Theatres shut down in Mumbai – JTHJ SOS business affected

Soon after the announcement of Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray’s death, film exhibitors in Maharashtra (including Mumbai) decided to shut theatres down across the state.

All shows from 6PM on Saturday were cancelled. Theatres in the state will remain closed on Sunday too.

It’s a massive blow for the two Diwali releases – Jab Tak Hai Jaan and Son Of Sardar – as both films were expected to put up big numbers on Sunday.

Advance booking has been suspended with immediate effect.



  • i dont understand why it was needed to close the cinema theatres!?? Y mix bollywood and the death of a politician?? this is so ewww

  • actually it must be the other way round…. time to call fr celebrations. india’s most corrupted, selfish leader is gone.. bala – may his soul suffer in hell…

  • This is called the real star power –
    Inspite of being affected by BAL THAKRE’S death . JTHJ still managed to collect huge 12 crore without the night shows of mumbai curcit which is always usefull to pick up the collection , the film is rock steady all over INDIA….. one fack salman fans cant deny that the movie is facing huge bad luck which their star salman nor amir never faced ,… first clash with SOS ,.. getting lesser shows and screens than SOS and ett ,.. AND now DEATH FACTOR .. But Inspite of all of this, the movie is still running …
    It is HIGH time , I again mention my support for my true KING ,..
    Go ahead KING KHAN ,..
    We dont need collection ,..
    We just prefer your film ,..
    As we love your movie ,..
    As we love you ….

  • DAMN….couldnt Thakrey wait for another week……..SORRY…but its angering….thats a massive blow…MASSSIVEEEE….
    loss of 12-13cr…for JTHJ and SOS..

  • @ shurid. … Dude yeah keep coming with excuses and make urself happy… Even dabangg 2 trailor doing better than JTHJ… Competition or not JTHJ could not do even a single day over 20 crs . In fact 4 day 5 day business of JTHJ and SOS combined = 5 days business of ETT alone. That’s Salmania for you.

  • @ Aashkaran .. Bal Thakrey’s death actually balanced the act. JTHJ would earn 12 -13 crs extra cuz of sudden death of Yash Chopra.. Now with Thakrey’s death .. It should earn what it was supposed to.

  • @Shuridh: you are a true example of SRK fans, before film release they are saying it will break all records,but when come to facts @ box office they start saying “we are happy with movie we do not care for box office” losers. Respect the fact SALMAN AND AMIR are true superstar.

  • But very bad for both movies affected main holiday saturday and sunday. what the hell is it.

    I was expecting 100 Cr for JTHJ by sunday. Now all my hopes shattered.

    Ajay also suxx here he was too adamant to release film on Diwali . He also gone..

  • @Indicine – Now whenever you write any article JTHJ will break ETT any record. Please don’t forget about JTHJ competition and this Thackeray stupidity. now no more comparison with salman and SRK.
    Its clearly showing how powerful SRK got collection even after competition.

    you already seeing SOS is a competitive and another STONE came to SRK move of Thackeray death no shows in Mumbai Saturday and Sunday how can you compare with ETT. If nothing in competitive then it should have crossed 100 cr in 4 days sure shot.

  • I am not hater of srk but movie is ok not so good. lengthy and boring and srk doesn’t look good with tall actress. my rating 2 out of 5.

  • Why Salman Khan Is So Jealous 2 Shah Rukh Khan…?

    *SRK Has 9 All Time Blockbusters Out Of 11 In Overseas..Salman Has Just 1…lol

    *SRK Has PadmashreeAward But ItS Dream 4 Salman…

    *SRK Has 8 Filmfare Awards(a record)..Salman Has None…

    *SRK Has 120 Awards..Salman Has 13 Awards…

    *SRK Has Cricket,Footbal , Hocky, Car Racing Team.. Salman Has Nothing…

    *SRK Is The Owner Of A Champion Team.. itS Really Dream 4 Salman…

    *SRK Has Masters Dr. Degree… Salman Hasn’t Even HSC Certificate… lol

    *SRK Is The Most Popular Movie Star On Earth.. Salman Isn’t In Top 50…

    *SRK Has a Wife & 2 Children.. Salman is 48 But Still Unmarried..

  • @Nice Post ,… ok fine bro , if you get those factors as excuse then get it ,…. but can you honestly blame that my excuses are wrong or false …..
    Have salman ever faced this situation ?…. he always had a solo release with festive season to make proper profit …
    I also mensoned that , despite all of these effect , JTHJ is still strong …. many Boxoffice analysis sites like BOLLYWOOD INDIA BOX OFFICE mensoned that , the movie has lost 3.5 – 4 crore yesterday and 5-6 crore today in MUMBAI curcit due to this DEATH FACTOR ,.. But still it will manage to have a huge collection ,…. this is called the real stardom ….

  • srk is biggest manipulator ..Salman is not
    Srk prefers groupism (yash raj camp, Kjo Camp) –Salman prefers friends & Family
    Srk insulted every other khan when he was at top (which we dont remember when :D) —Salman comes from a classy family

    Srk supports pakistan —Salman is Pro India bcoz he is Indian:D

    Srk is always in trouble with taxes– Salman is highest tax payer in India

    Srk is not even close to him when it comes to box office

  • srk has mannat a pride place at band stand its a heritage bunglow just opps sea….his ipl team worth 4000 crores…..while salman his looking from balcony of his flat for 100crore n about family he is chichda ab sudhar gayan to kya remember his car accient and case in rajasthan an about all of his girlfriends why they leae him…….film mein hit life mein shit this is salman……

  • maharashtra ppl come 2 gujarat and watch jab tak hai jaan multiplex in vapi and daman also…….enjoy ur stay at daman……monday theatres closed in maharashtra…….

  • talaash not good movie no nice songs riteish sidhwani & excel entertainment with farhan akhtar no good job done aamir soch ke film karo they have wasted ur talent with bakwaas story….

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