The super inspiring ‘Defeat Defeat’ short film by Hrithik Roshan

The super inspiring ‘Defeat Defeat’ video featuring Hrithik Roshan is a short film in itself! The superstar talks about the demon inside your head which forces you to give up, but to achieve the unachievable, you must conquer the mountain inside your head.

Can’t play the video? Then read what Hrithik has to say.

What is defeat? What does it mean to be defeated? Is it losing and failing? Defeat is that doubt in your head, the demon that feeds in your fear, it tells you you’re not good enough, that you can’t do it, that it’s not possible. Succumbing to that demon, that thought, that… is defeat. So it’s just an idea that I fear.

When I’m scared of a challenge, defeat isn’t even a real thing, it’s just an illusion. It’s that monster inside my head, that keeps me where I am, who wants to keep me in my comfort zone, but victory never happens in that comfort zone, you have to get out . The pain in your body that’s the demon, orders you to give up, enough it says, no more. All I have is my spirit, and that’s my fuel to push myself beyond that limit of pain. I must step out of my comfort zone. Uncomfortable is my new friend. I find my heart to fight with my mind. I will not be afraid, because I will never give up. Before I climb the Everest, I have to conquer the mountain inside my head. Before I can make something in me, I must kill that demon of doubt. I have to forget what failure means, before I can give victory a shot.

I have to defeat, defeat.

The video is a promotional short film to promote Hrithik’s HRX brand of apparel, footwear and accessories which are exclusively available on



  • Defeat Defeat… Woww Truly Inspired by Hrithiks Motivational thoughts and his hardwork… Take a bow Mr.Hrithik…

  • Mannnn…he is just too good…truly a complete
    package indeed…down to earth person…dedicated and passionate about his work…chiseled body…Greek god look and
    above all this an acting powerhouse…proud
    to be a hrithikian… #HRX #PUSHYOUREXTREME

  • Really motivational, i got Goose bumps when i saw the video, amazing physique of an amazing actor & an equally amazing person, hats off :)

  • “Defeat defeat” so hrithk
    if it was “success success” then my king becz our king dnt know what defeat is ?

  • Amazing video!! Hrithik fans should also check out this outstanding song. Incredible dose of motivation!


  • Note: this post is not for insulting any actors… This post is related about how a true fan of SRK sees the bollywood…
    Some true fan signs of SRk:
    1) DDLJ is our all time fav love story..We dont like Hum Aapke hai kaun..
    2) We still believe that SRk is the king of overseas because Dhoom 3, Pk and 3 idiots success in overseas was because of Rajkumar Hirani and dhoom franchise not of amir khan,.
    3) We know that Don series is too much better than Dabangg..
    4) Chennai express is much better than any of Salmans recent movies..
    5) “kkkkkkkk-kiran” is the most epic dialogue of bollywood..
    6) We think that Ra one has taken the sci-fi of bollywood movies into another level.. krrish 3 is a crap..
    7) We love Farah khan.. Happy new year is our best movie,.
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    9) We believe that Chak de India would have won oscar if it was sent..
    10) Student of the year is the worst direction ever by karan johar ,..

  • Here’s the MAN who is all about discovering and bettering always…..
    This time he has bettered his best

    Awesome HRITHIK ROSHAN !
    hats off to you.

  • The video is truly indpirational for Jaadoopurians n especially for our baby nipun despite the demon in his head (NAVIN) continually telling him he cant write a review but the fool keeps writing up amateurish nonsensical manipulative reviews…!

  • Our jaadoo boy must climb his everest n finally overcome jaadoos absence in his papas next homemade movie Jaadoo 4…. He must overcome the epic shivering n showcase to the world that Jaadoo franchise belongs to him n not Jaadoo or Marvel…!

  • Ohhh Myyyy God !!!!!! :o
    He has taken body building to a whole new level !!!!!

    for first few secs thought comes in my mind that this is unbelievable but then you realize that….



  • thnxxxx a lot Indicine 4 posting This brilliant mind-boggling video featuring HR – THE GREEK GOD of BOLLYWOOD!!!! any compliment wl b veryyyyy less for this video & this Man….take a bow Man!!!!
    and to those haters who have come every article of HR to bash Him…….who gives you??no 1;i think!!lol……get well soon!!!
    Love You HR….and thnxxx once again Indicine!!!

  • @some buddha mukherjee

    Not a demon but many demons are circling inside your empty airhead trying to convince you that your arjun will never find his fanny sorry a hit if he carries on showing such a poor tevar towards his work…! Abandon the sinking ship n support shreyas talpade…!

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