There is a mix of sadness and happiness: SRK on his new born

A lot has been written about Shah Rukh Khan having a surrogate child, but the Bollywood superstar refused to talk about it, saying it’s a very personal matter, and he shall break his silence at the right time.

“This is not the right time to talk about it… we are going to get on the train baby and not talk about my baby. This is very private and personal,” Shah Rukh told reporters here Wednesday on being asked about reports related to his surrogate child.

He was here to launch the music of his forthcoming big ticket release “Chennai Express”.

“There is a mix of sadness and happiness about this news. Let the sad part get over… will talk about it later. I would request the people who are doing the interrogation to do a thorough check,” Shah Rukh said.

Shah Rukh did not explain the “sad” part. However, it is being speculated that the baby in question is underweight. The surrogate baby was reportedly born May 27 at a hospital here.

The 47-year-old is married to Gauri Khan and together, they have two children – son Aryan and daughter Suhana.



  • The right time to talk about it will be during CE promotions for publicity not now bcoz there is still more than a month left for CE release.

  • we are going to get on the train baby and not talk about my baby
    I would request the people who are doing the interrogation to do a thorough check

    Lol , my king you are the best

    Once again SRK proved that he is the most protective father in the world he can face 5 years ban and fake illegal pre-det news to keep his kids safe and his baby away from the stupid media’s flashs

    I have 1Q now where is the pathetic haters , the ones who said that srk had illegal pre-det and said that he should enter the prison ,now they knew how did he know the baby sex , he knew becuz the baby has been already born idiots :D

    dont know how they can show us their faces , lol

    thats why i never respected them and i will never do also i will keep rejecting them and their fake media news And their MA government that slams ppl beacuz of fake news and takes 10 years to give the ppl their rights ,
    and what ever happend i will stand by my king becuz i know that he will always be at the right side

    but what can i say fake ppl with black hearts always love and believe the fake news and they always give the world the worst pic about their land where u can support The true criminals and hate sush a great man even without any reason or true news

    wonder and beautiful land with some pathitic ppl :s

    i think they should kill themselves now or live in shame 4 ever :D

    they dont know the difference between the star personal life and his stardom life , they dont know how to reject his movies without touching his personal life

    Their hate makes them totaly blinds

    my king also said he wanted everyone, including government officials who are investigating whether he knew the baby’s gender before the birth, to work with the same “alacrity in finding out and doing the enthusiastic investigation they are doing upon my baby upon other things which they should be lending their thoughts to right now..

    Haters here it is another slap :D

  • Its a private matter so let the family get on with this new development in their life in a peaceful way and lets not get personal I say. Our thoughts and prayers should go to the young child in this delicate stage of his life and theres always tomorrow to discuss/ debate the merits of this situation if people feel the strong desire to pursue such a route. God bless and stay healthy…! ;-)

  • @Indicine:

    Pls explain me why SRK did this… Is there any health problem for Gauri… Did SRK and Gauri donated the sperm and ovum????

  • @Navin
    well done bro!!!!
    u hav proved that u r human before being a fan or a hater, thumps up for this move of urs…..

  • Good bless the baby to be health and bubbling with joy!!!!!! Have a great time srk. The experience of being a father simply cannot be explained.

    Good post @ Navin.

  • @sachin under weight children are very delicate.they need lot of care.srk is right its not the time to discuss the baby.let him get healthy first.

    @navin after reading certain comments about srk i wonder what kind of person u r.but u proved me wrong.u have a good heart.tats y u can sympathise with srk.

  • @Gewone : Again you are pointing towards our country n its administration. This aint a right place to debate with u but I owe you this. remember it!!!!

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