The Train – Movie Review


Raksha Mistry and Hasnain Hyderabadwala, the director-duo who made a superb start with ‘The Killer’ last year are back again with ‘The Train’. This brings up one question, have they been able to equal the form they displayed with ‘The Killer’.

Like ‘The Killer’ which was inspired by the Tom Cruise-Jamie Foxx starrer Collateral (2004),this movie is a remake of the Clive Owen – Jennifer Aniston – Vincent Cassel starrer Derailed(2005) which incidentally was also made into a tamil film by director Gautham Menon called Pachaikili Muthucharam starring Sarath Kumar and Jyothika.

Vishal Dixit (Emraan Hashmi) is an ad executive working in Bangkok. He lives with wife Anjali (Sayali Bhagat) and his little daughter Nikki, who is suffering from diabetes which causes a lot of stress for Vishal, both at home and at work. One day, while on his way to work by the train, he bumps into Roma Kapoor (Geeta Basra). Like Vishal, even Roma is unhappy in her marital life, but is still holding on for the sake of her little daughter. Their unfortunate circumstances lead them to empathise with each other which slowly develops into friendship and then love. But love for each other, has affected their respective family lives. Just when Vishal feels life could not get more complicated, he realises that his extra marital relationship is known to an unknown enemy….

The directors again have made a fast paced thriller which keeps you at the edge of your seat. If you havent watched Derailed, the movie will be an interesting experience, full of twists and turns.The plot unfolds slowly then picks up pace, and finally races to a finish.

The music is melodious. Mithoon?sure is a rising new talent. One song that stands out is Beetey Lamhein sung with extreme passion by KK. The movie has been shot stylishly. Bangkok is not a new location for bollywood movie goers, as it has been used frequently in recent movies. But it has been captured in a very pleasing manner and is a visual treat.

Emraan Hashmi is as good as ever in his role. Sayali Bhagat makes a confident debut, she looks beautiful, but her acting is a little inconsistent. Geeta Basra looks ethereal and acts equally well. Aseem Merchant in a negative role is menacing. Rajat Bedi is average as the cop. Suresh Menon provides a few laughs. Anant Mahadevan is wasted in an inconsequential role.

My only gripe with the movie is the song towards the end, which was just not required. It merely acts as a speedbreaker.

Overall, a pretty decent thriller, can be defined as total timepass.

Rating: ★★★½☆



  • Well, we people just can’t seem to get ideas! No wonder we steal them from hollywood! I’m sure despite the plagiarism, the movie having got 3.5 stars is worth a one-time watch! Will ctach it if time permits!

    The review is well written!

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