The kids are sweet and perform well. Most movies these days have kids dressed in designer clothings, perfectly set hair, neat and clean. But in Thoda Pyaar, they look like they should.. like Kids! Amisha Patel has very few scenes, the only demand of her role is to look hot in almost nothing, she manages that and a bit more! Rishi Kapoor is good.

Overall, Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic is not exactly a only-for-kids movie. No doubt, they would be the ones to enjoy the movie the most, but there is something in it for everyone. Book your tickets, relax yourself, go and enjoy this fun ride. The opening has been average, a lot now depends on word of mouth.

Am gonna divide the rating into 2 parts.

For kids Rating: ★★★★☆ 4 stars
Rest Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3 stars



  • Thanks for the review, I still didn’t see the movie, I’ll go today or tomorrow to watch it. What I didn’t like in the trailer is Rani’s look, the way she dressed up very old fashion in a new movie! The director could spend more money on her look to attract the audience to go and watch the movie. Just compare her look in her movie (Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna) and in this one!

    Hope that the story would be a convincing one

  • the film is surprisingly very good…the promos where not at all promising but the film is a feel good entertainer for the whole family(a good family film after a long time)…Rani is very very good in the film..everyone should go watch the movie…

  • I decided to take along my kids to watch Thoda Pyaar Thoda Magic after reading your review.

    They enjoyed it a LOT.. they especially ended the special effects and the kids in the movie..

    thanks a lot for the thoda pyaar thoda magic review

  • i have seen the movie at first day and first show this is a verrrrrryyyyyyyy good movie .especially for kids.
    its an entertaining movie. all the cast :saif,rani and amisha is so entertaining

  • Watched this movie yesterday. Very good movie.
    Great acting from rani, saif , kids.
    Several good Emotional moments.
    Fun, light-hearted movie. Go watch it. Dont get misguided by all these critics reviews. Brings a smile on face.

  • I watched the movie today. It’s not bad, Rishi Kapoor as he ‘s playing (God) is similar to Hollywood movie (Bruce Almighty), the movie is nice for kids more than adults.

    I loved Tararampum more than this movie, but I assume that all the kids might love it.
    I didn’t like Rani’s dresses, only in the first scene, when she shows up in her white dress, like an angle, but lateron, when when dresses like human, she stays wearing the same skirt (changing only the top in every scene!!)

    Why? the producer didn’t want to spend some money on her look?!!!

  • chirpy song with an intrinsic pujnbai feel in it, Katiya Karun sounds a little like the songs on Love Aaj Kal. I still don’t know the meaning of Katiya Karun though. Searched for it and apparently it

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